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COMPASS KENTUCKY MINNI Testing Centers in High Schools for COMPASS.

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1 COMPASS KENTUCKY MINNI Testing Centers in High Schools for COMPASS


3 KENTUCKY Background Implementation Advantages College Use Results

4 BACKGROUND Kentucky Department of Education& the Legislature wanted more students to meet the ACT Benchmarks and to be College Ready (which means NOT needing developmental courses or remediation) All KY High School Juniors take ACT paid for by the State Students who miss the benchmarks in either Reading, English and/or Math and are identified as NOT college ready are provided some type of intervention while attending high school. There are 10 types of intervention strategies which include: Transition Courses, Tutoring, Instructional software, etc.

5 Background continued After the completion of the interventions students take COMPASS in their senior year ONE TIME ONLY, no retesting COMPASS is less expensive & less time consuming because it can be taken per subject area as opposed to the ACT. COMPASS and ACT have concordant scores

6 College Readiness Indicators Readiness Score Area ACT ScoreSAT ScoreCOMPASSKYOTE English (Writing) English 18 or higher Writing 430 or higher Writing 74 or higher 3,4 6 or higher 5 Reading 20 or higher Critical Reading 470 or higher Reading 85 or higher 6 20 or higher Mathematics (General Education, Liberal Arts Courses) Mathematics 19 or higher Mathematics 460 or higher Algebra Domain 36 or higher 7 College Readiness Mathematics 22 or higher Mathematics (College Algebra) Mathematics 22 or higher Mathematics 510 or higher Algebra Domain 50 or higher 8 College Algebra 14 or higher 9 Mathematics (Calculus) Mathematics 27 or higher Mathematics 610 or higher NA 10 Calculus TBA

7 Explore and Plan scores to identify “at risk” students Subject AreaExplorePlanACTCOMPASS English / Writing Skills 13151874 Math17192265 Reading15172188

8 IMPLEMENTATION Kentucky Department of Education purchased the COMPASS license and over 110,000 testing units to be administered through KY high schools Jennifer Stafford, Office of Assessment & Accountability, KDE coordinated training & implementation of the Compass Initiative in KY high schools The KDE created 229 high schools as test centers Webinars were conducted by Frank Potter and KDE for training of District Assessment Coordinators & high school staff on the COMPASS software

9 ADVANTAGES High School accountability standards could increase Students who take Compass, and are successful, can attend two and four year institutions in KY without remediation Colleges (2-4 yr.) have access to the COMPASS scores and use them for placement purposes Students do not have to retest if their score meet benchmarks Scores are uploaded to colleges mainframe system (such as Peoplesoft)

10 COLLEGE USE University of Louisville was able to use the COMPASS data from the high schools this year to decrease the amount of testing administered during Orientation. U of L was able to have a log in to the KDE Compass test bank to pull scores from the Kentucky high schools of those students.

11 Results In 2011, notice the increase in the counties to 41%-60% College Ready as opposed to 2010 where most were in the 21%-40% College Ready range 2010 2011

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