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Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 1 Christian Patermann Director Preparing for FP6 Priority 6: Sustainable development, global change and.

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1 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 1 Christian Patermann Director Preparing for FP6 Priority 6: Sustainable development, global change and ecosystems Sub-priority 6.3: Global change and ecosystems

2 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 2 The 6th thematic priority The general objective is to implement a sustainable development model and to make a significant contribution to international efforts to: * Mitigate adverse trends * Understand and control global change * Preserve the equilibrium of the ecosystems Three interrelated pillars of the 6th Priority:  “Sustainable Energy systems”  “Sustainable Surface Transports”  “Global Change and Ecosystems”

3 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 3 Sustainable energy systems (810MEuro): clean energy, energy savings, alternative motor fuels, fuel cells, energy carriers/transport/storage Sustainable surface transport (610MEuro): environmentally friendly transport, interoperability, safety Global change and ecosystems (700MEuro): greenhouse gas emissions, water cycle, biodiversity and ecosystems, natural disasters, land management, climate observation, complementary research 6. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, GLOBAL CHANGE & ECOSYSTEMS

4 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 4 6.3 GLOBAL CHANGE AND ECOSYSTEMS Specific objectives * To strengthen the capacity to understand, detect and predict global change and to develop strategies for prevention, mitigation and adaptation for all greenhouse gases. * To preserve the ecosystems and protect biodiversity through activities aiming at the development of common and integrated approaches necessary to implement sustainable development.

5 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 5 SELECTED POLITICAL DRIVING FORCES 1. Communication related to the “European Research Area” 2. “Lisbon process” about the role of knowledge in our Society and economy 3. Sixth EAP of the EC “Environment 2010: our future, our choice” 4. Kyoto Protocol and Montreal Protocol 5. Göteborg conclusions on the EU Strategy for SD 6. Johannesburg Summit conclusions about the global dimension of SD

6 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 6 6.3 GLOBAL CHANGE AND ECOSYSTEMS  Research priorities:  Impact and mechanisms of greenhouse gas emissions and atmospheric pollutants on climate, ozone depletion and carbon sinks (oceans, forests and soil)  Water cycle, including soil, related aspects  Biodiversity and ecosystems  Mechanisms of desertification and natural disasters

7 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 7 6.3 GLOBAL CHANGE AND ECOSYSTEMS  Research priorities:  Strategies for sustainable land management, including coastal zones, agricultural land and forests  Operational forecasting and modelling, including global climate change observing systems  Complementary research on advanced methods for risk assessment and appraising environmental quality In addition, cross-cutting issues (socio-economic research for sustainability)

8 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 8 Draft proposal of a work programme for areas I, IV and VI Anver GHAZI Head of Unit, Global Change

9 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 9 Work Programme on Indent I Impact and mechanisms of greenhouse gas emissions and atmospheric pollutants on climate, ozone depletion and carbon sinks Research priorities I.1Carbon and nitrogen cycles: sources and sinks I.2Atmospheric pollutants and their regional impacts I.3Climate dynamics and variability I.4Prediction of climate change and its impacts I.5Stratospheric ozone and climate interactions I.6Adaptation and mitigation strategies I.7Conventions, international programmes and assessment initiatives

10 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 10 1st Call - Instruments in Indent I I.1Carbon and nitrogen cycles: sources and sinks; European Carbon balance and ocean sources and sinks of carbon I.2Atmospheric pollutants and their regional impacts; whole European atmospheric research community I.4Prediction of climatic change and its impacts; Earth system modelling and climate change studies I.5Stratospheric ozone and climate interactions; links between stratospheric ozone depletion and climate change I.6adaptation and mitigation strategies I.7scientific underpinning of international conventions and assessments

11 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 11 Work Programme on Indent IV Mechanisms of desertification and natural disasters Research priorities IV.1Mechanisms of desertification; driving processes (land use and climate changes); desertification monitoring; prevention and mitigation of land degradation IV.2Natural disasters Investigation, mitigation through improved technologies, intervention methods and pre-disaster planning; multirisk approach on - Seismic risks - Volcanic risks - Hydrogeological risks, incl. floods, landslides and avalanches - Forest fire risks

