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A Guide For Umrah & Hajj (Part 2 – Umrah)

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1 A Guide For Umrah & Hajj (Part 2 – Umrah)
Presented By: Hazrat Maulana Shaykh Azhar Iqbal sb.(db)

When this sacred journey starts, recite Talbiyah frequently on the way. Then enter the city very humbly and with great fondness still reciting Talbiyah. Keep your luggage where you intend to stay. Proceed to the Haram Sharif after getting fresh to perform Umrah. Advice by Hazrat Maulana Pir Zulfiqar Ahmed Naqshbandi(db) : Best time for Umrah :10pm to 1am. (Soee Haram pg 115 edition 6)

3 HOW TO PERFORM UMRAH Two things that are Faradh in Umrah:
1) In Ihraam the Niyyah and Talbiyah both are Faradh, 2) In Tawaaf only the Niyyah is Faradh. Two wajib acts in Umrah are: 1) Sa’ee between Safaa and Marwah 2) Halaq/Qasar (men), Cutting about an inch long hairs (women)

4 5 Things to do once reaching Haram
1) Keep on reciting Talbiyah once entering Haram. It begins after niyyah and its time finishes before you do Istilaam for the 1st time. When performing Umrah, Talbiyah is not recited at all during Tawaaf, nor it is recited again after Tawaaf. Wudu is essential for tawaaf. 2) Once you enter Haram do niyyah for nafl itekaaf. Move towards Baitullah Sharif while keeping your gaze low. Why ? The dua that you make when you look at the Baitullah Sharif for the fist time is accepted. (Hadith)

5 5 Things to do once reaching Haram
What dua to make? O Allah! Please make me “ mustajaab ud da’waat” (Iman Abu Hanifa R.A.) 3) Iztabaa : Pass the upper sheet of Ihraam from underneath the right arm and put it on the left shoulder. This act bares the right shoulder. Niyyah of Tawaaf: Either in the mind or verbally as follows: (O Allah! I intend to make Tawaaf of seven circuits around Your House, so make it easy for me and accept it.)

6 5 Things to do once reaching Haram
4) Istaqbaal: Stand facing Hajre Aswad but slightly towards the left, in such a position that your right shoulder is in line with it. Now raise both hands till the ears (as in salah) and recite: (In The Name of Allah. Allah is The Greatest and all Praises are due unto Allah.)

7 5 Things to do once reaching Haram
5) Istilaam : Now raise your hands in front of the face with the palms turned towards hajre aswad. And recite Then kiss both palms beginning with the right hand. Tawaaf begins: After Istilaam, turn right and start tawaaf counter clockwise.

8 Ramal: To walk at a brisk pace with the shoulders upright and chest out. This is only done by men for the first three showts or circuits and is Sunnah. The End of Tawaaf: At the end of seven circuits, do istilaam of Hajre Aswad now iztabaa is finished, therefore, you cover your both shoulders with upper portion of the Ihraam sheet. Now offer two rakaats wajib of Tawaaf at any place behind the Maqaame Ibrahim or anywhere in the masjid and make extensive dua. Thereafter go and drink the zamzam and make extensive dua.

9 SA’EE Make istilaam for the 9th time and move towards Mount Safaa. It is a Sunnah to be in the state of wudu during Sa’ee. Climb little bit on the Safa from where you can see the Baitullah Sharif, make niyyah for Sa’ee and make extensive dua.

10 Safa & Marwah From Safa to Marwah is one crossing, and from Marwah to Safa is another. In this manner, seven crossings will complete at Marwah.

11 Milain Akhzarain (Green Lights)
In all trips men will jog between the green lights but women will walk in a normal way and recite:

12 HALAQ OR QASAR Offer 2 rakaat nafl.
Halaq or Qasar: After Sa’ee, men should get their heads completely shaved (Halaq) or get their hair clipped (Qasar). Women have to clipped their hairs 2-3cms (1 inch approx). Umrah is complete and restrictions of ihraam are finished. Nafl Tawaaf: No Ihraam, no Ramal, no Iztabaa and even no Sa’ee. You have to offer 2 rakat wajib for tawaaf at the end.



15 Umrah Summary 1 - Ihraam Assume Ihraam from a Meeqat if coming from outside or from Tan’eem if you are in Makkah Clean yourself and take a shower. Put on two Ihraam garments and slippers / sandals. Pray two ra’kat or a prescribed salaat. Make Niyyah and recite Talbiyah : لبيك اللهم لبيك لبيك لا شريك لك لبيك إن الحمد والنعمة لك والملك لا شريك لك Go to Makkah (Al-Masjid Al-Haraam) and keep on reciting Talbiyah. 2 - Tawaaf Arrive at Al-Masjid Al-Haraam. Stop Talbiyah when you see Baitullah Sharif and make dua ( Hadith : The dua that you make when you look at the Baitullah Sharif for the first time is accepted.) Ramal: Men should do slight jog in the first three rounds. Iztabaa: Men should uncover their right shoulder in the tawaaf of Umrah. Do Istilaam of Hajre Aswad in every round. ( Total of 8 istilaam in Tawaaf) Make 7 circuits around Baitullah Sharif, make extensive dua. Pray two ra’kat behind Maqam Ibraheem or anywhere in the masjid. Drink zam zam and make dua. Make Istilaam and proceed to Safa for Sa’ee 3 – Sa’ee Between Safa and Marwah Start with Safa When you reach Safa recite the Ayah “Inna as Safa Climb on Safa and recite dhikr and make extensive dua. Walk to Marwah and men should jog between the 2 green signposts. Do the same thing upon Marwah. During these laps make extensive duaas. You finish the 7 laps on Marwah and exit from Marwah. Perform 2 ra’kat of nafl (shukrana). 4 - Hair Cut Start with right side. Men should shave or cut their hair short from all over the head. Women should clip their hairs approx 1inch (3 cms). Umrah is complete, and all Ihraam restrictions lifted.

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