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Hoosier State Crossroads of America

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1 Hoosier State Crossroads of America
Indiana Hoosier State Crossroads of America

2 History Indiana was adopted on Dec.11,1816.
The State Flag was adopted in 1917. Indiana is in a half circle above the State Star. There is a golden torch with stars against the field of blue.

3 Symbols The State Flower is a peony. The State Bird is a Cardinal.
The State Tree is the Tulip Tree. The State River is the Wabash River. Our State State Stone is Limestone. The State Seal was adopted in 1816 Our state quarter was the 19th quarter.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

4 Facts The State Capital is Indianapolis. We have 92 counties!!
The states that border us are : Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky,Michigan.

5 transportation equipment,
Agriculture &Economy WE have :pigs,cows,and chickens, that live in our state. Indiana's most grown crops are soybeans and corn. Industry: Steel, electric equipment, transportation equipment, chemical products

6 Famous People George Rapp was born in Indiana and was one of our Founding Fathers. Johnny Appleseed was born in Indy & was the one who planted ALL the apple trees in Indiana. Bill Blass was also born here and was a fashion designer.

7 Places to Visit You can visit Conner prairie. The Indianapolis Zoo .
You can also visit the Imagination Station.

8 Madison Sayer 4th Grade Ms
Madison Sayer 4th Grade Ms.Cummings Social Studies On The Banks of The Wabash


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