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Birr Public Realm 2009-2013 Work achieved to date February 20131.

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1 Birr Public Realm Work achieved to date February 20131

2 In partnership with… We wish to thank the following groups for their support and assistance in the physical development and enhancement of this beautiful town: Birr Chamber of Commerce Birr Tidy Town Association Birr Lions Club Birr Castle and Demesne Birr Historical Society Irish Georgian Society Heritage Council Offaly Local Development Company Shannon Development Department of Environment, Community & Local Government Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport Offaly County Council February 20132

3 1. Castle Street - Before February 20133

4 1. Castle Street - After February Key Points Vegetation reduced improving views of Castle walls Unnecessary signage removed Damaged railings stored High limestone kerb provided to enhance bend and increase safety Corner pavement widened Road marking to be provided

5 2. Column Restoration February Key Points Civic Structures Grant €34,000 Stone conservation works

6 3. Old Church and Graveyards February Key Points Looking at mechanism for controlled access after conservation of the tower Part of general graveyard works Continued management scheme

7 4. Camcor River Park February Key Points LAMA award 2012 New pathways and footbridge provided Additional future proposals Enhancing setting (Roscrea approach) Improved signage

8 5. Gateways – Landscaping Before February 20138

9 5. Gateways – Landscaping After February Key Points Signage removed Roadway reordered Walkways provided with raised tree lined bank Cycle ways positioned between raised banked, box hedge belt

10 6. Gateways - Sculpture February Consultation took place, Steel elements underway, Plan to install in May 2013

11 7. Gateways – Advertising Signage February

12 8. Frontage Improvements - Before February

13 8. Frontage Improvements - After February

14 9. Shopfront Enhancement Scheme February

15 10. Street Signage February Ongoing

16 13. Neighbourhood Spaces February

17 14. Birr Town Trail - Updated January

18 15. Cycle Network January

19 16. Derelict Sites February Derelict Site Notices sent out last year Approximately 9 have since carried out improvement works Follow up letters, meetings and discussions with Tidy Towns

20 18. Sports and Leisure Skateboard park committee February Active age park

21 Birr Public Realm 2013 Proposals February RMcK

22 A. Roofscape Improvements Proposals by BTC to provide roofscape improvements in the form of gutter cleaning along Main Street and adjoining areas. February

23 B. Cornmarket Sq – Church St – Main St January In Progress

24 Cornmarket Square - Sketch Proposals February

25 C. Emmet Square February

26 Proposed Traffic and Pedestrian Movement February Two way traffic One way traffic - Connaught Street One way traffic – The Green, Main Street Controlled vehicular access Pedestrian route – Castle, Church Street to Main Street Public Car Park PP P P

27 A Square for People February

28 Emmet Square – Sketch Proposals February RMcK Tullamore Roscrea Banagher Bus Main Street

29 D. Main Street February

30 Emmet Square / Main Street – Sketch Proposals January RMcK

31 Sculptural Spheres February

32 E. The Green February Public Realm Plan

33 The Green - Tree Planting February

34 February The Green – Sketch Proposals RMcK

35 The Green - Sketch Proposals February RMcK

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