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Impact of Smart Devices Student name: Chan Wing Ki(1155003342) Chin Tsz To(1155008968) Li Lap Fung(1155003287) Li Ho Fung(1155000564) Group no.134 GEU4011.

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Presentation on theme: "Impact of Smart Devices Student name: Chan Wing Ki(1155003342) Chin Tsz To(1155008968) Li Lap Fung(1155003287) Li Ho Fung(1155000564) Group no.134 GEU4011."— Presentation transcript:

1 Impact of Smart Devices Student name: Chan Wing Ki(1155003342) Chin Tsz To(1155008968) Li Lap Fung(1155003287) Li Ho Fung(1155000564) Group no.134 GEU4011

2 Observation Demands of the smart devices keep increasing. Craze of the smart devices Health problem affected by smart devices Change of communication methods The habits of nowadays people using their smart devices

3 Objective Investigate the magic of smart devices Study the influence of the generalize phenomenon to the society Foresee the further trend

4 Definition of smart devices Cordless Portable Connected to internet (via Wifi, 3G, 4G etc.) Multi-functional

5 Impacts on Individual 1.Health 2.Society Impacts on business 1.Usage in office 2.New business skills (E.g Job opportunity, Selling method. Etc) Impact on the society 1.Changing of our living habits Conclusion Recommendations

6 One billion people will own a smartphone/tablet PC by 2013.

7 Impacts on Individual Health Communication Impacts on individual

8 Impacts on Individual HealthPhysicalMental

9 Physical health Vision -prolonged usage, too-close distance in between Muscles, joints, tendons -unchanged using position Memory -mainly depends on gadgets’ help e.g. GPS Others

10 Mental health Addiction - feed the addiction by sticking to gadgets all the time - can’t help checking “Almost half of teenagers own a smartphone and 60% claim to be 'highly' addicted.” – the Guardian, UK Stress - immediate contacts with project groupmates/ boss/ colleague  increase stress -blurred line between working time and leisure time

11 Communication Instant contacts with othersMore socializingCommunicating and sharing through not only wordsDetach people from the true essence of social interaction

12 Instant contacts with others Social networking(Facebook) E-mail Text messaging (many apps are developed e.g. Whatsapp, Line, WeChat) Video call (Skype)

13 Instant contacts with others Immediate contact (provided stable network) Others – friends, families, colleagues…. Even STRANGERS! E.g. WeChat 進入搖一搖介面,輕搖手 機,微信會幫您搜尋同一 時刻搖晃手機的人 —— 聚 會上一起搖,會快速幫您 列出一起搖的朋友;千里 搖一搖,可以為您匹配這 個世界上同時也在手機的 朋友。 - Tencent Inc.

14 More socializing Meeting complete strangers e.g. WeChat Exchange of new ideas  scam Group chat e.g. Line, Whatsapp convenient, save time e.g. FYP discussion

15 Communicating and sharing through not only words Immediate sharing Photo taking (Photo sharing and editing apps - Instagram) Video tapping (Youtube vloging= blog + video) Drawing (SketchBook Mobile) Smileys/ Emoji used Contents are enriched!

16  Detach people from the true essence of social interaction  Only comfortable with their gadgets  Decrease face-to-face/voice communication Informal words in texting e.g. LOL,OMG, btw…  affect writing skills Emoji used in expression  too dependent in using them to express feelings

17 Communication – not just with people anymore!

18 Communication with intelligent personal assistant Example:Siri “Siri lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more. Ask Siri to do things just by talking the way you talk.” – Apple g g Cluzee (for andriod) - Tronton LLC

19 Impacts on business

20 Business 1.Industrial Companies 2.Commercial Companies 3.Service Providers

21 Industrial Companies/ Manufacturer Companies The complex products will be made by using the raw material in the process of the industrial activity. Convert input simpler components into more complex components. Example of Industrial Companies: production lines of electronic manufacturers.

22 Commercial Companies Buying and Selling. Perform modifications to the product for selling. Industrial businesses rely on commercial companies to sell their products.

23 Service Providers Provide benefits to society. Increase of demand of new services. Some examples of services: 1.BANKS: They offer us benefits and services such as opening saving accounts, giving credits and other financial services. 2.TV Cable Companies 3.Internet Service Providers Service provider businesses is a non material product.

