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Exploration of Sedimentary Basins using Altimeter Data By Khalid A. Soofi.

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1 Exploration of Sedimentary Basins using Altimeter Data By Khalid A. Soofi

2 Exploration Strategy Good Old Times –Look for seeps & drill –Look for bumps & drill Minimum Requirements –Find unexplored basin –Is sedimentary basin thick enough? –Does it have a source? –Generation & Migration possible? –Is there a Trap? –Is there a seal? –Economics?

3 Some specific examples of using Altimeter Data Quick ScreeningQuick Screening Salt, Mini-BasinsSalt, Mini-Basins Submarine CanyonsSubmarine Canyons Fracture ZonesFracture Zones Forward ModelingForward Modeling Wish List for Future MissionsWish List for Future Missions

4 Black Sea – Quick Screening

5 Offshore – free air gravity Onshore - topography Malay Basin Tonle Sap - Cambodia

6 Salt Features Mini Basins

7 Salt Features, Mini Basins


9 Gulf of Mexico

10 Seep Association type

11 SAR – Slick Detection Mechanism

12 Hydrocarbon Slicks from Space

13 Gulf of Mexico - Seeps

14 Satellite Gravity Finds Sediment Fairways Comparison between satellite gravity, marine, and land gravity

15 Barbados – Altimeter data

16 Barbados offshore Multi-beam Image

17 Multi-beam data with acoustic backscatter

18 Fracture Zones




22 Off shore Niger Delta: Structural Province Map Stable shelf Counter- regional growth faults Regional growth faults Translational basin Mobile-shale cored anticlines and diapirs Shale-cored detachment fold Basin-verging outer toe thrusts Hinterland- verging outer toe thrusts Buried Cretaceous seamounts LEGEND Oceanic fracture zone Outer thrust front Inner thrust front Abyssal Plain of Gulf of Guinea Limit of extension Counter regional growth faults Fig 4

23 Submarine Canyons

24 Submarine Canyons – West Africa

25 Submarine Canyons – Indus River

26 Submarine Canyon – Ganges River

27 Submarine Canyons – offshore Nigeria

28 Submarine Canyons Regional Seismic merged with Altimeter Data

29 Submarine channels offshore Nigeria

30 Forward Modeling

31 Caspian Sea ( Model Locations)

32 Free Air Gravity Modeling (Strike Slip Model)

33 Free Air Gravity Modeling (Over-thrust Model)

34 Other Applications… Pipeline Routing conceptual design Seismic survey design Potential Hazard Areas

35 Ship Tracks

36 Wish List... Resolve 10 km features near-shore (less then 1000 meters water depth) both on Free Air Gravity ( & Bathymetry, if possible). Get rid of near-shore noise by collecting more reliable altimeter data and merging with available ship data Get rid of ship track noise...

37 Limitations (for HC Exploration)

38 Ship Tracks

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