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Skin Products Neil Watson The Body Shop

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1 Skin Products Neil Watson The Body Shop

2  Formulating cleansing products  Formulating moisturising products  Control of body odour and sweat  Sun Protection  Removal of unwanted hair

3 Cleansing products Product types Soap. (Superfatted soap, Transparent/ Glycerin soap, Translucent/ pearlised soap, Combo Bars (Dove Beauty Bar, Syndet bars.) Emulsions. (Creams, Lotions, Milk, Cold Cream, Rinse –off emulsions (foaming cleansers)). Liquid synthetic detergents. Gels. (Surfactant, basic viscous lotion). Wipes. Masks. Mousse. Scrubs. Toners.

4 Skin types  Dry skin  Normal/Combi skin  Oily skin

5 5 May Moisturising Products

6 Formulating moisturising products  Emollients –An emollient is a material which, when applied to the skin makes it feel soft and smooth.  Humectants –These exhibit hygroscopic behaviour, they can draw in and hold onto large amounts of water.

7 What makes a good moisturiser?  You need to understand the skin type you are formulating for.  You need to understand target area  It should feel nice on application, not too greasy.  It shouldn’t ‘soap up’  It should smell nice, or have no base odour

8 Additives  Natural additives  Hydroxyacids  Vitamins  EFAs  Polysaccharides  Delivery vehicles – liposomes, encapsulates

9 5 May Control of body odour and sweating

10 Sweat  Apocrine – contains proteins and amino acids -Main source of nutrients for bacteria  Eccrine – salt and water

11 Formulations  3 actions  Odour modification – deodorising action or masking –Fragrance  Odour removal – washing  Odour prevention – anti-perspirants –Aluminum Chlorohydrate –Aluminum zirconium Chlorohydrate

12 Product formats  Roll-on – good skin contact, efficacy »Might pull your hair, longer drying time  Aerosol – quick drying time »Hygienic  Stick - good skin contact, efficacy »Poor hygiene profile  Cream – excellent skin contact »messy

13 Efficacy testing  Olfactory  Sniff test – trained noses  Gravometric  Controlled conditions  Weighing the amount of sweat  At least 20% reduction in sweat levels in treated versus untreated

14 5 May Sun protection

15 Suncare products  How does sunlight affect the skin? –Tanning through darkening of melanin precursors –Skin damage – sunburn, premature ageing, skin cancer Free radicals

16 UVA & UVB light UVA – ( nm) Responsible for long term damage Can penetrate glass UVB – ( nm) Causes sunburn (erythema)

17 Sunscreens  A Sunscreen is the UV light absorbing agent that helps to lower the incidence of dermal malignancies. The function of the sunscreen is the protection of the skin from damaging UV light.  Physical sunscreens  Chemical Sunscreens

18 SPF calculations and star rating SPF = Time to produce erythema in protected skin Time to produce erythema in unprotected skin  Star Rating = mean UVA/UVB ratio –0 to <0.2too low to make UVA claim

19 5 May Hair Removal

20 How do we remove hair?  Mechanical –Tweezing –Threading –Electrical epilation –Electrolysis –Sugaring –Waxing –Shaving  Chemical –Thiglycollates –Enzymes

21 Epilation & Depilation  Epilation – is a process of hair removal from below the skin’s surface  Depilation – is a process of the temporary removal of hair from the surface of the skin.

22 Shaving  Wet shave  Soften hair  Mechanical removal  Dry shave  Reducing friction on skin

23 Depilatories  Thyoglycollate –Work by breaking the disulphide linkages in the keratin hair fibres, and totally disintegrate the hair  Enyzme based –These contain protein-digesting enzymes (papain is a good example. Treat the empty hair follicle to reduce hair growth over a number of months

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