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Pubic lice (Crabs) By Montel Branch.

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1 Pubic lice (Crabs) By Montel Branch

2 Cartoon Strip Everyone spongebob and patrick has crabs

3 What !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 Really

5 Lets go beat sandy

6 You gave me and spongebob crabs with your dirty vagina

7 You guys found out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 Spongebob lets stomp this dirty thing
Lets get her she don’t deserve to live

9 Wait. Crabs are treatable with
medication It is not one of the worst stds you can get it is one of the cureable ones 1.If can be abstinence 2.Use a condom 3.Shave pubic hair 4.Check daily 5.Take showers regularly

10 We are going to live Yea

11 The End

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