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Custom Application Development with Jirat Boomuang Partner Technology Specialist Microsoft Thailand Jirat Boomuang Partner Technology Specialist Microsoft.

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1 Custom Application Development with Jirat Boomuang Partner Technology Specialist Microsoft Thailand Jirat Boomuang Partner Technology Specialist Microsoft Thailand

2 Agenda Challenges when building data centric apps Developing data centric apps is time consuming Building reliable, high performance apps is complex Difficult to consolidate & share meaningful information What's new for developers in SQL Server 2005 Improved productivity features Enterprise class development & deployment Powerful tools to integrate & report on data Summary Customer Examples

3 Developer Challenges When building data centric applications Developing data centric applications is time consuming and inefficient Building and deploying apps with enterprise class scalability, reliability and security is complex Getting the right information into the hands of decision makers requires diverse tools & technologies

4 Improved productivity features Enterprise class development & deployment What's New For Developers In Powerful tools to integrate & report on data

5 Improved productivity features Enterprise class development & deployment Powerful tools to integrate & report on data What's New For Developers In

6 Improved Productivity Features Deep Integration with VS &.NET Simplify development & debugging through integrated tools Simplify deployment by embedding SQL Server Express Build client apps faster through efficient data-binding Integrated Lifecycle & Collaboration Reduce solution complexity through lifecycle management Improve dev processes through team based collaboration Standards based Information Access (Native Web Services support) Increase cross platform accessibility of data & information Increase re-use of data tier objects through web services

7 Deep Integration With VS And.NET Integrated development Author DB objects directly from VS (Common Language Runtime) Re-use existing app dev skill sets Integrated debugging Seamlessly debug across TSQL and.NET Set breaks anywhere, inspect any asset Efficient data-binding ‘GridView’ control reduces code for.. Editing, sorting, paging, 2-way reads/updates Improve performance through built-in caching XCopy deploy SQL Server Express Attach and detach SQL Server to any app Easily deploy lightweight client-side DBs Manage DB Objects in the VS Project Create Functions, Procedures, Triggers User Defined Types, Aggregates. From the Visual Studio Solution Explorer Enhanced property set for the GridView Increase productivity through…

8 Integrated Lifecycle And Collaboration Integrated Lifecycle Management Identify problems early via static code analysis Boost app performance via code profiling Improve test quality via integrated unit testing Ensure test completeness via code coverage Improve application quality and predictability through… Progress reports using SQL Server OLAP Web-based project access Integrated Collaboration Manage change via integrated src control Manage work through task tracking Improve status visibility via OLAP reporting Improve team communication via web-based access Complete Code Coverage Source Control: Build rules enforced during check-in

9 Standards based Information Access Native Web Services access Enables cross platform interoperability Reduces middle-tier dependency (IIS) Simplifies management and administration New “ENDPOINT AS HTTP” object Encourage DB object re-use Support service oriented architectures Easy maintenance via loose coupling Allow component re-use and platform interop through… SOAP/XML /HTTP SP TSQL SP SP Non Windows configure connection info configure authentication expose stored procedures expose TSQL batches Web Svc Endpoints

10 Improved productivity features Enterprise class development & deployment Powerful tools to integrate & report on data What's New For Developers In

11 Enterprise Class Development & Deployment Enterprise class development frameworks Build scalable async. applications via distributed queuing Improve performance through client & mid tier caching Enterprise class security & scale-up Improve data security through native encryption Seamlessly scale from development to production Enterprise class deployment processes Design deployable systems through deployment meta-data Facilitate successful deployment through system modeling Validate deployment configurations through logical datacenters

12 Enterprise class development frameworks Build scalable, reliable & high performance systems through… Distributed reliable messaging SQL Service Broker Build scalable apps via async messaging Create reliable & distributed multi-db apps Benefit from improved performance High performance client & mid-tier caching CacheSync Build rich event based “Push applications” Leverage high performance client caching Enable high performance mid-tier caching Svc 2 Svc 1 DB Instance 2 DB Instance 1 Push applications alert to users when interesting things happen: Push Application Users Alerts Subscribe message Dialog

13 Enterprise class security & scale-up Reduce security and scalability risks with… Enhanced data and app security Reduced compliance violations due to built in data encryption Increased security control through granular permissions Scale-up from prototype to production Free RAD with SQL Server Express Embed and re-distribute SQL Server Express as needed Deploy on larger editions as requirements increase scale-up Express Workgroup Standard Enterprise RAD/Small Workloads Larger Workloads new capabilities Xcopy

14 Enterprise class deployment processes System Design & Deployment Meta-data Compose re-usable app systems Easily communicate how applications map to logical servers Reduce deployment errors by validating against hosting & application constraints Reduce barriers to successful deployment through… Logical Datacenter Design Communicate target deployment environment to app architects Remove ambiguity for datacenter boundaries physical server requirements communication pathways & protocols application & server settings Define physical requirements via the Datacenter Designer Design systems with deployment meta-data via the System Designer

15 Improved productivity features Enterprise class development & deployment What's New For Developers In Powerful tools to integrate & report on data

