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Contractor – Joongang co. DUMP TRUCK(35TON) OVERTURNED

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1 Contractor – Joongang co. DUMP TRUCK(35TON) OVERTURNED
12th May 2010, am Contractor – Joongang co. DUMP TRUCK(35TON) OVERTURNED AT OKKE PLANT QUARRY

2 Title Descriptions i) Incident Description ii) Profile of Victim iii) Immediate action iv) RCA - Team - Chain of Event - Sequence of Action - Relevant Photos - Root Cause Analysis (RCA) - Main causes of the Incident - System and Management Related Causes v) Corrective and Preventive Action vi) Key Learning Lesson

3 Incident Description Date and Time of Incident : 12th May 2010, 10:15 a.m. Person involved : (51 years) for the past 10 years as a dump truck operator Company : Type of injury sustained : Crack of two ribs (Injured worker is stable as reported after medical check at Gangneung Asan Hospital) Incident Description : At 10:15 am, Dump truck(No.1222) was overturned at the limestone stock pile because the crest of stock pile was collapsed. Based on the interview, dump truck reached crest of stock pile to dump the limestone as backward. The dump truck was slid and overturned when the operator was about to dump limestone at the crest of stock pile.

4 Profile of Victim Victim Work Location Work Activities Type of Injury
Name : ************ Position : Dump Truck Operator Age : 51 years old Family Situation : Married and 2 children Year of Experience at ******* : 10 Years Driving License Category: 1st grade certificate for heavy truck Work Location Quarry 2 Centre Work Activities Transporting limestone to stock piles Type of Injury The injured worker had crack of 2 ribs after medical check up and came back to his work now.

5 Immediate Actions by Plant Team
No. Corrective Actions Action Party Time line 1 - Stop all stock pile work Industrial Director & Plant Management Team 12thMay 2 - Sharing accident information to all teams 3 - Inspection of the condition of 9 stock piles located in quarry site and improved stockpiling method : “Preferred” Stockpiling : 2 → 7 “Secondary” Stockpiling : 3 → 2 (Discussed with ATC : we have determined what is the status and possible action for the remaining 2 stockpiles where "secondary dumping method" is applied) “Prohibited” Stockpiling : 4 → 0 4 - Conference call with regional safety coordinator and ATC : Further investigation by technical point of view, develop communication material for the other BU to avoid any recurrence

6 Root Cause Analysis RCA Team No. Name Designation 1 JongGoo Moon
Industrial Director 2 SungRae Chung Plant Operations Manager 3 SeYong Lee Production Manager 4 WeonGyoo Kim Mining Team Leader 5 KwanKyo Chung Mining Team Engineer 6 JunYong Pyun 7 YongIn Woo Contractor - Joongang Co. 8 DongGun Park Contractor (foreman) - Joongang Co. 9 WonWai Kim Contractor - YeGun Co. 10 SangWoong Lee Contractor - DaeLim Co 11 TaeHun Kim Contractor - SooKwang Co. 12 SooChang Kim Plant Health & Safety Coordinator

7 Chain of Event (Before the Incident)
Time Activity 08:10 am The injured worker conducted visual inspection of dump truck before operating 08:30 am The injured worker drove first load to the stock pile from bench(B-0) at quarry 2 central 10:14 am Dump truck reached the stock pile to dump 8th limestone transporting 10:15 am Dump truck reached the crest of stock pile as backward and was about to dump Dump truck was slid and overturned at the crest of stock pile when the operator was about to dump limestone due to collapse of the crest (Stockpile height : 10m) 10:15-11:20 am The accident was witnessed by inspector (Mining manager) and the driver rescued by contractor’s foreman (DongGeun Park). Then transferred to the hospital by 119 (Emergency Ambulance) at 10:40 a.m. The truck driver arrived at the hospital at 11:20 a.m. - Mining manager and Foreman : First Aid trained - 119 : Korean rescue staffs by government (Branch office is located in Okke)

8 Sequence of Action Before Accident - Sketch
Dump truck was Overturned Along the Hauling Road B-0 Working place The material has been taken at the bottom on May 11th . The operator reached the crest of stock pile as backward and was about to dump limestone but the crest of stock pile was collapsed and dump tuck was overturned. Transporting limestone Limestone loading by excavator

9 Photos Berming 10M Sliding and overturned Safety berm backward

10 Photos

11 Photos

12 Photos Safety Berm gave away truck moving backward

13 Accident Figure at Limestone Stock Yard
Sliding and overturned Safety Berm

14 Root Cause Analysis < Vehicle Inspection and operator’s condition > The daily inspection of the dump truck was conducted by operator before starting the work including breaking system and there was no defects found. The regular preventive and specific inspection was conducted by maintenance workshop in quarry. The dump truck has safety facilities like rear camera, frontal mirror, reversing alarm and seat belt. The condition of operator was in normal. The operator was fasten seat belt.

