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1 Job Maintenance What Can I Do to Succeed in My Job? April 2006.

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1 1 Job Maintenance What Can I Do to Succeed in My Job? April 2006

2 2 Agenda Why does job maintenance matter? What do employers & employees want? Succeeding on the job Attitude and responsibilities Problem solving

3 3 Congratulations! You’ve got the job you were after! Now… Do you know what it takes to keep it? Do you have what it takes to keep it? What do you expect? What it will take to make this job a good fit between you and your employer over the long term?

4 4 Why Does It Matter If I Keep This Job? Sense of pride and value Steady pay cheque Increased chance of job advancement Good reference if you decide to leave Opportunity to develop personal or technical skills Provides a sense of security

5 5 So What Do Employers Want? Good attendance On time – for work and after breaks Call if you’ll be late Appropriate dress Positive attitude Interest, enthusiasm Be prepared Knowledgeable about the company Work safely, be healthy Ask questions Willing to learn Take responsibility Team player Take initiative Honest, trustworthy

6 6 What Do Employees Want? Fair wage Feel safe Fair treatment Thanks & recognition Meaningful work Resources to do the job Opinions heard People are positive

7 7 First Impressions Is there a set dress code? Is your clothing appropriate, clean, pressed? Be well-groomed – hair, teeth, nails, shower, shave Body language sends a message about you –Listen actively, speak confidently –Shake hands confidently and make eye contact –Smile! Remember and use people’s names

8 8 First Day Be on time It’s normal to be nervous Be enthusiastic! Build team rapport Be positive! Be prepared to complete paper work Watch your environment

9 9 Also … Be a good listener Be willing to learn from many sources Show interest! Pay attention Ask questions Stay busy – show initiative

10 10 Attitude is the Key Yes to a positive attitude! No to a negative attitude!

11 11 What Does a Positive Attitude Look and Sound Like? Friendly Minimum complaining Control anger Keep your promises Admit mistakes Optimistic/positive Courteous/respectful Good listener Disagree without being disagreeable Accept criticism Realize weaknesses & work to improve Enthusiastic Tolerant of others Honest & sincere Adaptable Speak positively of others Punctual

12 12 Oh No!

13 13 Employee Responsibilities Team Work Communication Positive Attitude Know Your Environment On-Going Skill Development Problem Solving Skills Professional Behaviour

14 14 Problem-Solving Relax Think about the problem Brainstorm possible solutions What are the good & bad points of each? Choose one to try Break each solution into small action steps Take action

15 15 Inuvialuit Career Centre Can Help! On-site resource library One-on-one career coaching appointment On-line links to job maintenance sites On-line Job Search workshop Job-posting board Referrals to other services

16 16 Quyanaq (Thank You) April 2006

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