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Board of Trustees Meeting JANUARY 23, 2015. DR. ROBERT BURKHARDT DR. RON INGLE Interim Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs Athens State University2.

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Presentation on theme: "Board of Trustees Meeting JANUARY 23, 2015. DR. ROBERT BURKHARDT DR. RON INGLE Interim Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs Athens State University2."— Presentation transcript:

1 Board of Trustees Meeting JANUARY 23, 2015

2 DR. ROBERT BURKHARDT DR. RON INGLE Interim Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs Athens State University2

3 Dr. Ron Ingle Interim Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs Athens State University3

4 ACCREDITATION UPDATE Athens State University4 NCATE (CAEP) College of Education  Successful NCATE (CAEP) visit in October, 2014. On-site committee’s final report reflects that all standards were met and recognized 4 areas of strengths  Candidates are well-prepared by the unit to possess knowledge, skills and dispositions as outlined in unit’s conceptual framework. P-12 school partners gave high praise on candidates’ performance and professionalism. As a result, schools actively seek the ASU candidates for field experiences and employment.  The unit is to be commended for the strong relationships developed with the 5 Professional Development Schools and the schools in the 66 school systems used for field experience placements. The strength of these relationships became clear during interviews and conversations with superintendents, principals, and clinical faculty. The team was also made aware that these administrators not only felt ownership of the unit’s teacher preparation programs but would always welcome ASU candidates into their schools.

5 ACCREDITATION UPDATE Athens State University5 NCATE (CAEP) College of Education  The Alabama Center for the Arts is being cited as a model for collaborative practice and community engagement. It provides an exciting and state of the art facility for art programs at Calhoun Community College and Athens State University, and also provides a space for community gatherings, continuing learning and access to the arts.  The Board of Visitors to the College of Education, representing community and school partners, is committed to the continuing success of teacher education at ASU and is an advocate for its programs, faculty and candidates.  Final report requested follow-up information on data gathering for all degree programs. Official reaccreditation will be granted at April 2015 NCATE (CAEP) meeting

6 ACCREDITATION UPDATE Athens State University6 ACBSP College of Business ACBSP Self-study will be conducted in 2015 with site visit to occur in 2016

7 FACULTY AND STAFF POSITIONS Athens State University7 Director of Writing Center (Assistant Librarian) search in progress

8 GRADUATE PROGRAM UPDATE M.S. in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management  Approved by ACHE at the December 2014 meeting.  Athens State will seek approval from SACSCOC for a change from Level II institution to a Level III institution (graduate programs). Implementation planned for Fall 2015 or Spring 2016 M.A. in Religion  Notice of Intent for M.A. in Religion graduate program submitted to ACHE in December. The full proposal will be sent to ACHE by February 20 to be included on the June, 2015 ACHE Meeting Agenda Athens State University8

9 SACS Substantive Change  Application to seek accreditation at a higher degree level (from Level II to Level III institution) due April 8, 2015. This will require an on-site visit. Athens State University9

10 NEW OPTIONS Public History Option for B.A. in History and B.S. in Social Science approved by ACHE at December 2014 Meeting Drama and Theater Arts Option for B.A. in English submitted to ACHE to be included on March 2015 ACHE Meeting Agenda Two options for B.S. in Biology planned to be submitted to ACHE for March 2015 ACHE Meeting Agenda: Cellular and Developmental Biology Option for B.S., Biology Ecology and Organismal Biology Option for B.S., Biology Athens State University10

11 INSTRUCTIONAL LAB Athens State University11 The College of Education instructional lab is scheduled to be open by the end of the month and is located in Waters Hall Room N206 The room has all new equipment :  laptops, iPads, GPA devices, Android tablets, Chrome Books, Promethian Board, SMART board and Mimeo board, mobile projectors as well as collaborative student work stations and mobile seating

12 HIGHLIGHTS Athens State University12 Assistant Professor Stacie Hughes received Forensic Certified Public Accountant certification. She was recently appointed to the National AICTA Women’s Initiative Executive Committee Taskforce (largest national organization in accounting) Assistant Professor Emily Corzine received Certified Management Accountant certification Athens State chapter of Delta Mu Delta International Business Honor Society received Star Award 2014 (13 th time to win this award) Assistant Professor Kim Bell was awarded Educator of the Year Award By the University of North Alabama

