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Physical attraction Kenny Johnson And LeeAnn Dochniak.

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1 Physical attraction Kenny Johnson And LeeAnn Dochniak

2 Physical Attraction Is an attraction to another member of the same species for sexual erotic activity, for sexual reproduction.

3 Biology of Physical Attraction Pheromones Women are most attractive during ovulation.

4 Body Language Positive Eye contact Pupil dilation Biting/licking lips Mimicking actions Negative Arms and legs crossed Looking away

5 Male and Female differences Males – more attracted to what they see – Look for youthfulness – Waist to hip ratio Females – More emotionally involved. – Look for exaggerated secondary sex characteristics. – Older men

6 Medias perception today Men o Tall o Muscular o Medium skin tone o Successful Women o Thin o Long hair o Large breasts o Curves

7 Playboy Objects of sex Raised standards for women. Barbie syndrome

8 Asians History Foot binding – history Topless women Long nails

9 European History Pale skin complexion More robust figure Reflected royalty Females wore corsets Wore makeup to look more pale Puritan breast wrap France low cut dresses Codpiece

10 Histocompatability complex (MHC) Fights pathogens Opposite immune systems Pill masks scents Sexual Chemistry

11 Ovulation theory Women more attractive when ovulating Pheromones At ovulation women prefer masculinity Other times they prefer stability

12 Birds of a Feather “Birds of a feather stick together” Persons with similar interests, qualities and environments may tend to find easier manners of attraction.

13 Proximity Mere Exposure Theory People that are in frequently in relative proximity to one another may find general attraction to one another to occur.

14 Opposites Attract Gain from each other Fill voids in personality/life qualities essentially making each other a more “whole” person

15 Evolution theory Favor Survival Courtship

16 Cheaters People who cheat, still look for mates to reproduce with, its not just physical.

17 Benefits of Physical attraction Higher self esteem Perks in the work force More dating opportunities Get more attention from peers

18 Improving Physical Attraction Add Variety Develop good conversation skills Practice good hygiene Wear clean clothes Keep hair cut properly Shave

19 Discussion How do you think that media plays a role on physical attraction in the general population.

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