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CESR Sharing my experience

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1 CESR Sharing my experience.........
Dr Trupti Desai Consultant Dermatologist DBH NHS Foundation Trust

2 Background Obtained CESR in Feb 2011 Primary Medical Qualification from University of Bombay, India. 3 years Postgraduate residency training in Dermatology . Postgraduate qualifications-MD in Dermatology and Venereology 18 months UK experience in medicine with acute unselected take , 6 months as SHO in medicine-India. 10 years as SAS and Locum Consultant in Dermatology prior to application in August 2010

3 The basic... Encrypted USB Stick Backup Data on regular Basis
Space on trust IT –e.g. H:/ to store information for safe and secure handling of patient related information. Get Remote access to hospital IT. Use Secure – Working knowledge of basic computer programmes-especially Excel Organise and declutter paper and electronic filing.

4 Collecting Evidence - think evidence
Familiarise with the process, Curricula and Speciality specific guidance- CESR web link Clinic data- From Hospital appointment system e.g PAS Workload Statistics, Comparative caseload information -Hospital IT, clinical manager. Communication/Clinic letters- e.g Medisec MDT data-MDT coordinator Networking with colleagues in same hospital-to get ideas on information already available

5 Getting started.. Planning- List what you need, explore opportunity, execute ( e.g teaching medical students or GP education) How to present it as evidence-(lecture slides-validated from appropriate person, Feedback forms) Scheduling (e.g courses, last date for submission of abstracts)

6 Domain 1 Qualification Transcript of details of course and examination MD, Degree of University of Bombay letter dated 20 July 1994. Letter providing Details on Curriculum and description of training MD residency training programme from former Head of Department and Supervisor for Post graduate qualifications obtained in India. Validated copy of Examination regulation diploma in dermatology and Fellowship in dermatology include how examinations are evaluated or quality assured MRCP part 2 attempt letter-as evidence of completing general medical training requirement

7 Domain 1 assessments Appraisal forms 4 and 5, PDP and annual review of PDP 360o colleague and patient feedback Participation as assessor-from revalidation team or from appraisee. Ticket code-trainees and anonymised record of MSF input. DOPS, CEX and CBDs

8 Domain 1 Logbooks etc...... ..\PMETB\Clinic data\Clinic Data Set.xls..
\PMETB\Clinic data\Cosolidated summary monthly data 5 years.xls ..\PMETB\Clinic data\Minor Operation Data Set.xls ..\PMETB\Clinic data\Covering Letter Clinic Data Set.doc (these were examples of my data collected on Excel spreadsheet. It is 5 years old now, so in your interest look at latest guidance-available on speciality specific guidance-CESR web link . Next few slide shows example of my proforma))

9 Covering Letter For large data which is in form of multiple pages.
Explain what does it consist of, number of pages, Page no x to page y demonstrate such and such …. You will need to number pages of large bundle of evidence, add a header Stating what category of evidence and footer such as you name

10 Case history proforma example
Patient ID number Dates- progress over few months or few years depending on case Diagnosis My involvement in case Curriculum Competencies Demonstrated by this case

11 Minor Ops Data-collected following data for 5 years
Month / Year Excision Biopsy Punch Biopsy Currett & Cautery Snip excision+/-Hyfrecation Wide excision Shave Biopsy Incisional Biopsy +/- Immuno-fluorescence

12 Clinic Data Collected data- 1 month (Nov 05,06,07,08,09) for 5 years
Collected information on numbers seen, New and Follow-up, Diagnosis, Management (in brief to fit on excel sheet), therapy –drugs, phototherapy, cryo-again monthly info for 5 years. Consolidated summery sheets derived from above data.

13 Domain 1 Clinical Practice
Case Histories -Patient ID number,Dates,Diagnosis,My involvement in case, Curriculum Competencies Demonstrated by this case ..\PMETB\Case Histories\7Difficult Psoriasis.doc Medical report ( 1-Child protection, 2-Reports to DWP) . GP REFERRAL (5 examples over 5 years-GP letter and my reply) In Patient Referrals ( referral letter, action, follow-up etc.)

14 Domain 1 details of post and duties
If job plan ,rotas etc. not available-detailed letter from supervising consultant describing duties,rotas,level of responsibility and competencies needed to perform the job. Check curricula for respective job (CMT or Specialist) to give comprehensive information in the letter.

15 Research publications and presentations
Dissertation –MD, MSc etc. Present at local ,regional and national meetings For publication and posters-audits, any innovative practice ,approach colleagues for interesting cases or share cases with SpRs Research- R and D dept. for Research opportunities, BADBIR, B-STOP, iMAP,

16 Teaching and training Online Educational Supervisor course
Teach the teachers course Designated medical Practioner for prescriber-nurse prescriber SHO teaching programme-contact postgrad tutor for medicine, paediatrics Medical students-OSCE

17 Domain 2 - Safety and quality
Audit Dept. –help planning and collating results, certify Tardy with data collection-do it yourself. Complete cycle-doesn’t need to be your own audit. Disseminate results-present at trust or dermatology dept. Minutes of clinical governance meeting-dept. or trust Mandatory training-infection control, information governance, Basic and advance life support course.

18 Best of Luck with your application Contact:
Thank You Best of Luck with your application Contact:

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