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Self marketing – presenting yourself for interview.

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1 Self marketing – presenting yourself for interview

2 Four steps Getting an invitation to interview Preparing for interview Being interviewed After the interview…

3 Getting an invitation to interview Congratulations! You have already jumped the first self- marketing hurdle Your CV and/or covering letter and/or application form have excited the interest of your potential employer

4 Preparing for interview Research – organisation, job market Time – allow enough Shopping/wardrobe – review how you want to present yourself Be objective – look at yourself dispassionately Practice – friends, family

5 Expectations of the prospective employer application form / CV / covering letter nature of the business stereotype dress code does the organisation have one? is it applicable to all? how ‘thorough’ is it? cultural differences is the organisation British? that are the differences towards business dress?

6 Your image and the job market well-dressed people wear clothes that: complement their colouring and body shape complement their personality are appropriate are current their clothes should look like an extension of themselves – not an ‘interview suit’!

7 It’s not just what you wear.. …it’s how you wear it dark colours are authoritative medium shades are more approachable pastel and light colours are not viewed as ‘business colours’


9 Grooming – men shave skincare manicures (and pedicures!!?) body hair – including nose and ears! teeth personal hygiene

10 Grooming – men (2) one in four men do not shower daily dirty fingernails go uncleaned nose hair remains unplucked some folically challenged males still think combing their hair like Bobby Charlton is stylish Metro, 24 th October 2003

11 Grooming - women skincare hair – cut, colour, condition make-up perfume – be careful manicure / pedicure teeth lingerie a recent survey showed that women who wear make-up have a competitive edge over their bare faced colleagues The Times, 30 th December 2003 women who wear make- up earn, on average, 20% more than women who wear no make-up

12 Being interviewed

13 First impressions within three seconds of seeing a person for the first time we have decided their: social status politics education religion sexuality friendliness / approachability aptitude

14 First impressions: the 93% rule 55% appearance & body language 38% tone, pitch & pace of your voice 7% what you say


16 “dress badly and they remember the clothes; dress well and they remember the person” with thanks to Coco Chanel

17 Success? Congratulations Keep learning Preparation for your next job Not successful? Reflect on the experience Ask for feedback Bounce back After the interview….


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