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Sedimentary, my dear Watson

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1 Sedimentary, my dear Watson
Lab 6 Sedimentary, my dear Watson

2 Weather and Sediment Chemical weathering – chemical decomposition or dissolution of a material (into a solution). Physical weathering – physical decomposition of a material (into grains or clasts).

3 Weather and Sediment Sediment – loose grains/chemical residues or rocks, minerals, plants & animals Erosion – transport of weathered sediments

4 Sedimentary Rocks Form when: Sedimentary rocks are classified by:
Sediments collect, compact & harden: Lithification Mineral crystals precipitate from an aqueous solution Sedimentary rocks are classified by: Composition Texture

5 Sedimentary Composition
Detrital (siliciclastic) – Rock or mineral fragments Quartz, feldspar, clay, or lithic fragments Chemical – Precipitated from aqueous solution Calcite, dolomite, halite, gypsum, iron bearing minerals, chert Biochemical (bioclasts) – Grains are remains of organisms See page 116 in lab manual

6 Sedimentary Textures Grain size: Deposits Precipitates
Gravel size > sand sized > silt sized > clay sized Precipitates Crystalline > microcrystalline

7 Sedimentary Textures Grain shape:
Describes the smoothness of the edges of grains Well rounded to angular

8 Sedimentary Textures Grain arrangement: See page 111 in lab manual
Describes sorting of the grains Poorly sorted, moderately sorted, well sorted See page 111 in lab manual

9 Depositional environment??
Detrital? Precipitates? Biochemical/bioclasts?

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