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Chinese Funeral Ceremony 生命禮儀 黃淑靖 Sue Jin Huang Our BLOG

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1 Chinese Funeral Ceremony 生命禮儀 黃淑靖 Sue Jin Huang Our BLOG

2 Teacher: Da Zhi senior high school’s teacher 黃淑靖 Sue Jin Huang Member: Da Zhi senior high school’s students 劉耕瑋 許自賢 李庭豪 黃文貞 倪煥淑 魏立姍 林嘉郁 張珺涵 劉誠桓 等幕後工作人員


4 The Etiquette and Custom of Conducting a Funeral  The meaning of ‘‘ 喪 ’’(Sang) is ‘‘ to pass away ”, The content contains the etiquette of holding a memorial ceremony for the dead and people offer sacrifices to god.





9 壽終正寢 Shou Zhong Zheng Qin  The older generation always insisted on passing away at home, which was the thought of tracing back to where all started.  壽衣 The shroud  The death wearing

10 腳尾飯 Jiao Wei Fan  It is a kind of dish which set beside the deceased, including a cooked duck’s egg and a bowl of rice with a pair of chopsticks stuck into it. The relatives hope the deceased have full energy to get to the final destination after eating.

11 入殮 Ru Lian  Ru Lian is to encoffin. There are two types of it: 大殮 (Da lian)and 小殮 (Xiao Lian). The definitions of 大殮 and 小殮 differ from place to place. Traditionally, Chinese people put the deceased in the living room consult the Taoist priest about the best time to encoffin. The proper timing is very important. We’ll put some money in the decedent’s sleeves before 小殮,which is a good symbol of living money for the offspring. We called it 手尾錢( Shou Wei money ).



14 作七 Zuo Qi  Chinese belief holds the soul of the dead family member will return to their home in 7 days. So the first 7th day is most important for Chinese.

15 百日 Bai Ri  Bai Ri:On the 100th day after death, the Chinese will offer sacrifices to ancestors again.

16 Taboo  That one's forehead turns dark is seen as an omen for one's death.  During the period of funeral it's forbidden to do any productive activity.

17 Taboo  People whose family member passed away can't cut hair, comb hair and shave during the period of funeral.It's to show gratitude for their upbringing elder for their breeding.

18 Taboo  Women can't visit grave, or it will cause this family to have no offspring.  People with disability for crime sentence are forbidden to visit parents' grave, because it might make the dead grievous  It's forbidden to ask others to arrange tomb, and clean up the graveyard.  During the period of funeral it's forbidden to eat meat or drink, but it have been abolished now.  It is not allowed to eat with people who comes to condole.  In funeral, people shouldn't dress in red or colorful clothes. It's better to wear in white.

19 資料來源 The Source of Information  《中國古代的風俗禮儀》 P.43-52  台灣民間傳統孝服制度研究 徐福全 著  中國民間禁忌  祀天祭地 --- 現代祭拜禮俗 李秀娥 著  台灣冠婚葬祭家禮全書  對禁忌與迷信的 101 個問題  維基百科  d=1507112104087 d=1507112104087 d=1507112104087  4&entryid=572612

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