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Sigor Corporation Sigor Corporation is seeking to sell its services on wider scale to increase company's profit and contribute to the effort to lower gasoline.

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1 Sigor Corporation Sigor Corporation is seeking to sell its services on wider scale to increase company's profit and contribute to the effort to lower gasoline prices by lowering the cost of oil and gas extraction and increasing over-all productivity of oil and gas wells.

2 History Sigor Corporation was established in 1991 by Igor Skakovsky, the current President/CEO, as an analytical laboratory for applied sciences, technologies transfer and its management. During the period from October, 2000 through October, 2003 Company transformed itself into worlds pioneering R&D laboratory in rock mechanics and provider of innovative well stimulation services.

3 History In 2003, after series of Company’s successful laboratorial tests, plus production stimulation of 103 oil, gas and irrigation wells, Sigor Corporation acquired 40 years worth of technical data with agreement of scientific support from its Ukrainian collaborators. Same year Sigor Corporation began commercialization of developed technology by marketing its services under Trademark of SWTorpedo TM.

4 Company Today Sigor Corporation's high quality well stimulation services SWTorpedo TM (Shock Waves Torpedo) offers cost-effective recovery of hydrocarbon by providing significant, stable-over-time spatial changes in the rock permeability and predictable increase in productivity for more then 300%.

5 Company Today As all members of SWTorpedo TM family SWT-GUARANT, SWT-OPTIMUM and SWT-ECONOM uses dilatant technology and is designed individually for each well to increase permeability of the producing interval. SWT-OPTIMUM service saved over USD 20,000 when stimulating limestone of the open-hole gas well Asher #8 in Bell County, Kentucky. Producer-Anderson Oil Ltd,.

6 Fundamentals of Dilatant Technology Dilatancy is a permanent deformation registered in rocks that are subjected to non-uniform dynamic stress. As the rock-volume changes, porosity can increase up to 60% and permeability increases 200% or more, as a result of the microfracturing or cracking that have been measured in laboratory experiments using core samples and in the field tests by implementing SWTorpedo TM services.

7 Dilatancy Schema A: Granules of the sores rock before stress. Schema B: Rock-volume have changed under dynamic stress.

8 Dilatancy Dilatancy is the increase in volume of a granular substance when its shape is changed, because of greater distance between its component particles.

9 Dilatancy Factors that affect deformation are:  Dilatancy  Grain crushing  Size of the grain  Thermal characteristics  Spatial variations in bed strength  Decoupling

10 The Tool SWTorpedo Tool will be designed using the rock’s characteristics received from the client by placing high explosives strategically in the tool and securing appropriate timing for the detonation of each charge. Figure 2 Schematic view of internal design

11 Tool’s effect on the rock High explosives such as TNT, HMX or RDX are strategically placed in the Tool and detonated in rapid succession to generate multiple shock waves that in return creates changing in time stress state, which approaching uniaxial compression and perfect shift. At this point fast growing increase in volume of rock can be observed, even though active forces are still working in compressive regime.

12 Tool’s effect on the rock Figure 1 Distinctive characteristics of the dilatant stress state created by SWTorpedo TM during its detonation. Where: Dotted line is progression of Dilatancy and = is maximum principle stress is minimum principle stress t, MC is time in micro seconds Y-axis shows created pressure in Mega Pascal The laboratorial and field experiments confirm that dilatancy begins when ( ) < 0.1 ( = ) < 0.1

13 Tool’s effect on the rock When Tool is detonated explosive forces create pressure of МPa per second. Successive shock waves prolong the stress and initiated fractures will be multiple. The area of Dilatancy or micro- fractures is on average 6 times larger than an area of radial fractures

14 How SWTorpedo is fielded? 1Selected well must be shut in and prepared in the same manner as it would be for perforation. That includes: tubing and rod removal 2Wireline truck with an operating crew (electrical wireline is required) 3Depth of productive interval which plan to be treated must be confirm and cable-line must be marked.