13 Athens State University13 5-year Post-Implementation Report for the following programs due to ACHE February 2015  Contract and Acquisition Management  Logistics and Supply Chain Management  Enterprise Systems Management

14 MR. MIKE MCCOY Vice President for Financial Affairs Athens State University14

15 New tuition and fee schedule New Distance Learning Rate - $257 New Traditional Rate - $179 Increase in Revenue - $1,274,493 Tuition and Fees - Reduction in credit hours/budget vs. actual 2013-2014 Budget – 81,800 2014-2015 Projected – 72,240 Projected based on 5% decrease to Fall and Spring credit hours Projected summer based on 15% decrease to prior year budget State Appropriation 2013-2014$11,264,712 2014-2015 $11,343,599 Increase in Revenue $78,887 ATHENS STATE UNIVERSITY FINANCIAL SUMMARY ENDING 12/31/2014 OPERATING 10/01 - 12/31 Positive BUDGET ACTUAL FY15 ACTUAL FY14(Negative) REVENUES: REGULAR STATE APPROPRIATION $ 11,343,599 $ 1,890,600 $ 938,726 $ 951,874 SPECIAL STATE APPROPRIATION 200,000 - - - TUITION & FEES 17,494,864 10,774,322 10,061,847 712,475 RENT 150,000 16,958 38,298 (21,340) INVESTMENT INCOME 175,000 5,000 3,712 1,288 MISCELLANEOUS REVENUE 10,000 9,540 8,031 1,509 INDIRECT COST REVENUE 135,000 954 - TOTAL REVENUES: $ 29,508,463 $ 12,697,374 $ 11,050,614 $ 1,646,760 EXPENDITURES: INSTRUCTION 12,817,001 2,949,789 2,886,121 (63,668) ACADEMIC SUPPORT 3,022,239 763,296 1,016,539 253,243 STUDENT SERVICES 2,442,114 557,611 559,519 1,908 INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT 6,877,211 1,178,950 1,170,930 (8,020) OPER. & MAINT. OF PHYSICAL PLANT 3,481,188 651,404 623,778 (27,626) SCHOLARSHIPS 850,000 326,426 663,181 336,755 TOTAL EXPENDITURES: $ 29,489,753 $ 6,427,476 $ 6,920,068 $ 492,592 CAPITAL PURCHASES: BOOKS 18,710 (3,860) (3,891) (31) AUDIO VISUAL - - - FURNITURE & EQUIPMENT - - - TECHNOLOGY < 25,000 - (23,406) TECHNOLOGY > 25,000 - TOTAL CAPITAL PURCHASES $ 18,710 $ (3,860) $ (27,297) $ (23,437) EXCESS REVENUES OVER EXPENSES $ - $ 6,273,758 $ 4,157,843 $ 2,115,915 Athens State University15

16 16 MCCANDLESS HALL  Commissioning Agent continues to work on controls  General Contractor working to finish “punch list” items  Academic affairs personnel being relocated to third floor from Brown Hall IT HELP DESK  Help desk relocated to Waters Hall  Support personnel expected to be relocated by end of January AMSTI  Vacant space on south end being converted to AMSTI operational space

17 17 BEATY MASON  Alabama Building Commission approved construction package for the next phase consisting of new electrical, plumbing and HVAC  Front walkway being rebuilt with new brick pavers and limestone steps  Old windows to be removed and repaired as needed  A new foundation has been built for the Log Cabin and damaged logs have been replaced  Boxwoods that were removed from construction will be relocated as weather permits

18 ALABAMA CENTER FOR THE ARTS  Construction continues on Phase II with expected completion date of spring 2016  The financing agreement for Phase II in the amount of $5,000,000 was executed on December 17, 2014 UNIVERSITY GROUNDS  Paving bid awarded for repaving the front circle of Founders Hall  Traffic signs scheduled to be installed throughout campus  Landscaping upgrades planned for College Street Centre as weather permits

19 MR. RICK MOULD Vice President for University Advancement Athens State University19

20 CAPITAL CAMPAIGN Cash and Non-Cash Contributions June 1, 2012 – December 31, 2014 $1,989,421 Outstanding Pledges as of December 31, 2014 $1,276,736 Total of Cash and Non-Cash Contributions and Pledges $3,266,157 Athens State University20

