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Sedimentary Rock Notes pp

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1 Sedimentary Rock Notes pp. 102 - 105

2 1. The Steps of any rock becoming a sedimentary rock are:
Sedimentary Rock Steps: Weathering – breaking rock into smaller pieces or fragments of rock called sediment. Erosion – moving smaller pieces from one place to another. Strata – deposited in layers that continue to cover older layers. Compacted – older layers are compressed/packed in on top of by other layers. Cementation – a natural cementing that binds the rock and mineral fragments together into a sedimentary rock.

3 2. Weathering can break down a rock into smaller pieces by…
Wind Water Ice sunlight gravity

4 3. Sedimentary rock forms ___ or ____ Earth’s surface
3. Sedimentary rock forms ___ or ____ Earth’s surface. The ___ and ___ used to make sedimentary rock is much less than what it takes to make an igneous or metamorphic rock. At Near Heat pressure

5 4. The most noticeable feature of a sedimentary rock is its _____ or ____, which is a ____, ______ layer of rock that is visible from a distance. Layers Strata Single horizontal

6 Draw an example of strata.

7 p. 105: Stratification is… The process in which sedimentary rocks are arranged in layers.

8 5. Sedimentary rocks are classified by the way they _____
5. Sedimentary rocks are classified by the way they _____. There are ____ ways a sedimentary rock can form. Form Three (3)

9 Clastic Sedimentary Rock
Made of fragments of rocks cemented together. Coarse Grain Example: Conglomerate Medium Grain Example: sandstone, siltstone Fine Grain Example: shale

10 Chemical Sedimentary Rock
Forms from solutions of dissolved minerals and water. Example: Halite

11 Organic Sedimentary Rock
Forms from the remains of plants and animals that once lived in the ocean. A fossil is a skeleton or imprint of the remains of plants or animals from long ago. Examples: Fossiliferous limestone & coal.

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