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2 NASREDDIN HODJA Nasreddin Hoca or Hoca, which means ‘scholar’ was born in 1208 in Hortu village near Sivrihisar in the west part of Central Anatolia. After his primary education in Hortu and Sivrihisar he went to Konya, the capital city to study at the medrasah ( university) . A picture from Holland

3 NASREDDIN HODJA He served as Kadi, Muslim judge, for a period after he graduated from the medrasah in Konya. Later he resigned from his duty as a kadi, and left Konya and settled down in Akşehir to study under notably scholars of the time as Seyid Mahmud Hayrani and Seyid Haci Ibrahim.

4 NASREDDIN HODJA He married in Akşehir and had children.
He died in 1284 in Aksehir when he was about eighty.

5 NASREDDIN HODJA A domed tomb bore by six columns was constructed on his grave. Under the dome, there is a marble coffin pertaining to Nasreddin Hodja.

6 NASREDDIN HODJA There is the Seljukian period lock for symbolic purposes to lock the Tomb, which is open in all sides.His tomb keeps the fame of being the only tomb that makes people laugh.

7 NASREDDIN HODJA Nasreddin Hoca was a philosopher, wise, witty man with a good sense of humor.


9 NASREDDIN HODJA His stories have been told almost everywhere in the world, spread among the tribes of Turkish World and into Persian, Arabian, African and along the Silk Road to China and India cultures, later also to Europe. Of course, all these stories currently attributed to the Hoca for about 700 years haven’t originated from him. Most of them are the product of collective humor of not only Turks but also other folks in the World.

10 NASREDDIN HODJA The year 1996 was proclaimed Nasreddin Hoca year by UNESCO A picture from China

11 The End

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