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CESR Sharing my experience......... Dr Trupti Desai Consultant Dermatologist DBH NHS Foundation Trust.

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1 CESR Sharing my experience Dr Trupti Desai Consultant Dermatologist DBH NHS Foundation Trust

2 Background Obtained CESR in Feb 2011 Primary Medical Qualification from University of Bombay, India. 3 years Postgraduate residency training in Dermatology. Postgraduate qualifications-MD in Dermatology and Venereology 18 months UK experience in medicine with acute unselected take, 6 months as SHO in medicine-India. 10 years as SAS and Locum Consultant in Dermatology prior to application in August 2010

3 The basic...  Encrypted USB Stick  Backup Data on regular Basis  Space on trust IT –e.g. H:/ to store information for safe and secure handling of patient related information.  Get Remote access to hospital IT.  Use Secure –  Working knowledge of basic computer programmes-especially Excel  Organise and declutter paper and electronic filing.

4 Collecting Evidence - think evidence  Familiarise with the process, Curricula and Speciality specific guidance- CESR web link  Clinic data- From Hospital appointment system e.g PAS  Workload Statistics, Comparative caseload information -Hospital IT, clinical manager.  Communication/Clinic letters- e.g Medisec  MDT data-MDT coordinator  Networking with colleagues in same hospital-to get ideas on information already available

5 Getting started..  Planning- List what you need, explore opportunity, execute ( e.g teaching medical students or GP education)  How to present it as evidence- (lecture slides-validated from appropriate person, Feedback forms)  Scheduling (e.g courses, last date for submission of abstracts)

6 Domain 1 Qualification  Transcript of details of course and examination MD, Degree of University of Bombay letter dated 20 July  Letter providing Details on Curriculum and description of training. MD residency training programme from former Head of Department and Supervisor for Post graduate qualifications obtained in India.  Validated copy of Examination regulation. diploma in dermatology and Fellowship in dermatology include how examinations are evaluated or quality assured  MRCP part 2 attempt letter-as evidence of completing general medical training requirement

7 Domain 1 assessments  Appraisal forms 4 and 5, PDP and annual review of PDP  360 o colleague and patient feedback  Participation as assessor-from revalidation team or from appraisee.  Ticket code-trainees and anonymised record of MSF input.  DOPS, CEX and CBDs

8 Domain 1 Logbooks etc ..\PMETB\Clinic data\Clinic Data Set.xls....\PMETB\Clinic data\Clinic Data Set.xls..  \PMETB\Clinic data\Cosolidated summary monthly data 5 years.xls \PMETB\Clinic data\Cosolidated summary monthly data 5 years.xls ..\PMETB\Clinic data\Minor Operation Data Set.xls..\PMETB\Clinic data\Minor Operation Data Set.xls ..\PMETB\Clinic data\Covering Letter Clinic Data Set.doc..\PMETB\Clinic data\Covering Letter Clinic Data Set.doc  (these were examples of my data collected on Excel spreadsheet. It is 5 years old now, so in your interest look at latest guidance-available on speciality specific guidance-CESR web link. Next few slide shows example of my proforma))

9 Covering Letter  For large data which is in form of multiple pages.  Explain what does it consist of, number of pages, Page no x to page y demonstrate such and such ….  You will need to number pages of large bundle of evidence, add a header Stating what category of evidence and footer such as you name

10 Case history proforma example  Patient ID number  Dates- progress over few months or few years depending on case  Diagnosis  My involvement in case  Curriculum Competencies Demonstrated by this case

11 Minor Ops Data-collected following data for 5 years Month / Year Excision Biopsy Punch Biopsy Currett & Cautery Snip excision+/- Hyfrecation Wide excision Shave Biopsy Incisional Biopsy +/- Immuno- fluorescence

12 Clinic Data  Collected data- 1 month (Nov 05,06,07,08,09) for 5 years  Collected information on numbers seen, New and Follow-up, Diagnosis, Management (in brief to fit on excel sheet), therapy –drugs, phototherapy, cryo-again monthly info for 5 years.  Consolidated summery sheets derived from above data.

13 Domain 1 Clinical Practice  Case Histories - Patient ID number,Dates,Diagnosis,My involvement in case, Curriculum Competencies Demonstrated by this case ..\PMETB\Case Histories\7Difficult Psoriasis.doc..\PMETB\Case Histories\7Difficult Psoriasis.doc  Medical report ( 1-Child protection, 2-Reports to DWP).  GP REFERRAL (5 examples over 5 years-GP letter and my reply)  In Patient Referrals ( referral letter, action, follow-up etc.)

14 Domain 1 details of post and duties  If job plan,rotas etc. not available-detailed letter from supervising consultant describing duties,rotas,level of responsibility and competencies needed to perform the job.  Check curricula for respective job (CMT or Specialist) to give comprehensive information in the letter.

15 Research publications and presentations  Dissertation –MD, MSc etc.  Present at local,regional and national meetings  For publication and posters-audits, any innovative practice,approach colleagues for interesting cases or share cases with SpRs  Research-R and D dept. for Research opportunities, BADBIR, B-STOP, iMAP,

16 Teaching and training  Online Educational Supervisor course  Teach the teachers course  Designated medical Practioner for prescriber-nurse prescriber  SHO teaching programme-contact postgrad tutor for medicine, paediatrics  Medical students-OSCE

17 Domain 2 - Safety and quality Audit Dept. –help planning and collating results, certify Tardy with data collection-do it yourself. Complete cycle-doesn’t need to be your own audit. Disseminate results-present at trust or dermatology dept. Minutes of clinical governance meeting-dept. or trust Mandatory training-infection control, information governance, Basic and advance life support course.

18 Thank You Best of Luck with your application Contact:

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