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Tales of the Digitally 2003.

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1 Tales of the Digitally Unexpected! @melcarson


3 2003

4 @melcarson


6 2016 Forrester April 2012 2 Billion PCs

7 @melcarson

8 Be Agile Be Delightful Be Unexpected

9 @melcarson






15 Mashable & Webtrends

16 @melcarson



19 26 Million Comments IPG & Radian6

20 @melcarson 14K Tweets per Minute

21 @melcarson 28K Tweets per Minute

22 @melcarson 52K Tweets per Minute

23 @melcarson ???K Tweets per Minute

24 @melcarson

25 And so I began to feel that God might be calling me to the priesthood. I felt I really needed to talk to someone, but I had no idea who to turn to. Well, I turned to Google. I think I typed in something like ‘retreat’ and ‘religious vocation’. Top of the list was “The Monastery” website. If it hadn’t been for THE INTERNET... I would probably still be a software engineer!

26 @melcarson VT 0 – Dollar Shave Club VT0 – 1m 33s

27 @melcarson VT1 - 28s

28 @melcarson

29 Kinect Effect insert kinect video VT1 – 1m 16s

30 @melcarson

31 VT1 – 1m 31s

32 @melcarson



35 June Cohen

36 @melcarson

37 Vanessa Fox

38 @melcarson …….an experiment that will either fail miserably, or succeed beyond our wildest dreams, in making the web better for webmasters and users alike. Shiva Shivakumar in 2005

39 @melcarson


41 There is no such thing as passive perception. Young people today will remember our media as quaint, cute but not quite fully engaged. Jaron Lanier

42 @melcarson


44 You have to love it. You absolutely have to love it. Just enjoy the ride, enjoy the creativity that it gives you…What you've got to be driven by is what f**king fun and how unbelievably exciting it is. Stephen Fry

45 @melcarson

46 Be Agile Be Delightful Be Unexpected

47 Thank You! @melcarson

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