24 The Smart-Phone / Tablet PC Portable in Office Send information, mail and messages. Edit and read text Read documents at any time and at any place Synchronized to a PC so the user can acess information from the PC to the smart devices at all times Unlike simple mobile phone, smartphone can enter any number of contacts information depending on the memory of the phone.

25 Applications of smart devices in office or business field Online shopping Smartphone owners can use their smart phone to enjoy shopping on an online website. Adventages Low cost Diversity Saving time Attract oversea clients Globelization

26 Smartphone Owners Prefer Online Shopping buy-in-store-22055/wavecollapse-smartphone-owners-shopping-behavior-may2012jpg/ buy-in-store-22055/wavecollapse-smartphone-owners-shopping-behavior-may2012jpg/

27 Applications of smart devices in office or business field Apps App is a mobile application software application designed to run on smartphones or tablet. We can download the apps through application distribution platforms, the Apple App Store, Android app market, Google Play, Windows Phone Store and BlackBerry App World.

28 Applications of smart devices in office or business field Presentations help you to do the presentation on projector Graph, Charts, Diagram & Statistic See charts and reports, and share them in a meeting with full screen charts!

29 Applications of smart devices in office or business field Dropbox, FTP server, Cloud storage Dropbox and Cloud storage can synchronize and share your files online and across computers. Data is stored in virtualized pools of storage. FTP server can view files on your server with its built in editor to change your website (e.g. company website) from anywhere.

30 Applications of smart devices in office or business field Communication Whatsapp, Line, Email Communicate with customer and colleague Files or data transfer

31 Applications of smart devices in office or business field Live video conference You can use your smartphone to make video conference calls, if your cellular network provider can supports video calling.

32 Applications of smart devices in office or business field E-book An electronic book (e-book, digital book) is a digital book format of printed book published through the publisher, consisting of text, images, or both, they can be readable on computers or other electronic devices.

33 Applications of smart devices in office or business field Making appointment or schedule Some shops let customer book appointments through an app.

34 Applications of smart devices in office or business field Identity and payment Replace smart cards with NFC enabled smartphones for physical and logical access. Smartphone is used for payments. (near field communications (NFC) technology allows short range proximity data transfer. This enables an NFC equipped mobile device to act as a contactless smart card.)

35 Applications of smart devices in office or business field QR code QR codes provide an efficient way to create links to websites, but they can also store text, phone numbers, email addresses, or calendar events, or send SMS messages. QR Code can also be Business Cards or promoting your websites and companies for Smartphones.

36 Applications of smart devices in office or business field Mobile Banking Mobile banking can provide banking financial service to the customer to access, manage, invest and checking the transaction history at anytime and at anywhere in the world through the internet network. Limitations limited in processing speeds, screen sizes and battery life. Disadvantages The technology's cost, compatibility issues and security problems Security No Anti-Virus Programs Virus may be existed in the smartdevice, Mobile banking is not immune to security threats. Text Message Security Some mobile banking services text you updates regarding your account. These text messages are not encrypted, other people may be easily read or change your password and get access your account directly. Passwords saved problem Online banking system is usually encrypting your transmitted data, but many people sometime configure their smartphone to save passwords or personal identification number (PIN). It may exists the threat that if someone stole and use your smartphone to login your account.

37 Problem of the increase of smart devices in Business Retailer Training Retailers and the staff must be sufficiently trained for helping consumers to understand how to use and what functions of the smart device is. Retailers and the staff need to stay up-to-date with the latest models and development.

38 Problem of the increase of smart devices in Business Electronic waste Electronic waste increase sharply, as the people keep upgrading their smartdevice frequently, and the developers keep to release the latest products to make a great profit.

39 Mobile apps’ demand reflection in job market demand Job Trends from

40 The 2012 Accenture Consumer Electronics Products and Services Usage Report

41 Trend of the electronic devices

42 Types of APPS used

43 Summary of apps ‘impact for business field Attract clients to purchase their products Attract clients to notice their companies Globalization Comparably low cost (e.g no need to rent store to sale products) Create new occupations (e.g. apps programmer) Reduce the workload Replace some traditional occupation (e.g. printing factory)

44 Smart devices vendor IDC is an information technology company. Samsung and Apple are two succeful smart devices vendor nowadays, they have quickly become the global Smartphone top market vendor. erId=prUS23624612 erId=prUS23624612

