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By: Gabby, Bronte, and Brianne

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1 By: Gabby, Bronte, and Brianne
Pubic Lice ( crabs ) By: Gabby, Bronte, and Brianne


3 Basic Information When pubic lice become active they bury their heads inside the pubic hair follicles and feed on a persons blood Pubic lice is when “crabs” infest your pubic hair as well as potentially other body hair Pthirus pubis- is the scientific name for the insect.

4 How is it Transmitted? Pubic lice can be transmitted in many ways
The most common way to transmit pubic lice is through sexual intercourse Another way it can be transmitted although less common is from infested towels and bed sheets clothing or any other fabric that comes into contact with the infested area

5 Symptoms It is possible to be infested and have no symptoms but people with pubic lice usually experience… Itchiness ( can worsen at night) Lice bites can cause inflammation and discoloration, due to the proteins in the saliva of the lice. Because of scratching, the infested area can become raw and cause a secondary bacterial infection. Scratching can also cause the pubic lice to spread. A Person may not experience symptoms for two to four weeks until the eggs have hatched

6 How is it Treated If you suspect pubic lice, you should go see your doctor. If so, your doctor may prescribe a medication or told to buy an over-the-counter medicine. There are also shampoos, special cremes and lotions to help eliminate the pubic lice A common shampoo is Genitrex

7 Safely and quickly mitigates pubic lice and infestations from your body
Dual shampoo and comb combination prevents re-infestation Soothes irritated skin symptoms caused by crabs including inflammation, itching, sensitivity, swelling and soreness Provides safe, fast relief naturally with NO pyrethins, pyrethroids or chemical pesticides Discover the Safe, Natural Shampoo Formulated to Eliminate Pubic Lice and Nits without Pesticides! From :

8 Where is Pubic Lice Found?
Contrary to popular belief pubic lice can also be found in….. Chest hair Eye lashes Beard/mustache Underarm hair Eye brows


10 Where did Pubic Lice Come from?
It is believed pubic lice were transmitted to humans through infested gorillas. Humans who ingested infested gorillas or slept in gorilla nests. Over 3 million years ago

11 Common Myths About Pubic Lice
They can live on toilet seats. If pubic lice fall off they die in less than 48 hours Pubic lice have feet specialized for gripping pubic hair so they can not stick to flat surface such as toilet seats Shaving off my pubic hair will get rid of “crabs” Since crabs can infest other areas of the body they can easily migrate to another location therefore shaving pubic hair is not really a solution

12 Common Myths About Pubic Lice
The only way to get rid of pubic lice is to use harsh pesticide shampoo There are other treatments that are much safer then this method Louse may not be affected by this method because they are becoming resistant to these treatments

13 Common Myths About Pubic Lice
Lice can jump or fly All ice including crabs cannot jump or fly, only crawl



16 Pubic lice and head lice are not the same
Pubic lice and head lice are not the same ... They are actually different bugs all together


18 Pubic lice have been found on mummies over 2000 years old
Interesting Fact


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