15 How SWTorpedo is fielded? 4 Water truck with and operating crew To avoid stress on wireline, water, solution or other fluid for depressing the well must be pumped in the well up to at least 90 feet above the interval at which Tool will be detonated. Concentration of the solution, its level and/or water level in the well must be calculated based on the pressure in the formation.

16 How SWTorpedo is fielded? Reusable torpedo’s head must be attached to a cable head by the female adapter with 1 7/16 in. thread Tool-Head

17 How SWTorpedo is fielded? Electrical detonator must be wired and connected to a detonative cord SWTorpedo Tool with Attached Tool-Head

18 How SWTorpedo is fielded? Connect SWTorpedo to its reusable head and lower the Tool to the mark on wireline that being made earlier Initiate detonation SWTorpedo Tool Bottom view

19 Recovered Debris of SWTorpedo after Successful Treatment Prepare the well for exploitation

20 Preferable well's and rock's characteristics Preferable depth of producing interval for:  Oil wellsup to 13,200ft  Gas wellsup to 14,800ft Were:-is Young’s modulus; -is Poison’s ration; -is permeability. Highly compressible components such as clay, loam, etc. 10%

21 Preferable rock's and well's characteristics Representative Characteristics of the Formations Rock Results of SWTorpedo Stimulation 1.Sandstone (strong and clean) 2.Sandstone (medium strength) Limestone (strong and dense) Dolomite Granite 3. Shale (strong) Dolomite, sandstone (weak) Limestone (medium strength) 4. Shale (medium strength) Sandstone (clayey) Limestone (clayey) Best Great Very Good Good

22 Preferable rock's and well's characteristics Representative Characteristics of the Rock Formations 5. Shale (weak with admixtures) Sandstone (weak with admixtures) 6. Sandstone (weak with high moisture) Shale (weak with high moisture) Tuff 7.Coal (hard) Shale (strong and/or with high moisture) Tuff (low moisture) Sulfuric ore (with no more than 30% of sulfur) Fare Acceptable Questionable Results of SWTorpedo Stimulation

23 Competitive Advantages of SWTorpedo SWTorpedo vs. Common high-explosive  Effect of dilatancy creates not only macro- distraction but also micro-fractures that are main contributors for increase of permeability  No compaction zone or cavity created  10 times less of explosives used for each treatment  SWTorpedo can be used in cased wells where casing is perforated  Easier and safer to handle

24 Competitive Advantages of SWTorpedo SWTorpedo vs. Propellant tools  Each tool is designed individually to meet specifics of producing formation  Flat Fee for each type of services regardless of the treated area  Significantly higher rate of success in sandstone, limestone and dolomites  Initiates multiple fractures vs. 1 or 2 of two directional fractures  Applicable in shallow and under pressured wells (only 90ft of fluid required above the tool)  Results can be verified in 5 minutes vs. 30 minutes

25 Competitive Advantages of SWTorpedo SWTorpedo vs. Acidizing treatment  Enhance acidizing by increasing area of acid- rock contact when used prier to the acidizing treatment  Low risk of the well’s integrity  Higher predictability of outcome

26 Competitive Advantages of SWTorpedo SWTorpedo vs. Hydraulic fracturing  Adjustable vertical growth  Multiple fractures  For any wells aggregated permeability is higher  Significantly lower cost  Equipment requirements are minimal

27 Competitive Advantages of SWTorpedo Distinctive Advantages  SWTorpedo creates greater area of effective micro-fractures than any of the existing techniques can create by at least 20ft in each direction.  Minimum production increase is agreed on and approved by the Client prier to the treatment, and will be delivered with 96% of success  Fractured area is spherically shaped and connects (net like) stratigraphic traps and productive formations to the main producing interval.  Range of effective micro-fractures can be adjusted from 5 to 35ft for the cased wells, and from 5 to 54ft for open-hole wells, limited control of vertical fracture’s propagation is possible.  Fractures are stable over time and its stability varies from 4 to 12 years

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