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Attachment Attachment in Parent and Adolescent Conflict Calvin MA Social Work.

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1 Attachment Attachment in Parent and Adolescent Conflict Calvin MA Social Work

2 What is Attachment ? Formulated by Psychologists John Bowlby in the 1920s and then expanded by Mary Ainsworth in the 1970s Attachment is an emotional bond/close relationship between people

3 Attachment Styles - Children Secure – is marked by distress when separated and joy when caregiver returns Ambivalent – very distressed when caregiver leaves Avoidant – child tends to avoid caregiver. When given a choice he/she will have no preference between a stranger and a caregiver. Disorganised – child may avoid or resist caregiver. Confusing mix of behaviours Combination of the above

4 Attachment Styles - Adults Secure Personality – secure attachment patterns in childhood lead to secure attachment in adulthood. Strong sense of self and relationships with others Dismissive Personality – relates to those who had avoidant attachment in childhood. They are loners, suppress feelings Preoccupied Personality – relates to those who had ambivalent attachment in childhood. Self critical, insecure, seek approval and reassurance Fearful-Avoidant Personality – relates to those who grew up with disorganised attachment in childhood. Detach themselves from their feelings during trauma. Desire relationship lack in close connection with others due to past emotional feelings when they resurface

5 Care Giving Therapeutic care giving reinforces good attachment. Optimum behaviours on the left and cause for concern on the right Sensitive Not accommodative Acceptance Rejection Cooperation Interference Accessibility Ignoring

6 Intervention Resources Attachment can be a vicious circle and this has links to behaviour, communication, confidence and self esteem, relationships. A secure adult attachment includes ability to mange stress, staying tuned to emotions, not needy, readily forgiving. Insecure is the opposite

7 Intervention Resources Theories and methods includes Cognitive behaviour therapy, motivational interviewing, strength based approach, task centred approach, solution focused approach, cycle of change, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, attachment Essential skills include good communication, good listening, collaborative relationship, interpersonal skills, recommendation, acknowledging service user as own author, critical reflection

8 Basic Principles of Attachment

9 Further Principles of Attachment


11 What does Attachment Provide ? Secure base Psychological development/Resilience Physical development Cognitive development Identity Trust and Autonomy Empathy & Sensitivity

12 Effects of Lack of Attachments Difficulty relating normally Difficulty growing socially, maintaining relationships Difficulty caring for others Egocentric, impulsive, babyish Difficulties with rules, boundaries and law Lack of trust

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