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S.R. 933 Bridge Rehabilitation and Repair Project Over St. Joseph River South Bend, Indiana Wednesday, March 21, 2012 5:30pm Presentation St. Joseph County.

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1 S.R. 933 Bridge Rehabilitation and Repair Project Over St. Joseph River South Bend, Indiana Wednesday, March 21, 2012 5:30pm Presentation St. Joseph County Public Library

2 WELCOME Rickie Clark, INDOT Office of Public Involvement Purpose/Explanation of Public Hearing Public Hearing Format Visit our sign-in table Informational Handouts Submitting public comments for hearings transcript Informal Q & A following formal presentation and comment session

3 Public Hearing Sign-in at attendance table to be added to project mailing list A public hearing notice was mailed to known property owners within project area Announcement of this hearing was posted to INDOT website at: Legal notice of public hearing published in South Bend Tribune on Tuesday, March 6, 2012 & Tuesday, March 13, 2012

4 Project Team Introduction of INDOT Project Officials Indiana Division Federal Highway Administration Michiana Area Council of Governments Butler, Fairman & Seufert Recognition of Elected Public Officials

5 Project Stakeholders Indiana Department of Transportation Indiana Division Federal Highways Administration Michiana Area Council of Governments St. Joseph County City of South Bend and local communities Elected Public Officials Community residents and citizens Emergency Services Commuters Schools Churches Community Organizations

6 Project Development Process We Are Here Engineering Assessment Project purpose & need develop project alternatives Screen project alternatives Additional work on project alternatives & preliminary design Release environmental document & preliminary design Public Hearing to solicit public comment 2012 Finalize design & environmental document Construction

7 Environmental Document Requirement of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Requires INDOT to analyze and evaluate the impacts of a proposed project to the natural and socio-economic environments Impacts are described in environmental document Environmental document was released for public involvement February 2012

8 Environmental Document Development of document begins once purpose of need for the project has been clearly identified Develop a number of possible alternatives including a “Do Nothing” alternative as a baseline for comparison Screen alternatives to identify a preferred alternative Solicit public comment on environmental document and preliminary design plan Solicit, address, and fully consider public comments as part of decision making process

9 Elements of the Environmental Documentation Real Estate Community Impacts Air Quality Wetlands and Waterways Noise Floodplains Farmland Endangered Species Hazardous Materials Historic/Archaeological Cultural Resources

10 Project Purpose & Need / Alternatives Repair deficiencies throughout structure Cracking of arch ring Deterioration of bridge railings & post stones Ensure a safe transportation route at this location Alternative 1: Do Nothing – did not meet purpose and need Alternative 2: Bridge Replacement – determined to be unnecessary and would result in more project costs than the preferred alternative Alternative 3: repair and rehabilitation meets purpose and need for the project

11 SR 933 /Michigan Ave./Leeper Bridge is historic  Part of the Leeper Park Historic District (LPHD, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places (NR)  Individually eligible for NR- listing under Criterion C: Landscape Architecture & Engineering

12 Results of the Historic Bridge Inventory The SR 933/Michigan Ave./Leeper Bridge is a “Select” bridge “Select” bridges are:  Excellent examples of a given type of historic bridge  Most-suitable for preservation

13 Select Bridges Alternatives Analysis Preferred Alternative Rehabilitation for continued vehicular use

14 Historic Bridge Project Development Process Seek consulting party comment No objection to project to date Identify preferred alternative Rehabilitation/repair Hold Public Hearing March 2012 Environmental Document Approval After hearing comment period

15 Other NR-listed Resources in Project Area Samuel Leeper House Leeper Park Historic District North Pumping Station Listed in National Register of Historic Places

16 NR-eligible Districts in project area West North Shore Historic District : Pictured: Lent House; 107 Northshore Drive; ca.- 1903 Neoclassical, rated “Outstanding”). Harter Heights Historic District : Pictured: Van Dien House; 127 E. Northshore Drive; ca.-1921 Colonial Revival; rated “Outstanding”).

17 NR-eligible Districts in project area North Shore Triangle Historic District Pictured: Woodward House, 102 Marquette Avenue; ca.-1902 Queen Anne

18 Project Effects The project will rehabilitate the Leeper Bridge according to the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation The project will not adversely impact the Leeper Bridge; Leeper Park Historic District; Samuel Leeper House; North Pumping Station; Harter Heights Historic District; West North Shore Historic District; North Shore Triangle Historic District Project will result in “No Adverse Effect” to historic resources

19 History  3 span Reinforced Concrete Arch  Built in 1914 ($94,000)  Designed by Charles Cole  Bedford Limestone Spandrel Wall Façade, Pedestals and Railings  Rehabilitated Several Times  Limestone Railing Replaced Design Detail

20 Current Project Needs  Floor Slab Cracking  Arch Ring Cracking  Rail Leaning Design Detail

21 Current Project Needs  Epoxy Inject Arch Ring  Seal Cracks in Limestone Veneer Design Detail

22 Current Project Needs  Install Fiberglass Reinforcing on Arch Ring Design Detail

23 Current Project Needs  Railing will be Removed and Replaced to Match Existing Design Detail

24 Current Project Needs  Traffic will be Phased  Northshore Boulevard will be Closed Maintenance of Traffic

25 Project Schedule Public Hearing today Finalize project design and environmental document: Spring 2012 Contract letting: May 2012 Anticipated Project Start: May 2012 Anticipated Project Completion: August 31, 2012

26 Submit Public Comments Submit public comments using the options described in 1 st page of information packet Public Comment Form Via e-mail Participating during public comment session via microphone Verbal comments recorded and transcribed for inclusion into public hearings transcript INDOT respectfully requests comments be submitted by Friday, April 6, 2012 All comments submitted will become part of public record, entered into transcript, reviewed, evaluated and given full consideration during decision making process

27 Project Resource Location INDOT LaPorte District Office, 315 East Boyd Blvd., LaPorte, Indiana Construction, maintenance and development activities in Northwest Indiana Customer Service Center (855) 464-6368 Robert Alderman, Acting LaPorte District Deputy Commissioner Jim Pinkerton - Communications Director Matt Deitchley - Media Relations Director Travis Mast - Environmental Manager Mike Monahan - Area Engineer

28 THANK YOU Please visit with INDOT project officials Project Open House Project maps, displays, public comments table INDOT project officials available for informal Q & A Thank you for your attendance this evening

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