12 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 12 1st Call - Instruments in Indent IV IV.2Natural Disasters; multiple disaster management, mitigation, vulnerability and risk assessment and data issues IV.1mechanisms of desertification and soil quality IV.2natural disasters (floods, volcanic risks, seismic hazards, avalanche risks, contributions expected from SMEs)

13 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 13 Work Programme on Indent VI Operational forecasting and modelling including global climatic change observation systems VI.1Development of observing and forecasting systems for marine, terrestrial and atmospheric parameters, including observation systems for climate research (contribution also to establishment of GMES by 2008)

14 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 14 Draft proposal of a work programme for area II: Water Cycle and Soil-related aspects Andrea Tilche Head of Unit, Water cycle and soil-related aspects

15 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 15 Water Cycle, including Soil-related aspects The objective is to understand the mechanisms and assess the impact of global change and in particular climate change on the water cycle, water quality and availability, as well as soil functions and quality, to provide bases for management tools for water systems to mitigate the impacts. Research will focus on: impact of climate change on the components of the hydrological cycle - land/ocean/ atmosphere interactions, groundwater/surface water distribution, freshwater and wetland ecosystems, soil functioning and water quality; assessment of vulnerability of water/soil systems to global change; management strategies, their impacts and mitigation technologies; scenarios of water demand and availability

16 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 16 A logic frame for a work programme on the water cycle Short and long-term prediction Management Adaptation Scenarios Observation systems Climate and Hydrological processes Water/soil systems functioning and quality Water and Societies Integrated assessment and development of technologies for coping with global change Policy implementation

17 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 17 Proposal for the WP structure

18 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 18 Draft proposal of a work programme for area VII: Complementary Research Andrea Tilche Head of Unit, Water cycle and soil-related aspects

19 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 19 Complementary research will focus on: –development of advanced methodologies for risk assessment of processes, technologies, measures and policies –appraisal of environmental quality including indicators of population health, environmental conditions and risk evaluation to outdoor and indoor exposure –pre-normative research on environmental measurements and testing Complementary research

20 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 20 Proposal for the WP structure

21 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 21 Thematic Priority Global Change & Ecosystems Research Priority III : Biodiversity & Ecosystems Pierre Mathy

22 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 22 BIODIVERSITY & ECOSYSTEMS BIODIVERSITY & ECOSYSTEMS To develop a better understanding of marine and terrestrial biodiversity and of ecosystem functioning, understand and minimise the negative impacts of human activities on them and ensure sustainable management of natural resources and terrestrial and marine ecosystems (including fresh water systems) as well as the protection of genetic resources OBJECTIVES: RESEARCH PRIORITIES: Assessing and forecasting changes in biodiversity, structure, function and dynamics of ecosystems and their services, with emphasis on marine ecosystems’ functioning: relationships between society, economy, biodiversity and habitats; integrated assessment of drivers affecting ecosystems’ functioning and biodiversity, and mitigation options; risk assessment, management, conservation and rehabilitation options in relation to terrestrial and marine ecosystems

23 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 23 BIODIVERSITY & ECOSYSTEMS OVERALL SCHEME BIODIVERSITY & ECOSYSTEMS OVERALL SCHEME Drivers Societal Needs - Assessment - Protection - Sustainable Use Basic Science Biodiversity Monitoring & Fore- casting Ecosystems

24 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 24 BIODIVERSITY - Content 1 BIODIVERSITY - Content 1 u u European Long-Term Ecosystem Research Facility è è Development of methods at appropriate scales for monitoring changes in biodiversity, emphasizing processes and feedback between biodiversity change, ecosystem functioning and socio-economic systems and involvement of the public in biodiversity issues

25 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 25 BIODIVERSITY - Content 2 BIODIVERSITY - Content 2 u u Modelling and Forecasting European Scale Biodiversity Responses to the Major Drivers and Pressures in Key Ecosystems è è Mountains, forests, Mediterranean, with a view to improving capacity to conserve biodiversity and to encourage sustainable management u u Assessment of Large Scale Environmental Risks, Including è è Biological invasions, climate change, environmental chemicals, biotechnology - GMOs -

26 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 26 BIODIVERSITY - Content 3 BIODIVERSITY - Content 3 u u Enabling Research è è Phylogenetic data and bioinformatic tools (breakthrough is needed in taxonomic research) è è Inventory of potentially invasive species è è Impacting factors and rehabilitation/restoration and remediation è è Research on pollination mechanisms and drivers

