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Chapter 3 - Rocks Test Wednesday.

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1 Chapter 3 - Rocks Test Wednesday

2 Which of following is not one of the three classes of rocks?
Igneous Metamorphic Magma

3 What two processes change rock into sediments?
Cooling & Hardening Heat & Pressure Weathering & Erosion

4 What two things can change sedimentary and igneous rocks into metamorphic rocks?
Cooling & Hardening Heat & Pressure Weathering & Erosion

5 What is the only kind of rock that can form directly from magma?
Igneous Metamorphic Sedimentary

6 All rocks are made up of Lava Sediments Magma Minerals

7 The grouping of things that are alike is the science of
Petrology Classification Geology Biology

8 Rocks formed when melted minerals cool and harden are classified as
Molten rocks Sedimentary rocks Igneous Rocks Lava Rocks

9 Magma that reaches Earth’s surface is called
Lava Molten Igneous Conglomerate

10 Molten rock is made up of
Melted minerals Lava Obsidian Iron and Nickel

11 The mineral crystals of a rock formed from magma usually are
Small Large Fine Cubic

12 Rocks formed from the remains of living things are classified as
Metamorphic Igneous Sedimentary Lava

13 Limestone and halite are examples of
Clastics Nonclastics Foliated Nonfoliated

14 A rock formed when another rock is changed by heat and pressure is classified as
Metamorphic Igneous Sediment Clastic

15 The series of natural processes by which rocks are slowly changed from one type to another is
Sedimentation The Rock Cycle Classification Petrology

16 A metamorphic rock that has mineral crystals arranged in bands is
Unfoliated Foliated Clastic Nonclastic

17 The texture of an igneous rock that does NOT have mineral crystals is
Fine Clastic Glassy Foliated

18 Quartzite is formed from
Halite Sandstone Shale Pyrite

19 Coal is a sedimentary rock formed from
Lava Plants Chemicals Magma

20 Two minerals commonly found in igneous rocks are mica and
Halite Feldspar Pyrite Silver

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