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Young people express themselves in musichobbiesclothesappearancebehaviour.

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3 Young people express themselves in musichobbiesclothesappearancebehaviour


5 Skinheads in Russia wear very short hair … skinhead in Britain do. They also … skinheads in Britain prefer to wear heavy boots, jeans and listen to special kind of music. Russian teens like to listen to Madonna … American teens do. Some punks enjoy wearing a lot of black … Goths do. Russian teens … teenagers in Europe like to wear unisex cloths. lik e as

6 subculturepositivenegative Modsshort hair, smart suits, ride scooters a lot of lights and mirrors, long green coats, fight with the Rockers Rockersride motorbikeslong untidy hair, drink alcohol, fight with the Mods Hippiespreach peace and love take drugs, very long hair Skinheadsshave hair off, blame the immigrants for the unemployment, attack Asian and black in the streets and in their homes Punkssing about anarchy and destruction, use bad language, shocking appearance




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