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Chapter 6, Section 3 Sedimentary Rock

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1 Chapter 6, Section 3 Sedimentary Rock
Forms from the cementing and compaction of layers of sediment Sediment is leftover pieces of other rocks, like sand, clay, pebbles and silt

2 3 types of sedimentary rock
Clastic Chemical Organic

3 Clastic Formed from fragments of other rock Sediments on a river get sorted out and then bind/stick together

4 Sorting of sediments

5 Silt forms…. Sands form…. Pebbles and gravels and sands form… Shale Sandstone Conglomerate

6 Compaction Cementation The pressing together of a rock’s materials The natural “glue” that holds rocks together

7 Chemical Rock Forms from dissolved minerals Minerals precipitate out of water Halite

8 Salt Flat

9 Organic Rock From from the remains of plants and animals Coal Organic Limestone


11 Features of sedimentary Rock
Stratification Fossils Ripple Marks Mud Cracks Geodes

12 Stratification Layering

13 Fossils Remains of a plant or animal left in a rock

14 Ripple marks Left by water

15 Mud cracks Left by the lack of water

16 Geodes Fine quartz crystals lining the inside of a limestone rock

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