16 Powerful tools to integrate & report on Data Embedded & Ad-hoc reporting Create intelligent applications by embedding reports Empower decision makers through ad-hoc reporting Enterprise Class Data Integration Provide richer information from multiple data sources Leverage built in designers & integration tools Native support for XML Store platform agnostic data in a standards based format Generate dynamic content using semi-structured data Support high perf apps through XML & relational indexing

17 Embedded & Ad-hoc reporting Embedded Reports for end users Easily design & embed reports in VS via report designer Enhance reports via 3 rd party extensions e.g. visualizations Support on-line & offline applications Inform key decision makers through… Ad-hoc reports for business users Enable ad-hoc reporting through report templates Insulate business users from DB schema through model design

18 Enterprise Class Data Integration Integration Services Manage ever increasing volumes of data Consolidate data from diverse formats Share information through multiple channels Integrate & enrich data with… Consistent tools & methodology Minimize learning curve through built in designer Continue to benefit from integrated toolset Continue to benefit from collaboration capabilities Call center binary files Apps semi-structured Legacy database Warehouse Reports Mobile ETL

19 Native Support For XML Enable the development of new application types through… Native XML Support Store platform independent data Create dynamic content rich applications Enable loosely-coupled systems via coarse-grained messages XML data typePhoneAddressLast NameFirst Name E.g. Insurance Policy DB Table Point-of-Sale Svc (Windows Platform) Supplier Svc (Non-windows) XML message Loosely coupled services XML and Relational co-existence Support high performance XML storage and query Enhance existing applications with XML co-existence Create rich full-text search applications

20 Summary Integrated Development and Debugging Integrated Lifecycle and Collaboration Standards based Information Access Enterprise class development frameworks Enterprise class security & scale-up Enterprise class deployment processes Embedded and Ad-hoc reporting Enterprise class data integration Native support for XML

21 Customer Examples Austrian Broadcasting Corporation Provide information for live & pre-recorded broadcasts XML import & delivery to multiple devices & services Provide data online & offline + reporting Leveraging native XML & Reporting capabilities 4 th Largest retail mortgage lender Monitor, Measure & provide Reports on loan risk ~20TB DB Size, 2115 Tables & 705 Views Leveraging Analysis & Reporting Services Managed Services & Office Hardware Building next gen services for help-desk & accounting Productivity gains due to VS Integration Leveraging CacheSync & Service Broker

22 © 2003-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

23 Appendix

24 App Developer DB Admin Data Developer Business Logic Client side UI Database Agnostic Little to no SQL Language Centric Object Oriented DB Maintenance User Management Security Patch Management DB Tuning & Perf Backup & Restore Persistence Logic Data Access Layer SQL Centric Object & Relational Sprocs & Functions DB Scripting System Modeling Component Design App Deployment Object & Relational Database Modeling Schema Creation Relational Mindset DB Scripting SQL Centric Data Architect App Architect App Tier XML & Web Services Converging the App Developer & the DBA Common Language Runtime SQLCMD TSQL Service Broker / Query Notifications (Async) System DesignerDeployment Designer Datacenter Designer DB Tier XML & Web Services Report ControlsReport Builder 360  Data Integration XML Indexing Data Mining Analytical Cubes VSTS (Source Control, Tracking, Team Projects) Management Studio Database Diagrams Table/Query/View Designers Win/Web Forms Application Designer

25 Help-Desk Service application Mobility application for delivery trucks Large Retail Data Warehouse High-transaction trading infrastructure Large 16-way Tandem Migration 5000 concurrent user OLAP application Large SAP/R3 Deployment Multiple internal Systems – High Tech Vertical Customer Examples

26 Assessments Introducing Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005 for Database Administrators /test/launchassess.asp?pid=1052 Introducing Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005 for Database Developers /test/launchassess.asp?pid=1053 Puangpan: Jirat:

27 Appendix (Productivity Features)

28 . NET Framework Integration Key Features Programming environment for: Functions, Procedures, Triggers User Defined Types, Aggregates In-Proc Data Access (ADO.NET V2) Symmetric data access Mid-tier/data tier deployment decision Security Integration of SQL and CLR security Three levels of code access security Safe, External-Access (verifiable), Unsafe Tight integration with Visual Studio Authoring, debugging, deployment, profiling

29 Authoring/Debugging/Deploying New Visual Studio project type for server-side managed code Server debug integration Set breakpoints anywhere Full debugger visibility Single step support: Between languages: T-SQL, C#, VB, & C++ Between deployment tiers: E.g. Mid-tier, through SQL Server stored proc call & back to mid-tier

30 Team Edition (Developers) The Tools the Microsoft Uses Features Static code analysis Support for managed and native code PREfast used in Trustworthy Computing Code Reviews FxCop used to develop.NET framework Code profiling Based on two internal profilers: Instrumented – IceCAP, used by Windows Base and SQL Server Sampling – LOP, used throughout MX, including Xbox Includes ETW events Sequence view examines running threads GC view of object allocation and lifetime Caller-callee, callstack, and function views Code coverage Basic Block Coverage Based on the BBCover technology that Windows & Visual Studio use Application Verifier

