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Training on Grooming Skills Training on Grooming Skills.

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1 Training on Grooming Skills Training on Grooming Skills

2 Interview Success Training

3  The clothes you wear affect your attitude and confidence levels.  First impression still counts and poor personal appearance & careless dress at an interview are major factors leading to the rejection of applicants.  In fact, in one major survey: ◦ 95% of the employers interviewed said a jobseeker's personal appearance affected the employer's opinion of that applicant's suitability for a job. ◦ 91% said they believed dress and grooming reflected the applicant's attitude towards the company. ◦ 61% said dress and grooming had an effect on subsequent promotions, as well.

4  Poor grooming  Discourteous and ungraceful body language  Poor manners  Poor diction  Vague responses  Unappealing resume  Monetary benefits-centric approach, before starting the interview asking how much salary will be given  Lack of punctuality  Poor waiting hall behavior

5 Interview Success Training

6 Team WorkHe/She should be able to work in Team and also individually when required. Time ManagementHe/She should be able to complete work on or before dead line. Problem SolverNot Creator. Long term Relation builderHe/She should be able to maintain long-term relation with clients and also with the company. Ready to Work in any Situation and Location He/She should be a person who is ready to work in any situation and location.

7 Know more about the company ◦ Company's main products and services and likely new products and services ◦ Its key markets, its position in market and between major competitors ◦ Its financial position / profit / turnover ◦ Its history, reputation and achievements Organize your Documents ◦ Arrange all the papers required in a folder : Resume / CV, call letters, degree certificates, mark lists, NSS, NCC, sports / games certificates, experience certificates, references.

8  Confirm the venue of the interview, distance, and mode of transport  Locate the venue earlier  Relax, have good sleep, visualize and pray.  Reach the venue at least 45 minutes ahead of the interview  Get familiar with the ambience  Don't carry too much baggage  Report to the authority concerned

9  Maintain Decorum  Mingle with others politely  Avoid smoking, chewing, flirting, gossiping, making defamatory comments  Greet others present  Switch off the mobile  Relax and visualize

10  Be punctual. Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled time.  Courteously introduce yourself.  If you have to wait, read as much as you can about the company.  Be a good listener.  Look confident. Body interest-can show your interest.  Smile, nod, etc.. exhibit positive non verbal communication  Be prepared. Know about the company and have a few questions in your mind to ask the interviewer.  Thank the interviewer.

11  Lack of personal or career goals  Lack of enthusiasm and confidence  Not owning up responsibility for mistakes  Self-justification, aggressiveness  Lack of emotional maturity  Negative and cynical attitude  Over-reacting to questions  Lacking sense of humor  Complaining about various things and previous employers

12 Interview Success Training

13 ITEMGROOMING HairClean, trimmed, and neatly combed or arranged. Facial Hair (men)Freshly shaved; mustache or beard neatly groomed. FingernailsNeat, clean, and trimmed. TeethBrushed and fresh breath BreathBeware of foods which may leave breath odor. Beware of Cigarette, tobacco, alcohol, and coffee odor. Use a breath mint if needed. BodyFreshly bathed/showered; use deodorant. Remove body piercings, tongue rings, and cover tattoos if possible. Perfumes/ Colognes/ After ShaveUse sparingly or none at all. Your "scent" should not linger after you leave.

14 Interview Success Training

15  First entry into the industry is very important.  Companies entertain only experienced candidates or candidates with additional Training.  First Job very important step for future.  Candidate should maintain Stability in first job i.e. for at least up to 1 yr in the first organization.  Candidate can equally grow professionally in small as well as in big organization.  Field Work is very important for a fresher.  Salary not as important as getting experience at the start..  Candidate should always take effort to learn each and every thing that would help him/her to perform better.  Try to give output of training as soon as possible i.e. make organizations benefit from your work.

16 Candidate who can PLAN his work on daily basis because if he can understand his work then only he can PLAN Plan Candidate who can prepare himself and others according to companies needs for any given work for any given Project. Prepare Candidate who perform according to the companies needs and towards its growth. Perform


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