45 Prediction of the demand of Smart device for Consumer and business Smart phones and Tablet PC drive the trend of electronic technology. Demand for the latest in consumer technologies has been increased and the costs of the devices becoming cheaper. Tablet sales will continue to increase due to the increasing trend of technology. Challenging for network operators Need to prepare to respond in this current rise in sales and demand. device-trends-work-rm-107987 device-trends-work-rm-107987

46 Prediction of the demand of Smart device for Consumer and business Data Usage Increase large number of data capacity required. (file transfers, downloads, upload photos or exchange work files with clients or co-workers.) Challenge for network operators They need to prepare to respond the current rise in data capacity. Fourth generation wireless (4G) 3G is nearly not enough to fulfill nowadays networks. Fourth generation wireless (4G) provides a faster Internet connection for mobile phones, smartphones, notebooks and computers. Network operators provide 4G LTE network (Smartone, PCCW, CSL 3 HK, China Mobile Hong Kong)

47 Transition to Smart IT (Smartphone + Tablet) Infrastructure Evolution Legacy IT (supporting PC) Hybrid IT (supporting PC + Smartphones + Tablets) Next gen IT (Smartphone + Tablet) esh-srirangpatna/transition-smart-it-smartphone- tablet-in esh-srirangpatna/transition-smart-it-smartphone- tablet-in

48 Impacts on the society 1.Impacts of consuming smartphones/tablets 2.Changing of our living habits 3.Impacts on government/ organizations 4.Breaking conventions 5.General Drawbacks

49 Impacts of consuming smartphones or tablets 1.About the consuming behavior 2.Impacts of the consuming behavior

50 About the consumption behaviour Smartphone/tablet: -Use value: assistant, provide entertainment -now become: consumption of the brand Top three features that U.S. consumers consider when choosing a new mobile phone: -Ease of use -brand -embedded content (telecommunication business, 2009)

51 About the consumption behaviour Rank lower on the list: - touch screen - overall phone design and memory Sign values behind a smartphone: Iphone= higher social status? Iphone= “living attitude”?  ”hidden value”, not related to its functions, not about “usefulness”

52 About the consumption behaviour Chances for speculation - irrational consumption behaviour iPhone 5 開售亞洲人龍處處 星島日報 – 2012 年 9 月 21 日星期五下午 2:00 蘋果公司新一代智能手機 iPhone 5 周五在 9 個國家和地區正 式開售。由於時差關係,澳洲和亞洲多個城市的消費者比 美國人搶先一步,買到新機。雪梨、東京、香港和新加坡 的蘋果專門店和指定零售店外都出現長長人龍。雖然有專 家或科技迷都批評 iPhone 5 無新意及坦言感到失望,但看 來無損這款新產品的銷情。

53 About the consumption behaviour Speculation 香港 iphone 大王夫婦雙雙自殺 (Apple Daily 8/10/2011) 林白手興家,曾做過不少工作,十多年前,吼准手機大行 其道,出資數萬元於先達廣場創業,創立「數碼動力」手 機舖,主力做 iPad 及 iPhone 水貨生意,靠其獨特眼光,加 上運氣,生意越做越大,近年主攻蘋果產品,食正潮流賺 到盤滿缽滿,坐擁至少六間舖,被視為先達最大手機商之 一,被行內人稱為「 iPad iPhone 大王」 他運往大陸的一批手機,遭到大陸海關扣查,導致周轉不 靈。有行家估計,林單是欠先達行家債款有 500 萬元,連 街數至少逾千萬元,上月亦開始傳出他無錢交租及出糧。

54 Impacts of consuming the gadgets Poor treatments of production workers Demand of devices , demand of workers   work overtime, harsh working conditions Foxconn incident -workers committed suicide -harsh working routine/environment

55 Impacts of consuming the gadgets Poor treatments of production workers Foxconn plans to increase China workforce to 1.3 million 2010/08/19 (Focus Taiwan News Channel) “ it plans toraise its workforce in China to 1.3 million from the current 920,000 over” Suicides Spark Inquiries Apple, H-P to Examine Asian Supplier After String of Deaths at Factory The Wall Street Journal (May 27, 2010) “marks the 10th time an employee at Hon Hai‘s sprawling Longhua complex in the southern city of Shenzhen has jumped to his or her death this year, most since April, with two more injured in failed attempts.”

