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Group 4. Dexter Sandstone Late Cretaceous Sediment is clear but rock gives reddish tint because the cementing agent is Iron Oxide FeO3 Indicated on the.

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1 Group 4

2 Dexter Sandstone Late Cretaceous Sediment is clear but rock gives reddish tint because the cementing agent is Iron Oxide FeO3 Indicated on the map as Kwd Samples found in retaining wall at SOSU and outcropping on Washington Hill


4 PawPaw Sandstone & Bennigton Limestone Mid to Late Cretaceous Period PawPaw – Yellowish to Brownish red ferruginous sandstone interbedded with grey to brown, and sandy shale Bennigton – Blue gray heavy beaded to massive, fine to medium crystalline limestone Indicated on the map: PawPaw Sandstone as Kbp and Bennington Limestone as Kb The PawPaw strata-layers were at the bottom of the site with Bennigton Limestone above showing that the sandstone is older than the limestone.


6 Further studied the Bennington deposit looking for fossils.

7 McNutt Limestone Deposit Mid Cretaceous Period Grey brown, sandy, fossiliferous limestone Indicated on the map as Kbm Due to the water retaining ability of the McNutt Limestone, the area is characterized by cattails, equisetum, Mimosa trees, and other semi-aquatic plants. This is a very thin layer of strata, only 1 to 20 feet thick, but it is very dense giving it good water retaining qualities.


9 Soper Limestone Mid to early Cretaceous Period Grey fossiliferous limestone Indicated on the map as Kbs Very thin layer of strata, 0 to 2 feet in thickness, observed from bus in yard.

10 Caddo Formation Mid to Early Cretaceous Period Caddo Limestone and Shale Indicated on the map as Kc Collected limestone fossils

11 Kiamichi Formation Early Cretaceous Dark-gray to black, fissile shales, interbedded in upper parts with thin beds of yellow-gray Indicated on the map as Kk


13 Antlers Sandstone Gathered bag sample of sand Samples were finished-Screened and cleaned Mine supplies Cardinal Glass in Durant Sand is 65% Silica Indicated as yellow and Ka on the map


15 Sulphur Fault Granitic Gneiss-pCgg on South side of fault Caney Shale-Mc On North side of fault 4 mi North of Coleman on Sandy Creek Drive-By only: No samples

16 Woodford Shale-MDsw Mississippi Devonian Time Period 320-408 m/y/a With phosphate nodules ½ Mile west of Hwy 48 on Rock Creek Road note strike and dip Strata has been folded and tilted-not straight up and down. Important to area with much drilling for gas and oil.


18 Wapanucka Formation-Ipw Drive-by: No samples Limestone: Formed on a reef: Crinoid fossils

19 Granitic Gneiss-pCgg Approximately 300 m/y/o Samples looked like intrusive granite. Seaside Alder growing in area. Only found in a handful of locations in U.S. Indicated as orange on the map.


21 Tishomingo Granite-pCti Drive-by only: No samples From hwy 337/99, east on W. Blue River Rd, south on Prairie Rd, east on E Harbert Rd, Big Sandy Creek

22 Cool Creek and McKenzie Hill formation-Ocm Dolomites-Oem- on the (D) Side of the Blue River Fault Ordivician time period. Approx. 500 m/y/a Mg replaces 50% of Ca in the CaCO3 limestone. Samples extremely hard and white in color.


24 Troy Granite-pCtr Second youngest granite of the (4) studied today. Many distinct minerals show in the rocks.

25 Granodiorite- pCtr Youngest of the (4) granites studied today.

26 Tishomingo Granite –pCti Second oldest of the (4) granites studied today. 1.37 B/Y/O Looks pinkish in color. East on Hwy 73 mi to south 2 mi, abandon quarry Rock for Oklahoma state capital building was quarried from here.


28 CRETACEO US 66-144 Antlers Sandstone (Ka) PENNSYLVANI AN 286-320 MISSISSIPPIAN 320-360 360-408 DEVONIAN SILURIAN ORDOVICIA N CAMBRIAN 408-438 438-505 505-545 545 mil - 4.6 bill PRECAMBRIA N 245-286 PERMIAN 144-286 } } Caney Shale (Mc) Woodford Shale (MDsw) Dolimite (OCm) Four Granites : Youngest to Oldest Ending at 1.39 Bill: Granodiorite (pCgr ) Troy Granite (pCtr) Tishomingo Granite(pCti) Granitic Gneiss (pCgg) Time of erosion in OK } PeriodMil/yrs ago

29 Woodford Shale (MDw) Black shale w/much chert Erodes into valleys

30 Viola Group (Ov) Limestones 684 feet Forms steep ridges Folded into an anticline: oldest in middle Woodford-Sylvan-Viola Viola layered with shale. No sample at this spot for the Sylvan limestone.


32 1000 ft North of last stop on east side of road, at stock pond entrance for second contact. Limestone folded with shale. Swirls evident in layers. McLish Formation (Oml) Basal sandstone-med.-grained quartzose sandstone Shale-Gray/Green color. Upper limestone (475 feet)

33 Oil Creek Formation (Ooc) Basal sandstone (32 ft) Shale-Gray/Tan with crystalline limestone (715 ft) Joins Formation(Oj) Fossiliferous limestone Light gray

34 West Spring creek Limestone (Ow) Mostly gray to tan limestone Oolitic limestone Great photo site


36 Radio tower on Hwy 77 Cool Creek Formation (Occ) Limestone (1300 ft) gray Fine grained Chert mixed in-orange, black, red grey & white

37 Butterly Dolomite (Ob) Dolomite-sandy, pink/gray, medium to course grained, milky quartz contained. Oldest member of upper Arbuckle group. At Ordovician-Cambrium boundary (297 ft).

38 Kinblade Formation (Ok)/West Spring Creek Formation (Ow). Marker 25 feet below top of the Kinblade limestone. Lots of twisted rock from faults

39 North Hwy 77 to crossover then south ¼. Sylvian Shale (Os)– Mostly olive green to greenish-grey, plastic to fissile clay shale; at the contact with oolitic KEEL LIMESTONE of the HUTTON GROUP- (OSDh) Home of the Fried Pie!!!

40 South on I-35 to first turnout, at the entrance ( Marker 29) north end west side Collins Ranch Conglomerate (IPc) Graben and syncline, conglomerate pebbles and cobbles ranging in age from West Spring Creek to Reagan Sandstone, deposited into a graben (3000 ft).

41 Parking area near the Geologic Sign. West Spring Creek Formation (Ow)-U/Collins Ranch Conglomerate (IPc)-D Fault line for the north boundray of the graben runs north of the road to the sign.

42 West side of the south end of the turnout; I-35 Marker 28 missing Kindblade Formation (Ok)/ West Spring Creek Formation (Ow) Tectonic breccia in the Kindblade


44 Cattle pens interchange Royer Dolomite (Cry) Only Cambian sampled Pink to gray

45 Cody Bynum Betty Deatherage Alice Dwyer Ron Dwyer Elissa Hefley Michelle Hill Andrea Phillips Chuck Ryan Jackie Ryan Sheila Sullivan Jason Ward Danesa Wilson


47 Dr. Avard Dr. Eggleton Georgia Dahlgren Wanetta Thompson Sherry Jones Dickson Schools SOSU State Dept of Education

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