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Remote Teaching 2014 TEALS – Lester Jackson. Agenda Goals Landscape How it works Prerequisites Video Conferencing Bandwidth Best Practices Case Study.

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1 Remote Teaching 2014 TEALS – Lester Jackson

2 Agenda Goals Landscape How it works Prerequisites Video Conferencing Bandwidth Best Practices Case Study Lync Setup Diagnostics Travel

3 Purpose Use of Microsoft LYNC or equivalent video conferencing to remotely deliver teaching curriculum through rich audio, video, presentation and white board content Address TEALS mission to provide access and exposure to computer science courses for students who otherwise do not have a pathway to study CS Intended primarily for schools in rural communities where tech industry volunteers are lacking

4 2014/15 Remote Teaching Teams High SchoolClass LocationVol. LocationCourse# Vol.Regional Manager Arizona College PrepChandler, AZWAINTRO FULL4Kevin Elise P Buckingham Charter MagnetVacaville, CACAAP3Vichi Henrietta Lacks Health & BioscienceVancouver, WAWAAP5Kevin Lee CountyBeattyville, KYOH,NY,NJAP3Nathaniel Lee CountyBeattyville, KYFL,OH,DCINTRO3Nathaniel MansonManson, WAWAINTRO4Kevin Lind-RitzvilleRitzville, WAWAAP3Kevin MarshallDuluth, MNMN,CTINTRO2Nathaniel MIT AcademyVallejo, CAWAAP4Kevin Morgan County Area Tech Center West Liberty, KY WA INTRO4Kevin New Technology Napa, CA WA INTRO FULL4Kevin Northampton CountyConway, NCMS,TX,CAINTRO3Vichi Warren CountyWarrenton, NCNC,ALINTRO4Nathaniel West MichiganGrand Rapids, MIMIINTRO FULL6Vichi

5 How it works (Example) TEALS Volunteers Redmond, WA TEALS Partner School Warrenton, NC TEALS Students (Lab, 1-on-1 with TA) TEALS Classroom (Lecture, 1 to Many) Lab Mode Bidirectional Communications Lecture Mode

6 Classroom Recommendations Classroom Logitech BCC950 Conference Cam Microsoft LYNC Projection Surface (Wall, Screen) Business Grade Cable/DSL Internet Classroom Teacher IT Support Optional Hands-free telephone Students Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 Headset Microsoft LYNC Microsoft LifeCam Webcam

7 Volunteer Recommendations Volunteer Teacher Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 Headset * Microsoft LYNC Microsoft LifeCam Webcam * Pen input device (example Surface Pro or Wacom Intuos tablet) Optional BCC950 cloud based remote Hands-free telephone Volunteer TA Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 Headset * Microsoft LYNC Microsoft LifeCam Webcam * Pen input device * *Or equivalent hardware

8 Video Conferencing Recommended software - Microsoft Lync Native and web client OS support for Windows 8 & Mac OS X Supports voice, video, text, screen sharing, whiteboard Recommended Hardware Microsoft LifeChat headset – combines headphones with mic Microsoft LifeCam for student-to-volunteer communications Logitech BCC950 deployed in classroom to read students

9 Video Conferencing Best Practices 1.Test the tech setup thoroughly before school year starts 2.Prepare for multiple backup lines of communication (Phone, SKYPE) 3.Engage classroom teacher as eyes into classroom 4.Prepare for internet disconnections 5.Name cards visible at students stations 6.Responsive school tech support with mobile contact 7.TAs & Teachers split class to watch all student stations 8.Expect long transition times between talking to students 9.Understand classroom setup; if applicable apply name cards on monitors 10.Obtain classroom roster with seating chart from classroom teacher 11.Ensure all students see the same screen or log into lecture session

10 Bandwidth Video conferencing effectiveness is highly dependent on bandwidth Best used with corporate grade cable/DSL internet connection Varying technical constraints Prioritize lecture video presentation from volunteer to classroom Minimize 1:1 interactions if suffering bandwidth sluggishness Fluctuating video and audio quality with poor bandwidth ( If having bandwidth problems, first kill video, then try audio through a phone instead ) Request school district IT to prioritize packets for period zero class or throttle others

