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Enjoy _______ Jeopardy! Choose players or groups - Individuals or Teams can play! Plan a way for contestants to indicate they want to answer (tap desk,

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3 Enjoy _______ Jeopardy! Choose players or groups - Individuals or Teams can play! Plan a way for contestants to indicate they want to answer (tap desk, ring bell, clicker, etc.) Player #1 or Team #1 chooses a category and question dollar amount first. Teacher reads the “answer” completely, then contestants can respond. After a response is given by a player, click anywhere on the slide to see the correct response. Record the contestant’s score – You gain the dollar amount if correct; lose the dollar amount if incorrect. Then, click “To Game Board” and continue the game until all categories are finished.

4 Layers of the EARTH POT LUCK MORE Layers of Earth Shake, Rattle, Roll Let’s ROCK Game Board $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 Final Jeopardy $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500

5 The Earth's outer layer can be compared to the skin of a peach. It is a thin crust made mostly of: water hard rock soil $100

6 hard rock $100 To Game Board

7 $200 Which is thicker, the crust or the mantle?

8 Crust $200 To Game Board

9 $300 Diamonds Liquid Iron & Nickel Solid Iron & Nickel Aluminum & Water What is the inner core made of?

10 Solid Iron & Nickel $300 To Game Board

11 $400 Like the juicy part of a peach, the ________ is the thickest layer. crust mantle inner core outer core

12 mantle $400 To Game Board

13 $500 The Earth has an outer and inner core. What makes up the outer core? Solid iron Liquid iron and nickel Solid granite Liquid granite

14 Liquid Iron and nickel $500 To Game Board

15 $100 Beneath Earth’s crust is the _________. Mantle Inner Core Outer Core

16 Mantle $100 To Game Board

17 $200 Three types of rock are:

18 sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous $200 To Game Board

19 ________ rocks are formed from magma below the Earth's surface and lava on the Earth's surface. The kind of rock that forms often depends on how fast the magma or lava cools. $300

20 igneous $300 To Game Board

21 With enough heat and pressure, sedimentary and igneous rocks can be changed into new rocks, called _______________ rocks. (the word means "changed in form“) $400

22 metamorphic $400 To Game Board

23 Name and describe the three types of rocks. $500

24 Over a period of time, layers of sediment are pressed together to form sedimentary rocks. When molten rock or magma cools below the Earth's surface or cools after erupting from a volcano as lava, igneous rock is formed. Rocks formed from other types of rocks by intense heat and pressure deep within the Earth are called metamorphic rocks. $500 To Game Board

25 Where is soil formed? Inner core Outer Core Crust Mantle $100

26 Crust $100 To Game Board

27 What is the mantle made out of? $200 Iron and Nickel Hot, molten Rock Hard Solid Rock

28 Hot, molten rock $200 To Game Board

29 The very center of the Earth is the: inner core crust mantle outer core $300

30 inner core $300 To Game Board

31 $400 Describe the rock cycle using all of the following words: surface heat type pressure weathering erosion

32 The Earth's surface is constantly changing due to heat and pressure within the Earth and weathering and erosion at the surface. These processes constantly change rock from one type to another in a cycle. $400 To Game Board

33 $500 The two layers of the Earth that are composed mostly of rocky material are: _____&_____ The layers composed mostly of iron and nickel are: _____&_____

34 $500 To Game Board crust & mantle inner & outer core

35 Rock, sand and soil can be moved by water and wind in a process called: $100

36 erosion $100 To Game Board

37 Mountain ranges, including the Appalachian mountains, mid-ocean ridges and trenches are caused by: $200

38 Plate Tectonics (the movement of plates) $200 To Game Board

39 Rocks on the Earth's surface are constantly being broken down by chemical processes, weather, glaciers and even tree roots. Rocks are broken into smaller pieces in a process called: $300

40 weathering $300 To Game Board

41 Explain how planting trees and other vegetation can help prevent erosion. $400

42 Roots hold soil in place. $400 To Game Board

43 Plates that slide against each other are called sliding boundaries - They cause_________ $500

44 earthquakes $500 To Game Board

45 Living plants in a swamp are covered with sediment. Eventually this valuable source of energy may form. $100 coal sandstone shale limestone conglomerate

46 Coal $100 To Game Board

47 Small sea animals and shells are pressed into this kind of sedimentary rock. Chalk is often made from it. $200 gneiss limestone granite

48 Limestone $200 To Game Board

49 Layer upon layer of mud may form the most common type of sedimentary rock called: $300 limestone conglomerate shale sandstone coal

50 Shale $300 To Game Board

51 An igneous rock like granite, buried deep under the Earth's surface, can be flattened by the great pressure from above and become a metamorphic rock called: $400 marble slate gneiss

52 Gneiss $400 To Game Board

53 $500 marble slate gneiss Metamorphic rocks can come from igneous rocks like granite or from sedimentary rocks like limestone. With enough heat and pressure limestone becomes:

54 Marble $500 To Game Board

55 Final Jeopardy Category: Shake, Rattle, Roll Click for “Question ”

56 Briefly explain how and where volcanoes and mountains form. Click to see the correct response!

57 Mountains and volcanoes usually form on the boundary between two plates, when the plates push together or split apart. Exit Game

58 Thank You for Playing Acknowledgements: Graphics: Microsoft Office Clip Art and Media Jeopardy Template: B. Burkett October 2003

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