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Prepositions, Sequence Markers and some Adverbs Class Seven.

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1 Prepositions, Sequence Markers and some Adverbs Class Seven

2 What did we look at last week? 0 Prepositions 0 Problematic prepositions 0 In, On, At 0 To For

3 Sequence Markers 0 Talking about your past to a friend 0 Giving details about something that happened during a job interview 0 Relating information about your family to your children 0 Telling colleagues about what happened on a business trip

4 First of all, To start off with, Initially, Then, After that, Next, Finally

5 Adverbs of Frequency 100%always, constantly usually, normally frequently, regularly often 50%sometimes occasionally rarely, infrequently seldom hardly ever 0%never

6 Practice Describing a Routine Morning Routine Vocabulary List http:// 0 Activity One (1) What are some of the daily activities that you do at home? 0 Frist, I usually wake up at 7am. I regularly press the snooze button. Then, I turn off the alarm and get up. I rarely skip breakfast. Sometimes, I eat toast, but most of the time I have cereals and coffee. Next, I shower, shave and get dressed quickly. I never walk to work, I always take the bus. Occasionally., my wife drives me into to the city. After I arrive, I check my emails and missed calls. Finally, I have my last cup of coffee and start to work. Activity Two : Watch videos : or Using the vocabulary from the above website, make a list of the daily activities in the videos

7 Activity Three 0 0 Watch the video and take notes of the events 0 Watch it again and add to your list 0 Sit with a partner and compare your lists, did your partner notice something you did not? 0 Choose a spokesperson and share your story

8 Activity Three Read Vocabulary handout – Giving Directions Use the phrases and expressions to describe your route from to your home 2. From work to the airport 3. From home to your favourite restaurant Share your route with a partner

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