21 Mission Statement The purpose of the Association is to develop a strong alliance with Athens State University, to encourage members to participate actively in Alumni Affairs and become more visible in their commitment to the University, to help develop resources for the Association and the University, and to enhance the image of the Association and the Institution throughout the world. Athens State University21

22 Organization  25 Board members  Board members served three-year terms  Board of Directors meets quarterly  Executive Committee includes President, Vice President, Past-President, Director of Alumni Affairs, and a member at-large Athens State University22

23  January 2014- 6,041 connections  January 2015 – 8,173 connections  Used information and updates to add information to our database  Sending targeted communications Section on Notable Alums Athens State University23

24  Contributed nearly $265,000 since 2010  $180,000 has been earmarked for student scholarships  $25,000 toward Beaty Mason Home renovation  $9,000 toward McCandless Hall renovation  $9,000 toward Sandridge Hall furnishings Athens State University24

25  Accounting Network Reception  Athletic Homecoming  Hosted Alumni Tent at Fiddlers EVENTS Athens State University25

26 FEBRUARY 26, 2015 UPCOMING EVENTS Presentation on January 27, 2015 Athens State University26

27 March 7, 2015 UPCOMING EVENTS March 10, 2015 Athens State University27

28 January 24, 2015 February 26, 2015 UPCOMING EVENTS Athens State University28 May 14, 2015

29 MAY 14 -16, 2015 UPCOMING EVENTS Athens State University29

30 MS. SARAH MCABEE Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services Athens State University30

31 NATIONAL OUTLOOK  Enrollment is down for the third straight year- -1.5% in public sector  Over 24-largest declines Returns to employment  Fewer HS graduates in June 2014  12% growth expected by 2021 National Student Clearinghouse Data Athens State University31

32 2013-2014 1.Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 2.Computer Science 3.Civil Engineering 4.Information Systems Management 5.Nursing 6.Information Systems 7.Finance 8.Math 9.Information Science 10.Construction 2012-2013 1.Pharmacy and Pharmacology 2.Nursing 3.Transportation Sciences and Technology 4.Treatment Therapy Professions 5.Chemical Engineering 6.Electrical Engineering 7.Medical Technologies 8.Construction Services 9.Management Information Systems 10.Medical Assisting Services 2014-2015 1.Computer Science 2.Management Information Systems 3.Software Engineering 4.Information Technology 5.Economics 6.Civil Engineering 7.Statistics 8.Finance 9.Actuarial Mathematics 10.Nursing All contents © 2015 The Kiplinger Washington Editors Athens State University32

33 Spring 2014 Actual  Actual 3050 headcount ◦ 28,323 CHP ◦ 437 New Students Spring 2013 Actual  Actual 3316 headcount ◦ 31,273 CHP ◦ 536 New Students Spring 2015 Budgeted - Credit Hour Production 27, 438 Spring 2015 Enrollment - Goal Credit Hour Production 28, 323 Athens State University33

34 Fiscal Budget 27,438 EM Budget 28,323 539 new applications for Spring 2015 Athens State University34 Student Count New Students Credit Hours End Regular Registration 303328,369 NP drops 2081568 282526,821 End Late Registration308245328,718

35 New Students 575 Registered 440 Not Registered 143 Athens State University35 CollegeHeadcountCredit Hours Arts & Sciences10199753 Business117410921 Education7007109 No College189935 Total308228718

36 Budget Spring 2015 27,438 credit hours 14,244 F2F 13194 DL Athens State University36

37 Athens State University37

38 Athens State University38 Outside of Alabama Arizona3 California10 Florida28 Georgia13 Hawaii6 Iowa2 Indiana4 Kentucky3 Louisiana1 Maine1 Michigan1 Mississippi8 North Carolina3 Ohio1 Oregon4 Pennsylvania4 Tennessee343 Texas19 Utah2 Virginia4 Washington4 Wisconsin1

39 Athens State University39

40  Total 2014 leads 6371  New enrolled leads 923  Conversion Rate 14.5%  Logistics Graduate Program Campaign  14 leads  Cyber Security 41 leads (Oct to Dec ) Athens State University40