27 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 27 MARINE ECOSYSTEMS - Content 1 MARINE ECOSYSTEMS - Content 1 u u Networking Expertise to Develop a Better Understanding of Marine Biodiversity on a Global Scale, taking into account functional biodiversity, global changes and over- exploitation of resources

28 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 28 MARINE ECOSYSTEMS - Content 2 MARINE ECOSYSTEMS - Content 2 u u Understanding Structure and Functions of Marine Ecosystems, focussing on drivers, dynamics and interactions. Coupling bio-geo-chemical drivers and climate inducted changes will be requested u u Assessment of Environmental Pollution in Marine Ecosystems. Ecotoxicological monitoring of the health status of marine ecosystems

29 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 29 MARINE ECOSYSTEMS - Content 3 MARINE ECOSYSTEMS - Content 3 u u Integrated Research on Ecosystems Lying in Poorly Known Deeper Ocean Sections, bridging the continent to open ocean (ocean margin) è è Sedimentary systems, biology, mineral resources, carbon cycle u u Evaluation of the Ecosystem Functioning Far Below the Seafloor. European participation in International Ocean Drilling Programme - IODP

30 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 30 MARINE ECOSYSTEMS - Content 4 MARINE ECOSYSTEMS - Content 4 u u Land-Ocean Interactions, with a view to developing integrated medium- and long-term coastal management concepts for the sustainable use of coastal regions and associated catchments in Europe

31 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 31 MARINE ECOSYSTEMS - Content 5 MARINE ECOSYSTEMS - Content 5 u u “Enabling” Research and Technological Development è è Development of technologies for marine ecosystem research and for observing, monitoring, surveying and forecasting physical, biological and chemical parameters è è Investigating needs, opportunities, feasibility and requirements for a European capability for seafloor observatory systems è è Development and production of genomic approaches to investigate a wide range of questions related to biodiversity, ecosystems, etc. and the potential for new services (environment)

32 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 32 Draft proposal of a work programme for area V and Cross-Cutting Pierre Valette Head of Unit Policy Aspects, Strategy for Sustainable Development

33 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 33 S.D. strategy Ecosystem functioning, Health, Global Change Damages Thresholds (physical & monetary valuation) Targets (e.g. % of reduction) Human activity Prevention, Adaptation Policies & Measures: economic instruments, technologies * Scenarios * Cost-effectiveness analysis * Cost-benefit analysis Implementation (incl. Governance) Monitoring (incl. Indicators)

34 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 34 Work Programme on Area V V. Strategies for sustainable land management, including coastal zones, agricultural land and forests Research priorities 1. Sustainable use of land –1.1. Land-use and landscapes in specific regions –1.2. Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) considering spatial and temporal integration and stakeholders involvement for Sustainable Development 2. Qualitative and quantitative aspects of multi- functionality of agriculture and forest production –2.1. Agriculture for Sustainable Development –2.2. Forestry Production and wood chain for Sustainable Development

35 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 35 Cross-cutting issues Sustainable Development concepts and tools – Creation of a high scientific reference group for accompanying the activity Research priorities –1.Estimating thresholds of sustainability and externalities –2. Developing tools for Sustainability Impact Assessment

36 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 36 Specific activities covering a wider field of research Scientific Support to Policies Elisabeth Lipiatou

37 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 37 SSP overall objective Support the formulation and implementation of Community policies, by providing scientific contributions to policies that are targeted precisely on needs (“demand-driven”), coherent across the various Community policy areas, and sensitive to changes in policies as they take place.

38 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 38 Scientific Support to Policies 1. Sustainable management of Europe’s naturalresources  Environmental assessment (soil, water, air, noise, chemicals)  Assessment of environmental technologies 2. Providing health, security and opportunity to the people of Europe 3. Underpinning the economic potential and cohesion of a larger and more integrated EU  Forecasting and developing innovative policies for sustainability  The protection of cultural heritage

39 Research European Commission FP6-ERA.ppt15/10/01 39 Scientific Support to Policies (Dir. I) The proposed research will contribute to the implementation of the :  6th Environment Action Plan  air quality policy  noise policy  waste policy  water Framework Directive  Sustainable Development EU Strategy  Urban thematic strategy  Article 151 (EC Treaty) - cultural heritage

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