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Presented By: Hazrat Maulana Shaykh Azhar Iqbal sb.(db) A Guide For Umrah & Hajj (Part 2 – Umrah)

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1 Presented By: Hazrat Maulana Shaykh Azhar Iqbal sb.(db) A Guide For Umrah & Hajj (Part 2 – Umrah)

2 JOURNEY TOWARDS MAKKAH MUKARRAMAH  When this sacred journey starts, recite Talbiyah frequently on the way. Then enter the city very humbly and with great fondness still reciting Talbiyah.  Keep your luggage where you intend to stay.  Proceed to the Haram Sharif after getting fresh to perform Umrah.  Advice by Hazrat Maulana Pir Zulfiqar Ahmed Naqshbandi(db) : Best time for Umrah :10pm to 1am. (Soee Haram pg 115 edition 6)

3 HOW TO PERFORM UMRAH  Two things that are Faradh in Umrah:  1) In Ihraam the Niyyah and Talbiyah both are Faradh,  2) In Tawaaf only the Niyyah is Faradh.  Two wajib acts in Umrah are:  1) Sa’ee between Safaa and Marwah  2) Halaq/Qasar (men), Cutting about an inch long hairs (women)

4 5 Things to do once reaching Haram  1) Keep on reciting Talbiyah once entering Haram. It begins after niyyah and its time finishes before you do Istilaam for the 1 st time.  When performing Umrah, Talbiyah is not recited at all during Tawaaf, nor it is recited again after Tawaaf.  Wudu is essential for tawaaf.  2) Once you enter Haram do niyyah for nafl itekaaf.  Move towards Baitullah Sharif while keeping your gaze low. Why ? The dua that you make when you look at the Baitullah Sharif for the fist time is accepted. (Hadith)

5 5 Things to do once reaching Haram  What dua to make? O Allah! Please make me “ mustajaab ud da’waat” (Iman Abu Hanifa R.A.)  3) Iztabaa : Pass the upper sheet of Ihraam from underneath the right arm and put it on the left shoulder. This act bares the right shoulder.  Niyyah of Tawaaf: Either in the mind or verbally as follows:  (O Allah! I intend to make Tawaaf of seven circuits around Your House, so make it easy for me and accept it.)

6 5 Things to do once reaching Haram 4) Istaqbaal: Stand facing Hajre Aswad but slightly towards the left, in such a position that your right shoulder is in line with it. Now raise both hands till the ears (as in salah) and recite:  (In The Name of Allah. Allah is The Greatest and all Praises are due unto Allah.)

7 5 Things to do once reaching Haram  5) Istilaam : Now raise your hands in front of the face with the palms turned towards hajre aswad. And recite  Then kiss both palms beginning with the right hand.  Tawaaf begins: After Istilaam, turn right and start tawaaf counter clockwise.

8  Ramal: To walk at a brisk pace with the shoulders upright and chest out. This is only done by men for the first three showts or circuits and is Sunnah.  The End of Tawaaf: At the end of seven circuits, do istilaam of Hajre Aswad now iztabaa is finished, therefore, you cover your both shoulders with upper portion of the Ihraam sheet.  Now offer two rakaats wajib of Tawaaf at any place behind the Maqaame Ibrahim or anywhere in the masjid and make extensive dua.  Thereafter go and drink the zamzam and make extensive dua.

9 SA’EE  Make istilaam for the 9 th time and move towards Mount Safaa. It is a Sunnah to be in the state of wudu during Sa’ee.  Climb little bit on the Safa from where you can see the Baitullah Sharif, make niyyah for Sa’ee and make extensive dua.

10 Safa & Marwah  From Safa to Marwah is one crossing, and from Marwah to Safa is another. In this manner, seven crossings will complete at Marwah.

11 Milain Akhzarain (Green Lights)  In all trips men will jog between the green lights but women will walk in a normal way and recite:

12 HALAQ OR QASAR  Offer 2 rakaat nafl.  Halaq or Qasar: After Sa’ee, men should get their heads completely shaved (Halaq) or get their hair clipped (Qasar).  Women have to clipped their hairs 2-3cms (1 inch approx).  Umrah is complete and restrictions of ihraam are finished.  Nafl Tawaaf: No Ihraam, no Ramal, no Iztabaa and even no Sa’ee. You have to offer 2 rakat wajib for tawaaf at the end.



15 Umrah Summary 1 - Ihraam  Assume Ihraam from a Meeqat if coming from outside or from Tan’eem if you are in Makkah  Clean yourself and take a shower.  Put on two Ihraam garments and slippers / sandals.  Pray two ra’kat or a prescribed salaat.  Make Niyyah and recite Talbiyah :  لبيك اللهم لبيك لبيك لا شريك لك لبيك إن الحمد والنعمة لك والملك لا شريك لك  Go to Makkah (Al-Masjid Al-Haraam) and keep on reciting Talbiyah.  2 - Tawaaf  Arrive at Al-Masjid Al-Haraam.  Stop Talbiyah when you see Baitullah Sharif and make dua. ( Hadith : The dua that you make when you look at the Baitullah Sharif for the first time is accepted.)  Ramal: Men should do slight jog in the first three rounds.  Iztabaa: Men should uncover their right shoulder in the tawaaf of Umrah.  Do Istilaam of Hajre Aswad in every round. ( Total of 8 istilaam in Tawaaf)  Make 7 circuits around Baitullah Sharif, make extensive dua.  Pray two ra’kat behind Maqam Ibraheem or anywhere in the masjid.  Drink zam zam and make dua.  Make Istilaam and proceed to Safa for Sa’ee  3 – Sa’ee Between Safa and Marwah  Start with Safa  When you reach Safa recite the Ayah “Inna as Safa  Climb on Safa and recite dhikr and make extensive dua.  Walk to Marwah and men should jog between the 2 green signposts.  Do the same thing upon Marwah. During these laps make extensive duaas.  You finish the 7 laps on Marwah and exit from Marwah.  Perform 2 ra’kat of nafl (shukrana).  4 - Hair Cut  Start with right side.  Men should shave or cut their hair short from all over the head.  Women should clip their hairs approx 1inch (3 cms).  Umrah is complete, and all Ihraam restrictions lifted.

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