42 2/24 Workshop: Results Resumes @ 6pm in CB 104 Register: 2/26 Networking: ACM & LSM Networking Reception @ 6pm at Von Braun Center 3/ 12 Workshop: Head to Toe – First Impressions Matter @ 6pm in CB 204 Register: 3/17 Career Chat: Career Fair Prep @ 1pm in CB Lobby 3/31 Career Fair: Nashville Career Fair @ 10 – 3 at Williamson Co Ag Expo 4/1–8 Workshop: COE Interview Prep Workshops (8) 4/14 Career Chat: Career Fair Prep @ 1pm in Student Center Bear Cage 4/16 Career Fair : Spring Career Fair @ 9 – 11:30 in Carter Gymnasium 4/16 COE Career Event @ 12:30 – 2:30 Student Center Ballroom 2015 SPRING CAREER EVENTS February March April Like the CAREER DEVELOPMENT CENTER on January Recording of Online Workshop: Resume 101 is available to all students and Alumni on Athens State University42

43 2015 SPRING RECRUITING EVENTS January Calhoun Orientation Classes 8th & 9th Northeast Alabama Community College 20 th Snead State Community College 21 st Sparkman High School 21 st Bob Jones High School 22 nd Wallace State Community College 22nd Huntsville Havoc’s Game 24 th Chattahoochee Valley Community College 26 th Southern Union Community College 27 th Central Alabama Community College 28 th Gadsden State Community College 29 th February SACRAO 1 st - 4 th Calhoun Workforce Expo 4 th Lawson State Community College 11 th Shelton State Community College 11 th Lurleen B Wallace Community College 16 th & 17 th Enterprise State Community College 19 th Jefferson State Community College 23 rd & 24 th Lawson State Community College 25 th & 26 th NCMA Networking Reception 26 th April Wallace State Community College 7 th Junior Civitan Conference 25 th March Jefferson Davis Community College 2 nd Alabama Southern Community College 3 rd Faulkner State Community College 4 th Bishop State Community College 5 th Huntsville Havoc’s Game 21 st Athens State University43

44 Terry Stepp Director of Community and Campus Engagement Athens State University44 Nikki Schrimsher Transfer Student Success Center Advisor

45 Nicki Hatton Admissions Advisor Athens State University45 Callie Patterson Admissions Advisor

46 MS. BELINDA KRIGEL Chief Information Officer Athens State University46

47 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Athens State University47 Data Room Upgrades  Banner server replacement -end of life -transition to Linux  18 TB disk storage expansion -end of life  Power and UPS upgrade -new equipment

48 PERSONNEL Information Technology Specialist hiring process underway Athens State University48

49 HELP DESK  Relocated to Waters Hall, Rm 202  Easy access for students  Serves entire campus  Managed by Academic Technology Services Athens State University49

50 DR. ROBERT WHITE Presiding Officer Faculty Senate Athens State University50

51 MR. DAMON LARES Presiding Officer Staff Senate Athens State University51

52 ACCOMPLISHMENTS Athens State University52 October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month Raised $249 for “Team Sherri”

53 ACCOMPLISHMENTS Athens State University53 December – Christmas Sponsorship Worked with the Limestone DHR to sponsor 9 people for Christmas

54 UPCOMING EVENTS Athens State University54 Valentine’s Carnations (proceeds go to LCCI Food Pantry) The John “Booty” Murray Staff Member of the Year Award Staff Appreciation Luncheon

55 DR. ROBERT GLENN President Athens State University55

56 ANNOUNCEMENTS Franklin Covey Leader In Me Symposium February 4-6, 2015 Gymnasium Athens State University56

57 ANNOUNCEMENTS  Hosted luncheon for Limestone County Legislative Delegation on January 20, 2015  Nominating Committee for Board of Trustees met on January 20, 2015 Athens State University57

58 ANNOUNCEMENTS  Statement of Economic Interest due on April 30, 2015 -  AGB National Conference on Trusteeship April 19-21, 2015 Arizona Biltmore Athens State University58

59 ANNOUNCEMENTS Honors and Awards Convocation Friday, May 8, 2015 6:30 pm Gymnasium Athens State University59 Spring 2015 Commencement Ceremonies Saturday, May 9, 2015 Gymnasium  9:00 amCollege of Education Speaker: Dr. Belle Wheelan  12:00 pmCollege of Arts and Sciences  3:00 pmCollege of Business

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