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Impossible Workshop 19 th April 2012 Central Campus, Sandwell College.

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2 Impossible Workshop 19 th April 2012 Central Campus, Sandwell College

3 Axel Flaig Delivering the Instant Impossible Film Workshop

4 Introduction to FE & HE Students Level 3 & Level 5 learners

5 Cut around the window frame, ensuring that you lift the silver seal- work slowly & carefully and try to keep the polaroid window frame in tact

6 Separating the emulsion from the frame Peel the acetate (image) away from the frame

7 You can use the Polaroid window mount & use it as a frame

8 You are left with the image fixed onto an acetate type material

9 Clean away any remaining chemicals left on the plastic edges (acetate)

10 Any dried chemicals will contaminate the image

11 Place the image into a tray of hot water

12 To help with the lift, submerge the soap and agitate around the tray (a few swirls around the tray will suffice)

13 Use the RED BRUSH to assist lifting the emulsion off the plastic

14 Top up with more hot water to assist with lift

15 Gently use the RED BRUSH to tease & lift the emulsion

16 The hot water will help lift the emulsion away from the plastic

17 The emulsion is very fragile (like wet tissue paper). This part of the the lift can take up to an hour

18 Take your time!

19 You will need to be patient, take your time on this par of an emulsion lift, the backing paper will come away first

20 Students trying to separate the emulsion from the plastic

21 Using the Impossible box set of brushes specially designed for emulsion lifts & transfers will make this task easier

22 Gently tease the emulsion off the plastic

23 The emulsion will detach itself away from the plastic

24 Lift the emulsion using the edge of a brush, try & lift the emulsion from the corner to prevent tearing it

25 Clean off any chemicals that are still on the emulsion, tease them away using a gentle brush. Once you have done that, choose a material to transfer your emulsion onto.

26 Different materials can be used to display your emulsion Watercolor paper, acetate, tiles or wood

27 A piece of wood was used with this lift, you can stretch, crease, ripple & manipulate the emulsion to your own artistic taste.

28 Impossible lift and transfer onto wood

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