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Haiku Poetry about Rocks Poems created by Mrs. Crabtree’s 4 th Grade Class.

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1 Haiku Poetry about Rocks Poems created by Mrs. Crabtree’s 4 th Grade Class

2 The Study of Haiku We learned about the form of poetry called Haiku. FormFour Main Elements A type of poetry Short poem- three lines Line 1 has 5 syllables, Line 2 has 7 syllables, Line 3 has 5 syllables No title No punctuation No capitals There is an element of surprise Has to have imagery- paints a picture in your mind Need to be about nature Makes a reference to a season

3 Our class divided into three groups to study and learn information about rocks and to create Haiku poetry that demonstrated our knowledge of both the rocks and the poetry form. We studied these types of rock: Metamorphic Rock Sedimentary Rock Igneous Rock

4 Group Members: Diamond Washington Marissa Ernzen Isiah Blaser Ariel McClain Daniel Hanson Alex Puccio

5 Igneous Rock Facts Igneous rocks begin as magma Magma can take millions of years to harden New land is formed by the cooling of the lava Inside volcanoes igneous rocks form large crystals Outside the volcano, igneous rocks form small crystals

6 Haiku about igneous rocks sizzling building blocks millions of years to cool down maker of new land

7 Haiku about igneous rocks begins as magma cools to be igneous rock creation of earth

8 Metamorphic Rock Group Members Jacob Ties Jacob Smith Ellie McIntyre Avery Butler Artrinas Martin JaQuan Holeman

9 Metamorphic Rock Facts Metamorphic rock is made from igneous and sedimentary rocks No fossils found in metamorphic rock Forces squeeze the earth by pressure forming the rock, not by melting it Marble is a metamorphic rock

10 Haiku about metamorphic rocks two types changing form using for two million years no fossils belong

11 Sedimentary Rock Group Members Evan Schmitt Dejana Watson Anthony McIntyre Celina Rubio Kimberly Towne Jason Trautwein

12 Sedimentary Rock Facts Tells stories of the past with fossils Contains layers of plants and animals Sedimentary rocks are softer than igneous rocks Sand particles are squeezed together to make the rock Tiny particles at the bottom of the sea are called sediment Limestone is a sedimentary rock People use limestone to make sidewalks and buildings Sedimentary rocks take over a million years to form

13 Haiku about sedimentary rocks Iowa’s proud rock sand falls hugging together rock forming fossil

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