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Session one How to Make Money From Social Media This is NOT “Social Media 101”

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2 Session one How to Make Money From Social Media

3 This is NOT “Social Media 101”

4 This is NOT about being a Professional Visitor

5 13 tried and proven money-making strategies

6 Don’t be the Amway salesman at the party

7 Hotseats

8 Be the captain of the ship

9 Done-For-You

10 Housekeeping Mobile phones Release forms Nametags Questions and microphones Recording devices Breaks Dinner tonight

11 Who are we and why should you listen to us?

12 Kerry Fitzgibbon Certified Social Media Strategist Studying, Testing & Measuring Social Media over the last 3 years Sales and Marketing for about 14 years Journalist – Print, Radio, TV 10 years Helped Clients make hundreds of thousands of dollars using Social Media!!

13 Which Social Media channels should you use?


15 The big 6 in Social Media

16 13 tried and proven money-making strategies

17 Strategy # 1 Everyone’s wearing my T-Shirt

18 Level: Easy

19 Overview of the Strategy Uses Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter to sell T-shirts with your logo and brand to your niche market, with no money needed up front to purchase stock, and no stock-handling

20 Use this strategy to: Quickly generate cash from your Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest followers Get your brand recognised in your niche Do market research to find out which message, graphics, colours, etc, appeal to your followers

21 It will work if you: Already have a list of 1,000 or more followers on Facebook, Twitter, and / or Pinterest (NB – it will work even if you have no list, but you will need to advertise) Have a message or brand that your followers would be proud to wear Have a twist that is controversial or quirky

22 Case study 1: Run Marathon Training Facebook page that supports people (especially women) who run marathons Followers are highly niched, passionate and dedicated is monetised by promoting events, getting sponsorship and selling affiliate products

23 Case study 1: Run Marathon Training Run Marathon Training had a goal to design and sell running gear for women They wanted to test designs to see what would sell without spending money on stock They used a drop-ship, minimum-order t-shirt company for payment processing and fulfilment

24 How it works Design the T-shirt: Source the fulfilment company and find suitable t-shirt shapes Create a design brief Get a graphic designer to create the logo and wording

25 How it works

26 Phase 1 - Market research: Set up first campaign, with a high goal (50 shirts sold @ $23.50 to trigger fulfilment) Promote via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, including Facebook PPC ads Collect feedback and comments

27 How it works Results of market research phase: On Facebook: 232 Likes, 20 comments and feedback, 9 private messages, 59 shares Made 12 sales, so didn’t reach goal of 50 People wanted a km version, half marathon, version, or singlet Cost: $11 in Facebook PPC ads

28 How it works Phase 2 - Making money: Fine-tuned design based on research Set up new campaign with goal of 20 shirts sold @ $26.95 Promoted to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest lists and database

29 Results Sales goal was reached within 2 hours, and started making money Within 3 hours, had 127 Likes, 54 comments and 19 shares Within 12 hours had 37 t-shirts sold for a total of $997.89

30 Results 2 Hours 17 Shirts $458.15 Fans started selling for me 218 Likes

31 Case Study 2: Plan 75 year old charity organising child sponsorships in developing country Used the t-shirt strategy as a fundraiser Sold 1,100 t-shirts Raised $7,600

32 Case Study 3: TWiT “This Week in Tech” is a nationally syndicated podcast / radio station They advertised t-shirts on their radio show, Facebook and Twitter Sold 2,600 t-shirts Made $30,000 profit

33 Case Study 3: TWiT Mugs $37,800

34 Done-For-You Strategy call to define the niche Source t-shirts from suitable supplier Design graphics to suit niche Set up Facebook PPC campaign Load Shopping Portal onto Facebook Manage campaign

35 $997


37 Workshop Price $797

38 Please be back on time

39 Strategy # 2 Pinners are Winners

40 Level: Easy

41 Overview of the Strategy Uses Pinterest to leverage traffic to an existing site, by encouraging website visitors to share (“pin”) the content. Results in a big surge of new visitors from Pinterest.

