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Jim GrahamKhaled Mabrouk Owner, Dingo Racing TeamOE Leader, SPS.

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1 Jim GrahamKhaled Mabrouk Owner, Dingo Racing TeamOE Leader, SPS

2 Presentation Outline Background Information Team Challenges Field Observations 5s + Standard Work Lessons Learned

3 Desert Dingo Racing Team Desert Dingo Racing has teamed with the International Diabetes Federation in support of its campaign to raise awareness of diabetes issues worldwide. Class 11 Desert Racing is limited to pre-1983 Volkswagen Beetles and allows for minor modifications to the engine, transmission, and suspension. 1969 four cylinder Volkswagen Beetle

4 Desert Dingo – Team Challenges Broken Spindle Wheel flew off the course Shredded alternator belts Burned through valve cover gasket “We made too many mistakes” – Jim Graham, Team Owner

5 Desert Dingo – Field Observation Volunteer workforce; VW fans No standard work “Did we get a task completed?” – common question Bypass steps due to lack of material/tools No sense if we have the right tools/material “Each person has their own tool box”

6 Desert Dingo – Before 5S

7 Desert Dingo – Before “Khaled spend a lot of time watching everything we did; how we worked on the car, What tools we used, how we packed for a race, how we set up out pit, what each Person di during a pit stop” – Jim Graham

8 Desert Dingo – Teaching 5S 5S easy to understand and teach With 5S, you can see results right away 5S is a great lead-in for “understanding the benefits of standard work” The Desert Dingo team took to 5S “like a duck to water”. Very organized people to begin with; just needed the coordination.

9 Desert Dingo – After 5S “We now have a rule that everybody adheres to: If you take a tool from the table, you return it to the exact same place immediately when you’re done with it. It took some time for everyone to get the hang of it, and the team now does not waste Time looking for wrenches and such” – Jim Graham

10 Desert Dingo – After “The recommendations made changed how we race. None of it would surprise a pro team, but for us it was a revelation. We are remarkably more efficient in prepping the car, packing, and managing logistics. We’ve shaved minutes off our pit stops.” – Jim Graham

11 Standard Work has permeated the Desert Dingo team culture

12 So has planning and preparedness

13 Desert Dingo 5S – Lessons Learned Standard work will shave minutes off the pit crew time; which improves team finish Even though the pit crew is volunteers, they still prefer a more organized workplace.

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