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Hasidic Jews in Williamsburg from suburbs to shtetl.

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1 Hasidic Jews in Williamsburg from suburbs to shtetl

2 Williamsburg Migration of Hasidic Jews 1638: Dutch West India Company purchases area from Native Americans. 1802 real estate mogul Richard M. Woodhull acquires 13 acres of what would become metropolitan Ave. Jonathan Williams surveys the property and the area is renamed Williamsburg in his honor. 1827: “Village of Williamsburg incorporated into the town of Bushwick 1840: Williamsburg separates itself from the Town of Bushwick 1852: Due to rapid increase in economy and population Williamsburg's is official gains the status of “city 1855: City of Williamsburg and the surrounding towns annexed itself to the City of Brooklyn. 1898: Brooklyn official becomes part of New York City 1903: Williamsburg bridge opens.

3 Migration cont 1903-1920: Due to easy access to lower Manhattan the population size doubles. Immigrants from Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Italy, and Jews from all over Europe flock to Williamsburg in search of prosperity. 1945: After World War II Jewish refugees migrated to Brooklyn mostly Hasidic Jews which were devastated from the holocaust. The area south of Division Ave is home to a large population of adherents to the Satmar Hasidic sect. To date there are over 60,000 Satmar Hasidic living in Williamsburg, as the community continues building apartments on the fringe of Williamsburg, and has reclaimed housing in areas once considered blighted real estate.

4 Hasidic Jews Hasidic Jews separate themselves ideologically and physically. The movement originated in eastern Europe about 1750. Today Hasidic Jews claim to be the keepers of authentic Judaism. Hasidic Jews speak mostly Yiddish 9 Major Hasidic Groups; 30 minor groups. Sabbath is strictly observed (Shabbos).

5 Hasidic Male dress Many Hasidism believe dress has Judaic concepts. Overcoats, pant, shoes mostly black or navy, tucked in pants so that it does not touch the floor. On Sabbath Rabbis where white bekishe (look like robes) Right over left button Hair not to be removed from side “Peyes” first hair cut at the age of three

6 Hasidic Women Dress Long conservative Skirts, sleeves past elbows and knees Most cannot wear red clothing Cover hair with wigs (sheitels) Satmar shave heads and wear s head kerchiefs

7 Family Hasidic families are male headed they produce up to 7.9 children according to a birth rate census Troublemakers run the risk of public shaming The Hasidic community of Williamsburg typically celebrates eight to ten Sholom zochors (male births) and the same number of female births every week. Couples should be around the same age when they marry (stress the holiness of sex)

8 Education 1953 Satmar Rav Joel Teitelbaum founded his day school Yeshivas and Girls schools Omnipresence of God Communion between God and man. Authoritive figures are not to be questioned.

9 Business Shopping areas in Williamsburg continue to grow. Jews and non-Jews come all over the world to shop at these centers Kosher Items Kosher Hotel “The Avenue Plaza Hotel” in Boro park. In some hardware shops spiritual ritual baths are given in order to advertise.

10 Community

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