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LYNX. Target Audience – By Ashley. Students  Students  Price  Availability.

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2 Target Audience – By Ashley.

3 Students  Students  Price  Availability

4 Age  16 – 21.  Adverts Clearly Show.  Actors are that age.

5 Gender  Male  Adverts Clearly Target Males  Males like females so it makes sense.

6 Lynx Advert Research. Aaron

7 What is Lynx. Lynx is owned by the company Unilever. Unilever produces multi bands, such as Dove, Impulse, TRESemmé and Radox. Lynx has sold over £1.9 billion in 2011 in the UK alone. Lynx is mainly a spray, but is also a after shave and shower gel.

8 Sales of Lynx world-wide.  The parent company Unilever had sales of 49.9 billion dollars in 2004.  Over 8 million people use Lynx every day.  Lynx can be found in every 1 in 4 houses in the UK.  In 2011 Unilever company had 6.5% growth.

9 Where does Lynx sell best. Sold in over 60 countries around the world. Extremely successful in the UK, USA and Canada. Is the number 1 male grooming product in the world. Number 2 deodorant in the world, just behind Unilever’s own product Sure. Lynx is individual to the UK.

10 Most popular fragrance.  Lynx Africa is the most popular variant.  Lynx Africa has been the best seller for over a decade.  Africa sales are responsible for over 50% of the sales.  The flagship fragrance, for the flagship product.

11 The Idea Luke

12 Official Advert

13 Our Idea  The actual Idea.  The message behind it.  USP  The actors in it.

14  Usual Lynx Advert  Clear Target audience  Clear Statement  Why it’s successful.

15 Why is going to be successful Lauren

16 Why its going to be successful The target audience is clear it’s a well known brand its relatable The target audience is linked in the advert the target audience, research all help boost the product and gives selling contents the advert is basic, not complex and hard to understand It shows use of the product

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