42 Use this strategy to: Get lots of people recommending you on Pinterest, so their followers visit your website Build brand awareness and a list Sell hard products, information products or services Sell memberships

43 This strategy is best for: Businesses with visual products, eg recipes, fitness, art, body art, fashion, retail Businesses already getting a reasonable amount of traffic to their website Businesses with products and services that appeal to women

44 Case study:

45 Case study: is one of the world’s largest recipe websites They get about 30 million visitors a month, have 8 million registered users, and 1.6 million members paying $18 a year for an annual revenue of $29m The site was bought in 2012 for $175m, by Meredith Corp

46 How it works Leading up to busy holiday season - added a “pin it” button above the fold to each recipe, to encourage website visitors to share pictures of the recipes on their Pinterest boards They featured holiday recipes on Pinterest recipes/

47 How it works


49 This resulted in an increase in referred traffic from Pinterest, more opt-ins and more paying members

50 Results Within 3 months, more than 50,000 recipes were pinned This resulted in 139 million Pinterest impressions Clicks on allrecipes Pinterest content increased more than 900%

51 Second step Allrecipes then added Pinterest marketing into their newsletters and marketing emails They chose recipes from the most popular pins, and featured these in their newsletters The emails included calls to action, to “Follow allrecipes on Pinterest”, or “Give it a repin”

52 Result of second step In less than a week, the number of clicks to allrecipes from Pinterest increased 4-fold Repins and likes of the featured images increased by more than 3-fold Number of impressions doubled

53 Third step Allrecipes then created “All Stars”, ie the people who were the top influencers / contributors of recipes Allrecipes provided special Pinterest training sessions to their All Stars, to get them comfortable with using Pinterest

54 Result of third step All Stars created 2,582 new pins (NB – this is all user-generated content) This generated 51,470 new followers on Pinterest. Pinterest followers are often more engaged than opt-ins. allrecipes-allstars/ allrecipes-allstars/

55 Strategy # 3 Pinterest Pet Project

56 Level: Moderate

57 Overview of the Strategy Pinterest strategy that uses cute images, and good quality information on trending topics to grab attention. Once people have pinned (shared) your images, then send them to an opt in page on your website and market your products and services to them.

58 Use this strategy to: Get more targetted traffic to your website Build a list Create a community of like-minded people who are passionate about a topic Increase sales of a product or service

59 Case study: Pet Plan Insurance Pet Plan Insurance provides pet insurance, as well as lots of good quality information about caring for your pet They encourage people who are passionate about their pets to become part of their community They promote themselves as experts, with cutting edge info on pet health

60 How it works Research and find topics that are trending, using: Popular topics tag on Pinterest # tags on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook Google trends Other websites such as Amazon, eBay, BestBuy etc

61 How it works Create boards on Pinterest with cute and compelling images

62 How it works When clicked, these images go to an opt-in page with an article or video on trending topics Provided useful, good quality information on trending topics

63 How it works Promoted the sales message “only 1% of pets in the US are insured, compared to 30% in the UK and 50% in Sweden” on all platforms, to encourage insurance sales Added Pin It button to the website and Pinterest follow buttons to email footers and social campaigns

64 How it works Optimised website and content for Pinterest Re-pins, or pins from images on website go to visitors Pinterest boards, where they are seen by their followers. When clicked, link back to opt-in page on website So website and Pinterest feed each other

65 How it works


67 Results Within a few months, Pinterest became Petplan’s 2 nd -highest source of Social Media referral traffic Pinterest campaign got 69% more page views and 97% greater time on site than Twitter Petplan became one of the top 20 companies on Pinterest

68 Results Three months later, Petplan was getting: 87% more new traffic 35% more pageviews 12.5% increase in requests for insurance quotes

69 Done-For-You Strategy call about your business Create Pinterest page and keyword optimise Create 10 Boards, each with 10 Pins Add Pin-It buttons to your existing marketing Promote your Pinterest page

70 $1997


72 Workshop Price $1497

73 Please be back on time

74 Strategy # 4 Sweet (Google+) Success

75 Level: Moderate

76 Overview of the Strategy Uses the Google+ Hangouts feature to run live video-conferencing with up to 10 people. Do a live broadcast of the video-conference to your list, or drive traffic using Google Adwords. Can also record as a video and load to Youtube or website. Monetise by making offers as you would on a webinar.

77 Use this strategy to: Make sales the same way you would on a webinar Be seen as the authority in your niche by hosting expert panels, or interviewing celebrities, and broadcasting these live Grow the number of followers you have in Google+ Improve your SEO results

78 This strategy is best for: Selling info packs, memberships or hard products Trainers, coaches and consultants, to deliver content in a more leveraged way Building your brand and authority in your niche

79 Case study: Cadbury’s Cadbury runs “Google+ hangouts on air” They interview celebrities, profile their “chocolate tasters”, and run focus groups They broadcast the hangouts to their list They advertise the hangouts using Google Adwords If a Google+ user endorses the ad, it goes to their Google+ followers

80 Results Cadbury got 150,000 more followers by using Google+ hangouts k

81 Strategy # 5 A webinar full of buyers

82 Level: Moderate

83 Overview of the Strategy Uses Facebook PPC ads to promote a Webinar, where you offer a product for sale

84 Use this strategy to: Quickly generate cash even if you don’t have a list Build brand awareness and a list Leverage your current consulting or training business Sell information products if you currently exchange hours for dollars Sell memberships

