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Absolutism Chapter 21: Absolute Monarchs in Europe.

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1 Absolutism Chapter 21: Absolute Monarchs in Europe

2 Why Absolutism Europe was experiencing a period of CRISIS Religious Crisis France: Wars of religion Edict of Nantes: Catholicism is OFFICIAL religion of France, but Huguenots (Protestant) were allowed

3 Economic & Social Crisis: Inflation Witchcraft 30 Years War (1618-1648) Disputes all over Germany over Peace of Augsburg Treaty of Westphalia (1648) German States could determine their own religion

4 SOLUTION TO CRISES!!! ABSOLUTISM: Total Power Divine right of kings Centralization

5 SPAIN King Philip II 1556-1598 (42 years)

6 King Philip II of Spain Nickname: Most Catholic King Religious Policy: Consolidated his lands through his religion Effects of Rule: Most populated empire Most bankrupt empire due to continual war

7 Madrid, Spain: El Escorial Built by Philip II in reaction to the Protestant Reformation


9 Spanish Empire

10 Spanish Armada vs. England

11 ENGLAND Queen Elizabeth I 1558-1603 (45 years)

12 QUEEN ELIZABETH I OF ENGLAND Nickname: The Virgin Queen Religious Policy: New Act of Supremacy Protestantism, but “don’t ask don’t tell” Killed Mary Queen of Scots as result

13 Effects of Rule: Established land in the U.S.-Virginia Used her “marriage situation” as a ploy with Parliament Golden Age-William Shakespeare

14 FRANCE King Louis XIV 1644-1715 (71 years) Longest reign of any European monarch

15 King Louis XIV of France Nickname: Sun King Religious Policy: Tolerant [Catholic Nation], Limited Papal Power Impact on Culture: Set the stage for ALL of Europe

16 Effects of Rule: Began ruling at age 5- “Kingmaker”=Mazarin Centralized State-ruled totally by himself Everyone wanted to get as close as they could L ‘etat c’est moi! (I am the State) Moves capital from Paris to Versailles New World- Louisiana

17 VERSAILLES Louis XIV’s Palace 2,000 acres of grounds 200,000 trees, 80 miles of rows of trees 210,000 flowers planted every year 12 miles of enclosing walls 50 fountains 700 rooms; 67 staircases 6,000 paintings; 2,100 sculptures 5,000 items of furniture and “art objects”







24 pic of me at versailles

25 RUSSIA King Peter I 1672-1725 (53 years)

26 Peter I of Russia Nickname: Peter the Great Impacts on Culture: Spreads European Culture WESTERNIZATION Shave beards, wear modern clothing

27 Peter I of Russia Moves capital to St. Petersburg: “Window on the West”

28 PRUSSIA King Frederick II 1740-1786 (46 years)

29 Frederick II of Prussia Nicknames: Royal Drill Sergeant or Frederick the Great Effects of Rule: Created the 4th largest army in all of Europe


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