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By Jaleen,Daisy,Alejandro,Oscar &Nicolas About the Grand Canyon!

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2 By Jaleen,Daisy,Alejandro,Oscar &Nicolas

3 About the Grand Canyon!

4 Why is the Grand Canyon important? The Grand Canyon is important because it’s the only landform that has been carved out by water erosion in the whole world. Its also important because it has provided geologists with information about the earth’s layers. It has also preserved rocks dating back to the Precambrian era. Lastly, it has provided people with jobs because its beautiful scenery attracts many tourists each year.

5 Redwall limestone! This layer is about 350 million years old. It is composed of marine limestone and dolomites. This is probably the most prominent rock layer in the canyons. As it usually forms a sheer cliff ranging from 400 to 500 ft.Which has become a natural barrier between the upper and lower regions of the canyons. The deep reddish color of this layer is caused by iron,oxides,leaching out of the layers above it & staining its outward face.Behind the reddish face,the rock is a dark brownish color.Brachiopods,clams,snails, corals,fish and trilobites marine fossils can be found in this layer. Many caves and arches can also be seen in the redwall

6 Illustrations indentifying the youngest rocks and oldest rocks Kaibab Limestone-(youngest) 250 million years old. Toroweap Formation-255 million years old Coconino Sandstones-260 million years old Hermit Shale-265 million years old Supai Formation-285 million years old Redwall Limestone-335 million years old. Muav Limestone-515 million years old Bright Angel Shale-530 million years old Tapeats Sandstone-(oldest) 545 million years old

7 How the Grand Canyon was formed

8 A fun trivia game about the Grand Canyon /geographygames/brainteasergrandcanyon/

9 Thank you for reading about the Grand canyon!

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