85 Case study: Effortless Empress Eloquence Monika Mundell is a creative sales copywriter Her niche is sassy women who run their own business As well as writing copy, Monika also sells an 8-week, group coaching, copywriting training program

86 Case study: Effortless Empress Eloquence Her goal was to use Facebook to grow her list, build her brand, and get people to attend a webinar where she would sell her 8-week copywriting training program

87 How it works Monika ran the webinar 3 times in 1 week She took 5 days to promote the webinars, using Facebook Ads, Facebook Promoted Posts, and Sponsored Stories The ads went to a webinar registration page on Monika’s site, with a video and great copy

88 How it works Facebook ads were targetted at 35-55 year old women business owners in US, Australia and UK She also targetted specific interests, so each group was less than 200,000

89 How it works

90 Results 90 people registered for the webinar 51 people attended the webinar Total income was $8,580 Total cost of Facebook ads was $877 Total profit over 2 weeks $7703

91 Done-For-You Strategy call to define the niche Create custom landing page and video Set up webinar Set up Facebook PPC campaign including sponsored stories and promoted posts Manage, test and measure Facebook ad campaign

92 $1997


94 Workshop Price $1497

95 Please be back on time

96 Strategy # 6 Just Checking In

97 Level: Moderate

98 Overview of the Strategy Uses Facebook Local Places and other engagement strategies to encourage Facebook followers to share with their lists. Quick way to leverage and grow an existing list.

99 Use this strategy to: Get warm traffic to your site for free Quickly grow a list Build a relationship with that list by providing good quality content Become the trusted authority in your niche Increase sales

100 This strategy is best for: Businesses selling products and services, where their clients have friends with similar interests Local businesses which have an offline location that customers visit

101 Case study: Art House Framing & Art Supplies Set up business page on Facebook, with address and phone no. of physical store Enabled Check-In using Facebook Local Places, so customers could let their Facebook friends know when they visited the store Provided offers and sale items via Page tabs

102 Case study: Art House Framing & Art Supplies Engaged with the audience by posting info about famous artists, asking questions, posting about latest offers, and selecting “fan of the week” (via an app) Ran Facebook Ads to increase Likes Ran Event Ads to invite people to exhibitions Ran ads for specific products

103 Case study:

104 Case study: Art House Framing & Art Supplies Ran sponsored stories, to influence friends of fans Targetted relevant friends of current fans to Like the page by using topic targetting, to run Facebook ads with a call to action

105 Results 7-fold ROI on Facebook Ad spend 4 new sales a week from Facebook 80% of web traffic comes from Facebook

106 Done-For-You Strategy call to define the niche Optimise Facebook business page Set up opt in to build email list from Facebook Enable Check-Ins for in-store visitors Set up Page tab with offers and sale items Set up Facebook Ad campaign with Likes, Promoted Posts, Offers, Events and Sponsored Stories Manage ad campaign

107 $1997


109 Workshop Price $1497

110 Strategy # 7 My Facebook Store

111 Level: Moderate

112 Overview of the Strategy Uses the ecommerce function in Facebook to set up an online store, allowing Facebook fans to buy your products and services without leaving Facebook.

113 Use this strategy to: Sell your products and services on Facebook Increase awareness of your brand and products

114 This strategy is best for: Businesses selling multiple, low-priced products and services to consumers Businesses with a client base that regularly uses Facebook

115 Case study: Wine Market Australia Set up an e-commerce store on Facebook to sell wine Created vouchers and special offers targetted to Page fans Added a sign-up form to build a list Followed up list with newsletters and email offers

116 Case study: Wine Market Australia

117 Results $15,000+ per month revenue from their Facebook e-commerce store, with $60,000 generated in the last 3 months 10 X ROI on their Facebook ad spend

118 Done-For-You Strategy call to define the niche Set up a Facebook e-commerce store Design vouchers & special offers for Page fans Set up Facebook ad campaigns, including Page Like Ads, Promoted Posts, Offers and Sponsored Stories Manage ad campaign

119 $2497


121 Workshop Price $1997



124 Strategy # 8 Laser target

125 Level: Moderate

126 Overview of the Strategy Makes money really quickly, even if you are starting from scratch, with no niche, no list, and no product. Leverages off existing successful Facebook pages, to find a hot niche and “poach” warm leads.

