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By Jessica Cho Story of Civilization project. Chapter 1 “Riots” It was the year 3964, and the Dellanders, and slaves were living on an outer planet called.

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1 By Jessica Cho Story of Civilization project

2 Chapter 1 “Riots” It was the year 3964, and the Dellanders, and slaves were living on an outer planet called Dellfar. On a sunny day, king Julius was drinking his tea he heard a shouting coming from outside the palace walls; “What do we want?” A voice called out. “To all get our food at the same time!” More voices shouted back. “When do we want it?” The same voice called out again. “Now!” The voices shouted back. King Julius sighed and called for his holophone. Once receiving it he placed it on the floor and stood tall and proud, since the holophone is a phone but with a hologram small figures of him were spread around the palace walls. “My citizens,” He bellowed. “It has come to my attention that you are upset about my laws and my decisions.” He continued. “But things are the way they should be, and the way I like them to be.” He finished. “Now be off!” He said shooing them away. The Dellanders and slaves knew better then to disobey the king so they all huddled back to their homes.


4 Chapter 2 “Royal pizza party” It was the night of the royal pizza party. The King was going to discuss the important issue of food and money in the village. Servants scrambled around setting up the kings new Dellart (paintings) in places where everyone could admire them, and placing the food that the Dellhunters had gathered and harvested from the farm, on the table. The Dellplayers were tuning their Utesilas and Ginters for the songs they were going to play that night. Soon everyone had arrived and were seated. “Welcome Dellanders and my royal subjects!” The king bellowed. “I suppose you all know why I gathered you here today.” he continued. “There has been some issues with the way I run our food supply, some are complaining about how the higher class citizens get the food first..” Said the king. “I think that there is nothing wrong with that.” One of the royal subjects added. “Well I do!” A small voice yelled from the back. Everyone turned their attention to Jenna, the palaces top servant/maid. “Who said you had a say in this?” The king challenged. “I think that she should!” Another voice piped up. “Yeah!” They all cheered. “Fine. Then it is settled, the servants will have a say in what we discuss, and Jenna will be the person who speaks for all of them.”


6 Chapter 3 “Tea, sugar, and discussion” “Royal subjects, Dellanders, and servants,” Everyone quieted down in the room. “I have invited you all to discuss the matter of my so called ‘greediness.’” The king made sure to make air quotes for “Greediness.” “Would anyone like to come forward and tell me what exactly is the problem?” “You’re too greedy! And you believe that you’re G-d! You literally stand at the front of our DellChurch during services just to feel power!” “Who said that?” “Me.” Jenna stood high and tall on the table. “Well Jenna you have some nerve!” “No,” she corrected; “I have a knowledgeable nerve!” “Well then what do you suppose we do?” The king took a sip of tea. “We should all vote on what we think is the right thing to do!” Jenna sat back down. “And anyone against justice,” She started. “Will have to go through my army and I first.” She said slamming her fist on the table, startling the king making him spill his tea. “I wish everyone good luck if you try to challenge me.” and with that Jenna left, taking a basket of fruit with her.

7 Chapter 4 “Ready for the fight.” It was a week after the discussion in the royal palace and Jenna was preparing for a fight. She had gathered about 214 Dellanders and other servants ready to fight for equal rights, and justice. “Dellanders and fellow servants,” She spoke through a holophone. “Today is the day that we will write our plan with my hologramic writing. And we will take that plan into action!” She brought out the Dellpad that she borrowed from one of the Dellanders. “Okay people, here’s the plan.” “Okay everyone knows what the plan is right?” Everyone cheered and agreed in response. “Alright then, let’s go get our justice!!!” Jenna screamed. Everyone grabbed their armor and weapons and cheered. They ran out of the door of the barn that they were in and walked in straight lines to the palace, chanting; “Freedom, freedom, justice and our freedom.” Soon they arrived at the palace.

8 Chapter 5 “The fight.” “Hault!” Jenna shouted. They were now in front of the palace, weapons readied, and determined looks on their faces. The king walked out onto his balcony still in his pajamas. Considering it was merely 5am in the morning. He rubbed his eyes and spoke; “Dellanders, other people, what are you doing?” He yawned. “We are here to fight for justice!” Jenna raised a hand in the air. “Hurrah!” She yelled. “Hurrah!” Jenna’s army shouted back. “This is all nonsense.” The king said sounding quite worried. “Nonsense is my middle name!” Jenna shouted, and with that they barged through the high tech security gates and stormed the palace. Muddy shoes squeaking on the freshly cleaned marble floors as they ran under the patterned arches that hold up the palaces roof. “I know a secret way to the kings room!” One of the kings (ex) royal subjects shouted. “I designed a highly fashionable escape route for the king, made of the finest marbl-.” “Enough.” Jenna cut him off. “To the king!”

9 This is all nonsense!

10 Chapter 6 “ Surrender, and victory” The king was sitting, hidden by a dozen of his finest Dellsoldiers when he heard the banging. Soon enough in flooded a swarm of Jenna’s army, including herself. The soldiers immediately charged at the swarm and in a matter of seconds, the soldiers were huddled in a corner surrendering to Jenna and her army. Jenna made her way over to the king. “I surrender! I surrender!” He whimpered. “Good, take him to the jail.” Jenna stated. He was taken down by a group of Dellanders and servants and Jenna stood tall and proud and turned on the holophone. Shouting to the crowd of Dellanders, royal subjects, and servants that had gathered, said; “Fellow servants, Dellanders, and royal subjects… We are now free to have a fair government and the food will go to everyone at the same time!” Thousands of cheers and cries of happiness erupted all through the kingdom. Jenna stood tall and proud.


12 Today we heard of a courageous maid who fought for the freedom of all on the planet Dellfar, and a greedy King who was too oblivious to the situation to realize his wrongs, there is but one last thing to say; Jenna enjoyed the fruit basket. And that they all lived happily ever, after.

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