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Chapter 15 Rocks & Fossils The primary reason people study rocks is.

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2 Chapter 15 Rocks & Fossils

3 The primary reason people study rocks is

4 They tell a story.

5 What kind of rock appears to be made of particles bonded together by natural cements or of solids that settled from water solutions?

6 Sedimentary Rocks

7 Sedimentary rocks have been known to form in days. What famous eruption site demonstrates the rapid formation of sedimentary rocks?

8 Mount St. Helens in Washington State

9 Sedimentary rocks characteristically form layers called what?

10 strata

11 Sedimentary rocks are classified in two basic ways. What are they?

12 1.Clastic – fragmental – made up of parts from other rocks 2.Nonclastic – chemical – came from dissolved minerals

13 Three kinds of clastic rocks are:

14 1.Conglomerate – pebbles & gravel 2.Sandstone – sand 3.Siltstone or shale – silts & clays

15 How is breccia different than conglomerate rocks?

16 The fragments are sharp and angular instead of rounded like a conglomerate.

17 This is a material in which something else is enclosed or embedded.

18 Matrix

19 Nonclastic or chemical sedimentary rocks form from minerals dissolved in what?

20 water

21 When minerals in water become supersaturated, the mineral may crystallize out of solution, settling as a solid to the bottom to form a what?

22 precipitate

23 Halite deposits occasionally occur deep underground as vertical cylindrical masses called what?

24 Salt domes

25 What is any trace or remains of a living organism that has been preserved by natural means?

26 fossil

27 Fossils that extend through several layers of sedimentary rock strata have been found. What are they called?

28 Polystrate fossils

29 What three natural materials are known as fossil fuels?

30 Coal Oil (petroleum) Natural gas

31 When found, oil is usually associated with what kind of rock?

32 Sedimentary rock

33 The fossil fuels are often found with fossils of what creatures?

34 Sea-living creatures

35 Evolution believe that oil formed over millions of years. When do creationist believe that oil formed?

36 Formed quickly during or shortly after the Genesis Flood.

37 Information and images on this PowerPoint come from Space & Earth Science, Third Edition, 2005 BJU Press, Greenville, South Carolina

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