127 Use this strategy to: Quickly find a hot selling niche Find individuals who are most likely to buy your products or services, and advertise directly to them (laser targetted advertising) Sell hard products, info products, affiliate products, or consulting services

128 This strategy is best for: People who have not yet chosen a niche or created a product People who want a passive income People who want results quickly, without spending a lot of money up front

129 Case study: I Love My Gun Rights Researched to find a top trending niche, using Google, Facebook and Twitter. Found that “gun rights” was a rapidly growing market in the US, with passionate followers Started a new Facebook page in this niche Sourced products to sell

130 Case study: I Love My Gun Rights Researched to find most popular pages in that niche on Facebook (ones with most engagement) Made offers to the followers of those pages Advertised using promoted posts, getting 1-2c clicks to build Likes

131 Results 38,573 Facebook fans in just 3 months Ad spend $312 Profit $5,182.32

132 Case study 2: Romance eBook Facebook Ads to Custom Audience Ad spend $18.12 Sold 400 Books

133 Case study 3: Engineering Students Facebook Ads to targeted Audience Sold 2544 tee-shirts a total of $30,525

134 Done-For-You Research to help you find top trending niche Source suitable products for target market Set up Facebook page with offers and opt in Find top Facebook pages in that niche, that have the most engagement Target the followers of those pages with ads and offers Manage campaign

135 $4997


137 Workshop Price $2997

138 Please be back on time

139 Strategy # 9 Be the Go-To Person on LinkedIn

140 Level: Moderate

141 Overview of the Strategy Establish and rapidly grow your profile and connections on LinkedIn, so you (or your business) are positioned as the authority. Quickly results in a large group of loyal followers.

142 Use this strategy to: Be seen as the authority or expert in your niche (allowing you to charge more) Build a list of loyal followers Leverage your time with user-generated content Find strong JV partners Improve Google rankings

143 This strategy is best for: Business to business sales Professional services Consultants People wanting to establish themselves as the go-to person in their industry or niche

144 Case study 1: Citibank Citibank wanted to leverage and grow their “Women & Co” service using LinkedIn Launched a LinkedIn Managed Group called “Connect: Professional Women’s Network” in April 2012 Discussions and content are mainly user- generated, seeded by content from Citibank Use polls to encourage feedback

145 Case study 1: Citibank Reward frequent contributors with LinkedIn Premium subscriptions Use Sponsored InMails to increase group membership

146 Results 43,000 group members in four months 30-50% of group members return weekly Double the engagement rate of the average LinkedIn group 17,800+ discussion comments Citibank Group on LinkedIn

147 Case study 2: Forestry Nick Reynish wanted to become the industry leader in his field – Forestry He is a forestry contractor, and owns an online portal, His goal was to grow his contracting business and his website, and build a database of Forestry professionals

148 How it works Set up Nick’s LinkedIn account and keyword optimised Highlighted his achievements, awards, contracts Connected with people he already knew in the industry, via LinkedIn, email, phone Used LinkedIn advanced search function to find and connect with key people

149 How it works Joined Forestry groups, contributed to conversations, started threads, answered questions Started ForestryConnect Company page in LinkedIn to highlight products and services

150 Results 2,080 connections in 4 months, 95% of which were from the Forestry industry 2,245 Opted in for Forestry newsletter 389 signed up to Nick’s portal, Average revenue $61,851 per month

151 Done-For-You Strategy call to define the niche Set up and optimise your LinkedIn profile Research trending topics & gaps in the market Set up and optimise your LinkedIn Company Page Grow your network to at least 500 relevant and strategic connections Monetise

152 $2497


154 Workshop Price $1997

155 Strategy # 10 Fashion Forward

156 Level: Moderate

157 Overview of the Strategy Uses Google+ to leverage existing traffic from Google organic traffic and Google Adwords. Builds the relationship with existing customers, and ensures that your brand continues to be found on Google by your target market.

158 Use this strategy to: Be found more easily on Google by your target market, and establish your brand as an industry leader Get your customers talking about you and sharing your content with their contacts Drive more traffic to a web-page that is already converting, eg ecommerce store, long copy sales letter, membership site, event booking page

159 Case study: H&M Set up a Google+ page with inspiring images of fashion, locations and lifestyle Provided at least daily status updates, with photos, videos, celebrities, designed to engage their target market Encouraged interaction, by inviting followers to share experiences & opinions Created ongoing dialogue by commenting and sharing

160 Case study: H&M Tailored content included: Collection previews Contests Unique experiences, eg behind the scenes footage of a Vogue photo shoot

161 Case study: H&M Encouraged followers to endorse (+1) their content and ads Measured campaign performance by: Number of +1’s per post Number of reshares per post Number of comments per post H&M Google+ Page

