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Journey Through South Carolina’s Private Colleges South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities (SCICU) School Counselor Bus Tour June 2012.

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1 Journey Through South Carolina’s Private Colleges South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities (SCICU) School Counselor Bus Tour June 2012

2 Presented By:  Benie Brunson  Holly Roberson

3 Allen University Anderson University Benedict College Charleston Southern University Claflin University Coker College Columbia College Columbia International University Converse College Erskine College Furman University Limestone College Morris College Newberry College North Greenville University Presbyterian College Southern Wesleyan University Spartanburg Methodist College Voorhees College Wofford College For more information visit:


5 Remember – Good Things Come in Small Packages ! Bachelor Degrees Granted in SC 2010-2011 5,390 750 4,462. 3,318 8,375 SCICU Other USC Clemson Other private public

6 Allen University  Founded in 1870 by the AME Church to educate freed slaves  Allen is a United Negro College Funded School  Top majors: Social Sciences, Business, Biology

7 Allen has added two new dorms

8 Allen’s Historic Campus

9 Allen’s Motto: “We teach the mind to think, the hands to work, and the heart to love.”

10 Anderson University  New Nursing program/building (including a cadaver lab)  Center for Cancer Research  Top majors: Elementary Education, Kinesiology, and Management  New Musical Theater program, and distinguished Graphic Design and Interior Design Programs

11 Sites around Anderson Fountain at Thrift Library Historic Swings


13 Anderson University: Knowledge for the Journey Merritt Administration Building  All students receive an iPad (mobile learning initiative )  Christ-centered approach to education  Helping students find their purpose, not just a career

14 Coker College Located in Hartsville  Unique round table learning philosophy = engaged learning  Top majors: Business, Sociology, and Social Work

15  Focus on service and leadership  93% of graduates report employment or graduate school six months after graduation

16 Coker Scenes


18 Columbia International University  Teaches a biblical world view  Equips students for ministry, mission and the marketplace  Each student completes a Bible major and an academic major

19 Motto: To Know Him and to Make Him Known  Use a prayerful process to guide students in selecting a college  Most popular majors: Psychology, International Studies, Youth Ministries

20 Campus Life

21  Will be 90 years old in fall of 2012  Adding Athletics  Asks students who they want to be as a person not what they want to do  Finial from Original Campus

22 Converse College  Woman’s College  Most popular majors: Education, Psychology, and Art  Stress internships and study abroad

23  3/2 dual degree nursing program with Vanderbilt – BS from Converse, Masters from Vanderbilt  Special programs - music therapy, art therapy, deaf/hard of hearing program

24  Participates in NCAA Division 2 athletics  Offers individualized majors

25 Dorm living for seniors

26 Limestone College  Located in Gaffney  Historic and modern blend  Family atmosphere

27  Proud athletic tradition  22 sports  NCAA Division 2 Conference Carolina  One of 7 accredited athletic training programs in SC

28  Most popular majors: Business, Social Work, and Psychology  4 new buildings  Major renovations and technology upgrades  PALS (program for alternative learning services) for students who need extra help

29 Underclassman dorm room Limestone quarry

30 Morris College  Business, Criminal Justice (Forensics lab), Biology are top majors  45% of students are first generation  Open door admissions  Least expensive private college in SC

31 Morris’ Criminal Justice Program  New Forensics lab  Includes DNA, Fingerprinting, Ballistics, Crime Scene  Used to train many law enforcement/FBI personnel

32 Morris recently received National Accreditation in Teacher Education and Business Organization Management

33 Morris College makes sure every student has the opportunity to succeed Motto: “Enter to Learn, Depart to Serve”

34 Newberry College  Education, Business, and Parks, Rec, and Tourism are top majors  Leadership focus throughout all classes  Teaching Fellows participant  Broadcasting program and Athletic Training minor

35 Successful pass rate on National Nursing Exam Strong job placement rate Newberry’s Nursing Program

36 Scar – Newberry’s New Mascot !

37 Newberry Highlights  17 intercollegiate sports  New learning lab- one of the first in SC!  New graduate program in Teacher Ed  Newberry focuses on real-life experiences and enhances marketability

38 Spartanburg Methodist College

39 SMC offers many Associate programs that transfer to four-year colleges !  Associate Degrees offered in: Criminal Justice, Religious Studies, Business, and Fine Arts along with Associate in Arts/Sciences transfer courses

40 All freshmen do a day of community service when they come to campus at SMC! Students at SMC receive a leadership transcript

41 Spartanburg Methodist’s Unique Junior College Experience Community with Access There are no juniors or seniors here, so freshmen and sophomores move to the front of the line. This provides you with some important opportunities to craft your abilities, conquer new challenges and build your academic resume in ways that simply may not be available to you during your first two years at other colleges and universities.

42 Wofford College  Top majors: Biology, Spanish, and Finance  Bonner’s Scholarship particpant (need- based, community service scholarship for very needy students)

43 Division I NCAA Athletics

44 Wofford’s Old Main The Sophomore Experience will help you improve your employment readiness and competitiveness by learning about the professional environment before getting that first post-graduation job. Wofford offeres a unique program called The Sophmore Experience.This is a two-day off campus experience to help students take stock of their first two years at Wofford,and to begin preparing for what comes after graduation. By helping students understand their strengths and skills, students will be better prepared for their profressional lives.

45 The Village- an awesome residential living space!  Wofford’s award winning senior housing ushers in a new era of college living.

46 Financial Aid Opportunities at SC Independent Colleges  Students may apply LIFE, HOPE, or the Palmetto Fellows Scholarships at independent colleges

47 SC Tuition Grant Program  Only for students attending SC independent colleges  Must be ranked in the top 75% of their class; or have SAT/ACT scores of 900/19; or have a final GPA of 2.0 (on the SC UGS)  Must complete the FAFSA by June 30 of each year  Average award is $2700 and this can be used in addition to other state/individual scholarships and college grants

48 Additional Scholarship Resources /welcome.jsp

49 More Financial Resources:    Credit.htm Credit.htm 

50 Excellence and Value at SC Independent Colleges  Emphasis on teaching  Study abroad and internship opportunities  Individual attention  Caring communities and diversity  Combination of arts, athletics, along with solid liberal arts education

51 South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities, “Independent Higher Education: Unmatched Value; Incomparable Experience” visit:

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