11 Students It’s important to make sure the students recognize you’re in charge of the class, even if you’re not physically present Visit in person as soon as possible Learn names ASAP Students trust you more once they know you know who they are Make sure your face is visible, even when you’re using PowerPoint ( Make "eye contact", which means looking into the camera when possible ) Track the position and status of each student Remoteness increases disconnection and miscommunication Call on students constantly so they know you’re watching Establish a clear procedure for HOW you know which students need attention Establish a presence in the class

12 Best practices Use interactive activities More difficult to set up and organize remotely However, VASTLY improved retention for students For example, have students act out parts in nested for loops Use visuals as much as possible Bullet points on PPT are easy to create and teach Their retention is not nearly as good as a good visual Can use whiteboard for impromptu discussion Structured PPT animations for more detailed visuals Be prepared to repeat yourself In addition to difficulty understanding the material, extra layer of miscommunication via the remote connection

13 Lessons Learned From LCHS 1.Harder to tell when a student is disengaging from the class 2.Slow computers? Students log-in before lecture. Turn on before class starts 3.Clearly specify technology practices. Make them habits 4.No commute time to rehash the day, so recap on Lync after class 5.Only use “this” and “that” when you can visually indicate 6.Software upgrades will cause problems

14 Resources Video Conferencing with Microsoft Lync YouTube Product Page Hardware Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCamConferenceCam Cloud-Controlled Remote for BCC950Remote Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 HeadsetLifeChat LX-3000 Microsoft LifeCam WebcamsLifeCam Webcams Wacom Intuos Pen Tablet OR Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Wacom IntuosSurface Pro 2 Services Support

15 Lync Setup Remote Teaching in Action

16 Provisioning TEALS Create LYNC Accounts Format = {firstname}{lastname}@TEALS.onmicrosoft.comfirstname}{lastname} Initial Password = unique for each volunteer Display Name: 2014 TEALS {role} at {assigned HS} ({firstname}.{lastname}) VOLUNTEERS 1.Login @ http://portal.microsoftonline.com 2.Update Password 3.Install Client 4.Schedule Lectures STUDENTS Client download required Web client to unique sessions per volunteer Optional SKYPE with limitations

17 Sign In and change your password

18 Download Lync 2013 Client, sign in

19 Schedule Lectures

20 Lync Licenses Generated for all volunteers Assign main session a specific session link Assign each student to a specific session link Configure recurring meeting for the school year to ensure links don’t expire Add session link to class page where students and staff can access and link

21 Diagnostics MAC OS LWAPluginInstaller.PKG June 4, 2014 General Override Video Device Settings Detach docked video pane to size for class viewing Toggle displays with “Manage Presentable Content”

22 Remote Teaching in Action





27 Travel

28 Remote teams can visit class rooms twice a semester Teachers can visit class a maximum of twice a semester TAs can visit class a maximum of once a semester Recommended visits is 3 rd -4 th and 9 th -10 th week after start of semester Coordinate classroom visits with classroom teacher and school building administrators in advance to arrange entry, expectations, etc. Budget allocated for flight, hotel, car rental, and meal allowance only Send travel plans to regional manager to obtain direct bill reimbursement authorization

29 Travel Reimbursement Non MSFT Employees Direct Bill established for flight and auto rental only Must obtain travel authorization from Regional Manager using http://trips/directBill/ http://trips/directBill/ Once approved, Regional Manager submits travel request using http://trips/directBillTravel/ http://trips/directBillTravel/ Volunteers must submit travel reimbursement invoice after trip, include scanned original receipts reimbursement invoice MSFT Employees Schedule travel through internal site avelhome.asp avelhome.asp Expense trip through internal http://msexpense http://msexpense Use TEALS I/O code: 1396213 All original receipts must be kept throughout trip; no exceptions; expenses denied without receipts Budget limited to hotel $150/day; meals $75/day; mileage $0.56/mile

30 Appendix

31 Program Mission Help high schools build sustainable computer science programs so that they will be able to offer CS programs on their own Increase the number of AP Computer Science test-takers nationwide and across all demographics Represent students of all demographics and backgrounds with a specific focus on engaging underrepresented populations Provide access and exposure to computer science courses for students who otherwise do not have a pathway to study CS

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