162 Results Over 940,000 followers on Google+ Average number of +1’s per post: 72 Average number of reshares per post: 11 Average number of comments per post: 22 22% increase in Google Adwords click through rate

163 Please be back on time


165 Strategy # 11 Close Shave

166 Overview of the Strategy Uses a compelling video to promote a website that sells a hard product, info product, or continuity product. Video goes viral, based on viewers sharing the link to the video, combined with other social platforms

167 Use this strategy to: Rapidly grow a national or international business Build a strongly differentiated brand Build a list of extremely loyal followers Dominate your niche, so customers stop comparing you to competitors

168 Case study: Dollar Shave Club Start up business, that raised $1million in seed funding to sell razors for $1 a month Business was based on strong “want” of target market Launched with video that quickly went viral: TJMsI TJMsI

169 Case study: Dollar Shave Club Supported Youtube campaign with Twitter and Facebook campaigns, as well as press releases to offline publications Also use their blog to get more customer engagement, eg they run competitions called “chairman’s choice”, where users submit videos of products they like, to get a free one

170 Results Over 11 million views on Youtube in the last year Over 22,000 Twitter followers and 125,000 Facebook fans Made 12,000 sales in the first 2 weeks after they launched (continuity income) Now offering other products to the same list

171 Strategy # 12 My underwear is better than yours

172 Level: Moderate

173 Overview of the Strategy Uses Facebook run a competition to grow a fan base, build a list, and highlight products. Monetise by offering products and services via posts, email, and ecommerce store.

174 Use this strategy to: Increase engagement with your Facebook fans Build a list on Facebook and email Increase brand awareness Sell hard products, info products or services

175 Case study: Kornelia’s Kloset Kornelia’s Kloset is an online store selling gorgeous, sexy lingerie. Kornelia started with a personal page. Once she set up her business page, she invited friends from her personal page to Like. To grow the fan base, she ran a competition

176 Case study: Kornelia’s Kloset The prize was a $500 gift voucher for her products, and $250 for a friend To enter, people simply sent their name and email address, and that of their friend

177 Results From one competition, Kornelia gets 500 new leads, and 50-60 new customers A client on average spends $150 - $200, so each competition brings in $7,500 - $12,000 She has 13,341 Likes For every hour spent on Facebook she gets approx $300

178 Done-For-You Strategy call to design how the competition will work, prizes, etc Set up Facebook competition Write copy with call to action for entry into the competition Set up Facebook ad campaign to drive people to the entry form Manage campaign

179 $1497


181 Workshop Price $1197

182 Please be back on time

183 Strategy # 13 World Domination

184 Level: Advanced

185 Overview of the Strategy Uses Facebook to increase likes, engagement, event bookings, and backend sales via: PPC Ads (text, video, advanced targetting) Events tab, and other custom tabs Caption contests Quiz Sponsored Stories Facebook Exchange

186 Use this strategy to: Rapidly grow a national or international business Build a strongly differentiated brand Build a list of extremely loyal followers Dominate your niche, so customers stop comparing you to competitors

187 It will work if you are: Selling hard products or info products Running your own events, or a promoter filling a room for other presenters Implementing the Ultimate Business Model A bricks-and-mortar business owner wanting to run a special event in-store

188 Case study: Tough Mudder Sell events which are 20km obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces Price point $100 - $200 Result: 24-fold increase in sales in 2 years 2.3 million likes in 6 months Built global brand awareness and now run events world-wide Also monetise with branded merchandise


190 How it works Facebook PPC ads: Targeted individuals by location and age Targeted Likes and interests, eg “Ice Hockey”, “Extreme Sports”, “MMA” Used controversial messages Used video ads and sponsored stories

191 How it works Facebook PPC ads: Ran sponsored stories in news feeds telling people when a friend Liked the page Used Facebook Exchange to show more relevant ads to people who engaged with the Tough Mudder website Tested “clusters” (Custom Audiences) to show relevant ads to past customers

192 How it works Using Facebook to increase engagement: Posting pictures and stories in Hall of Fame Competitions: caption contests for photos, and “complete the sentence” Quiz: How ready are you for the challenge? (and share the results)

193 How it works Using Facebook to take event bookings: Created Events tab on business page Call to action at top of business page “Sign up here” Linked to website for bookings and payments Includes link to videos of past events

194 How it works Using Facebook to sell merchandise: Created TM Gear tab on business page, with photos of merchandise Linked to online store on main website for orders and payments

195 Results 5-10X return on ad spend on Facebook (for a low priced product, not counting backend) 5-8X higher click through rate for ads in newsfeeds vs traditional ads 20% of participants say they were influenced to buy through Facebook ads

196 Planning and Implementation


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