31 Static Code Analysis Static Code Analyzer

32 Code Coverage

33 Unit Testing Integrated Unit Testing

34 Team Edition (Testers) Testing is 1 st class in Visual Studio Tests are Source Code Test Authoring & Execution Environment Test View Test Explorer (Test Case Management UI) Load testing Web services load testing via protocol-based script Load patterns: constant, step, custom Perf counter collection and threshold monitoring Unit Testing Similar to NUnit

35 Load Testing Creation Load Testing Web recorder Load Testing Web recorder

36 Load Testing Perf Counter integration and monitoring Load Testing

37 Test Case Management

38 Work Items Everywhere Author work items in Microsoft Excel Work items show up in Visual Studio Assign work items to resources using Microsoft Project View project status in Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Project

39 Change Management Check In “Shelve” work in progress Build rules enforced during check-in process

40 Native SOAP access Standards based access to SQL Server No client dependency Improved Interoperability New “ENDPOINT AS HTTP” object Configure connection info Configure authentication Expose SPs Expose TSQL Batches http://server1/aspnet/default.aspx http://server1/sql/pubs?wsdl Kernel Mode Listener

41 Appendix (Enterprise Class Capabilities)

42 Asynchronous, Distributed, Decoupled programming environment Fully integrated into the database engine Programming Model - DDL and DML Integrated Management and Deployment Dependent SQL Server 2005 features: Events, Query Notifications, SQLiMail Customer Usage, benefits: Enables new scenarios – async SPs, Scalable distributed multi-db applications

43 Transaction Transaction Stored proc runs on Different transaction Different transaction Different thread Different thread Different security Different security Different time Different time ClientApp Persisted Dialog LaunchedStoredProc

44 Enabling easy implementation of highly efficient mid-tier data caching Off-load query workload from the server to caching clients SQL Server manages cache invalidation Integrated change detection notifies client as soon as results of query changed Deep Query Processor integration No more “roll-your-own” cache management! Just add a few lines of code to your existing requests ADO.NET OLEDB Leverages Service Broker architecture Requests/ Responses IIS/ ASP.Net Notification of Cache Invalidation Query & Subscription/ Results SQL Server 2005

45 Team Edition (Architects) Key scenarios Design connected systems “Design for Operations” Code visualization Documentation and conceptual drawings UML and more UML tools for software documentation DSLs tools for precise software development DSL tools Distributed Systems Designers Service Oriented Application Designer Deployment Designer Logical Infrastructure Designer Class Designer Common Features Multiple artifact generation Continuous synchronization Design-first mode SDM schema underlies Distributed System Designers

46 Application Designer Service-Oriented Architecture model Port Details editor

47 Logical Infrastructure Designer Services assigned to logical infrastructure Architecture validated against operational settings and constraints

48 Class Designer Class Designer and two-way code synch

49 MSF Process Guidance Integrated throughout Team System Framework for GSIs and customers to implement custom software development process Harvests proven guidance from in- & outside of MS Includes two process methodologies Instantiation of an agile software development process Instantiation of a formal software development process Customizable content, policies, workflow

50 Methodology Template Delivered via Team Foundation Server Contains: Work Item Types, workflow Check In Policy Specification Templates Reports Groups & Permissions Integrated Help Phase Exit Criteria Exposed within Help

51 Appendix (Insightful: Data Integration, Analysis & Reporting)

52 Enterprise ETL platform High performance High scale Trustworthy and reliable Best in class usability Rich development environment Source control Visual debugging of control flow and data Great range of transforms out-of-the-box Highly extensible Custom tasks Custom enumerations Custom transformations Custom data sources

53 A complete, integrated tool for the development of BI applications One tool, multiple technologies: Relational, OLAP, DM, SSIS, Reporting, Code, Web pages… Enterprise software development environment: Integrated into Visual Studio.NET Team development, source control, versioning, developer isolation, resource independent coding Development cycle lifetime support Develop, Test, Deploy, Modify, Test… Breakthrough ease of use

54 Unified Dimensional Model Integrating relational and OLAP views Pro-active caching Bringing the best of MOLAP to ROLAP Advanced Business Intelligence KPIs, MDX scripts, translations, currency… Web services Native XML/A

55 SQL Server Catalog Report Server XML Web Service Interface Report Processing Scheduling & Delivery Delivery Targets (E-mail, SharePoint, Custom) Rendering Output Formats (HTML, Excel, PDF, Custom) Data Processing Data Sources (SQL, OLE DB, XML/A, ODBC, Oracle, Custom) Security Security Services (NT, Passport, Custom) Office Custom Application Browser

56 Introduced with SQL Server 2000 Open, extensible enterprise reporting solution Report authoring, management, delivery Office System integration VS.NET development environment SQL Server 2005 enhancements Integration with AS, IS, management tools Developer enhancements Improved report interactivity Rich end-user reporting

57 Extending the Reach of Reporting Services Ad hoc Reporting for the End-User With Report Builder you can: Report off a Business Model Modify a Report Build a New Report Report on Relational or OLAP data

58 VS Reporting

59 © 2003-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

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