15 Root Cause Analysis

16 Main cause of the Incident (Based on the RCA)
Root Cause Analysis Main cause of the Incident (Based on the RCA) Misunderstanding of working method : Main cause of the incident is misunderstanding of "where " with "when" According to stock pile advisory, “Secondary” Method of Stockpiling involves dumping a load directly over the crest of the pile. For this method to be performed safely, adequate berms must be maintained ~ …. It is critical to ensure that material is not removed from the toe of the pile when dumping is taking place at the top of the pile. → Applied “Prohibited” Method of Stockpiling involves ~ …. ~ where material has been removed from the toe is prohibited. → Not applied

17 System and Management Related Causes
Root Cause Analysis System and Management Related Causes Lack of risk assessment : Risk assessment of dumping work did not make complex working condition which clearly identifies all potential & practical risks (for example, multiple visible inspection for stable repose angle from the pile upside and downside) Lack of real time inspection system : Real time inspection needs to check the risks of working condition and unsafe behavior depending on the working environment and weather condition Inadequate SOP : SOP of dumping work is in place but there is inaccurate application for dumping work due to misunderstanding of stock pile advisory Insufficient communication : Lack of communication between inspector and dump truck operators about the risks observed by inspector

18 Behavior related causes
Root Cause Analysis Behavior related causes Mistranslation of the Advisory : Stock piling methods are not correctly translated to cause incorrect application of stock piling method. Insufficient training of risk management : Workers are not skillful of risk recognition and assessment because of insufficient training of risk management including refresher training. Not fully understanding of the Advisory : Especially stock piling method is not fully understood by workers even though repetitive training due to the mistranslation.

19 Root Cause Analysis Good/ Positive Risks / Issues Experienced 10 years
Safety training – MEA, Stock & Surge pile, Standard & Advisory, etc. Emergency Evacuation : quick Protection canopy of the truck Seat belt Camera installed in the rear Vehicle – good condition Inspection, shift check No alcohol, Day worker, Looked okay No overloading (35 ton) Reconsider the remaining 2 stock piles method – under review Need front-end loaders – if we want preferred stock piles method Location of truck at crest & toe (2m – 10m) Flexible movement of the dump point & Stock pile & crest (3 or 4 times within 6 months/ m) Rain-wet material impacted compact Incorrect method used prohibited – understanding (how come for years happening?) Risk assessment – awareness on changing environment & situation / supervision & real time communication – joint assessment of risk

20 Other risks in Quarry Risks Safety Measures
Fog/Snow/Rain _ situation change Frequent monitoring by supervisor in real time and sharing information of working condition Floating rocks Managers conduct specific inspection of bench face considering climate change more frequently while raining or snowing (install buffer zone or isolate the risky area) Flying rocks Changing current blasting direction to safety area where no risk zone from blasting when drilling work Communication process Establish robust communication system to share all risk situation in real time using radio. Road condition (Gradient/Width) Gradually improve the gradient and width of the roads Falling risk of equipment _ side berm Install strong side berm

21 Corrective and Preventive Action (Immediate)
No Corrective Action By Whom By When Status 1 Stop all stock piling work Plant Mgr. Immediate Done 2 Sharing accident information to all teams and Regional H&S director and Relation director. Industrial Director 3 Inspection of stock pile condition (stopped 4 activities on prohibited stock piling and changed 1 activity from secondary methods to preferred stock piling). According to the inspection of all berms for road side, condition was good. Industrial Dir. WG Kim 4 Conference call with regional safety director & relation director. Technical support was coordinated by ATC geo-mining manager. 5 Removed unstable steep slope of the accident stock pile. YongIn Woo 6 Training of the revised Stock Piling method was conducted to all workers in quarry. Contractors 7 Safety inspection of all working areas in quarry and immediate actions for improvement were taken until May 14th, such as ; · Installation of buffer zone at Q2T · Expanded entrance road at Q2T development area · Removed floating rocks at Q2C · Expanded transporting road at Q2C

22 Corrective and Preventive Action (For Improvement)
No Corrective Action By Whom By When Status 1 Develop risk assessment of dumping work which clearly identifies all potential & practical risks under support of ATC geo-mining manager. Contractors JY Pyun On-going 2 Effective inspection system should be established with a series of visits at suitably frequent intervals to ensure that work activities are monitored and that any unsafe acts and conditions are observed and corrected Done 3 Improve communication between inspector and dump truck operator about risks observed in real time KK Chung 4 Revise standard & FHRA of dumping work and training (revision of SOP) - Material should be pushed by loader or dozer to the crest of stock pile where material is removed from the toe. - If dozer or loader can’t operate, prohibit the dumping directly. Otherwise dumping work should be done at the toe of stock pile WG Kim 5 Training of risk management skills and stock pile advisory in detail to make sure all contractors fully understanding

23 Key Lessons Learned Workers should clearly understand Standard and Advisory (e.g.If you take materials at the toe of the pile direct dumping is strictly prohibited) In order to set up a SOP, it should be based on the Group Safety Standard & Advisory fully understood by workers. The risk management system including inspection, risk assessment and communication system should be working effectively on-site to control not only formal & visible risk but all potential & practical risks in real time and regular monitoring should be followed to make sure the system is working All employees and non-employees that operate or ride in any mobile equipment or vehicle shall fasten seat belts at all times.

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