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Dollar Shave Club By Josh Kern, Valerie Dominguez, Chris Phelps and Monique Yniguez.

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1 Dollar Shave Club By Josh Kern, Valerie Dominguez, Chris Phelps and Monique Yniguez

2 Agenda Background Product Market Analysis Financial Strategy Conclusion

3 Background 1 (Valerie) ABOUT US HOW AND WHY DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB WAS BORN Like most good ideas, The Dollar Shave Club started with two guys who were pissed off about something and decided to do something about it… ● Over-marketed to ● Why do we need all of this fancy stuff ● Inconvenient ● Leading razor manufacturer

4 Background 2 (Monique)


6 The Opportunity Statistics 93% of women have not heard of Dollar Shave Club 85% of women would be willing to try a different brand

7 Market Trends (Josh) ● High Prices ● Laser Removal ● Increasing Gas Prices

8 The Product Three women razors

9 Market Need (Josh) ●Lack of competition ●Set the industry prices Gillette~ $8.34 billion in net sales (2011) control 70% of blades and razor market control 40% of women electric shavers

10 Market Segment (Chris) The Dollar Shave Club should target the following market segments: ● City Strivers ● College Students ● ATM Nation ● Loan Rangers ● Generation Wi-Fi ● City Startups ● Bohemian Mix (Nielson).

11 Market Growth (Josh) Hair Removal Industry ~ Expected to grow to $33.3 billion by 2015 (Global Industry Analysts, Inc., 2010) 2011- sales increased 5% earnings increased 10% Market Size ~ 100,000,000 women in the US 94% of women prefer razors (Ferrell & Hartline, 2011)

12 Target Market (Valerie) Geographics ● California ● Suburban Areas ● Large College Campuses in Southern California Demographics ● Women ● Caucasian, Latino, and MIx ● College Students ● Single Moms ● Large Cities ● Income between $0- $10,000 ● Income between $40,000- $60,000 Who are we going to target? Women ages 18-49. We will be targeting all the Generation X customers. The Dollar Shave Club will also be targeting Millennials, over the age of 18. Since 91% of Millennials are on the web we will be targeting them since we will be offering our products and advertising over the internet. Behavioral Factors/Psychographics ● Use razors ● Wear shorts, skirts, dresses.. ● Lead busy lives ● Have children ● No brand loyalty ● Open to online subscriptions

13 Marketing Objective ●Awareness ●Affordability ●Convenience

14 Value Proposition (Chris) ● Anyone who buys razors, is pinched for time, and is tired of paying too much for a product as simple as a razor can benefit from The Dollar Shave Club. ● The Dollar Shave Club manufactures the razors themselves.

15 Product Position (Chris) ●"More for Less" ●More convenient ●Same Quality as competitors

16 The Competition whoever is doing competition check out this vid!!!>>>> -chris

17 Marketing Mix Pricing There are 3 price levels for the male segment and the female segment providing a razor for each segment that is affordable. These are: the Humble Twin/ the Silky Twin which costs 1$ plus s&h.The 4x/The lover’s Blade: 6$ s&h included. Lastly, the Executive/the VIP: 9$ s&h included. The starting price level is based on the name of the company. Then after the dollar razor, the price increases as the the next two levels are fancier razors with more add-ons like strips of aloe, added blades, and more grip to the razor, which increase the price. These are all affordable razors and relate to our target market because our positioning is more for less; this allows the customer to get more value for a lower price. Currently, the prices for these razors are below the prices of Gillette and Schick prices (Gillette). The shipping costs are low for the dollar razor and come with the other two razors. This allows for the customer to actually be getting the value they paid for.

18 Marketing Mix (cont.) Distribution Dollar shave club will create close distribution channels with suppliers and intermediaries to keep prices low for customers this makes sure they maintain prices and this adds to customer value. Distribution channels: (ADD CHART HERE) Marketing Communications The marketing communication mix was determined by the fact that Dollar Shave Club has no tangible store, it is an online subscription, therefore there needs to be enough marketing and online presence to get the word out about the company and its products. We will use extensive social media and Internet marketing to gain awareness and a following of new customers. Next, we will distribute print ads and magazine ads as well as some T.V commercial spots to inform people about the company. The Dollar Shave Club will host marketing events and advertising events on college campuses to encourage them to sign up. This mix will target our customers online and offline.

19 Marketing Organization(valerie) Monique please put my marketing organization flow chart here:

20 Marketing Communication Our primary research was held in an online survey, which 98 respondents participated and answered a total of 15 questions. Our team emailed the survey to family and friends. In addition, we also posted the online survey on social medians for friends and acquaintances to engage in. The responses of our survey were submitted between March 07, 2013 and March 12, 2013. Our secondary research was gathered by searching online from the Procter & Gamble annual reports, the Gillette website, journal articles from Factiva and newspaper articles. We have also analyzed market trends of current razor companies. Future marketing research will include following existing trends in the razor industry. We will be researching successful segments of consumers. We will analyze the geographic locations of our current customers and possibly connect warmer climates to increased razor blade sales. We will research the effective demographics and bring our focus to these segments.

21 Financial Plan ● Fixed Cost -Inhouse web designer ($60,000) -Graphic Designer ($40,000) -Domain Name ($2,000 yr.) -Director of marketing ($70,000) ● Variable Costs -Commercials ($225,000) -Banner Ads ($10,200) -Street Teams ($20,000) -Magazine Advertisements ($1,000,000)

22 Financial Plan ●Revenue from the mens product line is ●3 years to pay off our marketing budget for female line.

23 Conclusion


25 DSC links update.html Kotler, Phillip, and Gary Armstrong. Principles of Marketing. 13. New Jersey: Pearson, 2012.

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