56 Impacts of consuming the gadgets Poor treatments of production workers “iPhone5 掉漆引爆富士康工潮 蘋果逼加強 質檢 鄭州廠工人內訌 ” 明報 – 2012 年 10 月 7 日 “ 生產線員工既受提高品質的壓力,又被領導逼着 維持產量,左右為難之下毆打品管宣泄,導致衝 突。他抱怨,富士康缺乏人性化管理,蘋果提高 要求時又不考慮可行性,令勞資矛盾愈積愈多。 ”

57 Impacts of consuming the gadgets Poor treatments of production workers 富士康員工網上貼出工資單 每天加班近 5 個小時 (2010-05-24 cnwest) “ 每月加班都在 100 小時以上,最多的一個月竟然 達到了 140 小時,平均每天加班近 5 個小時。 ”

58 2010-05-24

59 Changing our living habits 1.Clothing 2.Dinning 3.Living 4.Travelling

60 Changing living habits A wide variety of smartphone apps Perform functions in many aspects of life Increase effectiveness and efficiency E-gadget + network = do almost everything

61 Changing living habits: Clothing Styling:, Point Style Online shopping: ASOS Catalog, View fashion online Zara, H&M

62 Changing living habits: Clothing EXAMPLE: ASOS Browse  Add to cart  Pay  Free worldwide delivery Entertainment: Browse catalog like reading magazines

63 Changing living habits: Dinning Restaurant Information and comment: Openrice

64 Changing living habits: Dinning Online Order: Pizzahut, Seamless 2_4

65 Changing living habits: Living Driving: Navigation Even search for property: PropertyKING - mortgage interest rate - information/ photos of the flats

66 Changing living habits: Living Medical: “Lifewatch” built-in sensors for monitoring heart rate, pulmonary function, blood sugar levels, body temperature, etc Wgc

67 Changing living habits: Living Medical: Inbuilt functions of smartphone: Voiceover control: - follow the voice and use different gestures to control the phone Siri/S-voice: -Voice command Blind people or other handicapped people can also use smartphone

68 Changing living habits: Living Entertainment: Newspaper apps, even “Moving news” Games Buying movie tickets

69 Changing living habits: Living Entertainment: Virtual Musical instruments  Piano/ Guitar/ Drum

70 Changing living habits: Living Education: Schools using iPad/ tablets as textbooks 南京逾廿中學擬推 iPad 上課 19/9/2012 Oriental Daily 學生將會以平板電腦代替傳統方式上課和測驗,費用暫決定以公費支付。 學生只需下載教材便可進行互動學習,而且費用遠較之前書費便宜。 Take attendance, Mange class stuff 上海一中學嘗試引入平板電腦進行班級管理 TaikauPao 2012-09-25 打開程序,老師可在上面創建新班級,輸入學生和家長基本信息, 還可配上照片等。另外,該軟件還能進行過程管理,隨時記錄學生 出勤、考試成績、獲獎情況、階段表現等信息。老師也能將課表、 備忘、時間安排等輸入其中。

71 Changing living habits: Travelling If you want to travel overseas… Plan your itinerary : - iGuideu (Guide book) ux3Ewhjvo ux3Ewhjvo Book Hotels/ Air tickets -Agoda, zuji, etc Check in -smartphone=boarding pass

72 Breaking conventions 1.Changes in the role of government 2.Changes in the role of citizen

73 Changing roles of Government More instant and efficient in spreading news Twitter/weibo/facebook Answering inquiry, offering assistance eg 香港政府一站通 Many departments got their official facebook page or weibo Transparency increase -people expose news via weibo in China

74 Changing roles of Government More instant and efficient in spreading news Twitter/weibo/facebook Transparency increase -people expose news via weibo in China

75 Changing role of citizen Citizen journalism Citizen not only the audience of news, but also the one who discovers or even writes news Instant, no delay or time lag Eg. 反國教

76 Changing role of citizen Platform: facebook/ weibo, etc Cable news: Whatsapp for people reporting news - Take photos/video using smartphones - Upload or Whatsapp to media at once

77 Reflections 1.Any drawbacks? 2.Do we really need smartphones?

78 Reflections Security issue Virus? Hacker? iPhone 保安漏洞 黑客短訊可操控 偷用戶身分重要資料 明報: 2009 年 8 月 1 日 手機保安專家發現,蘋果 iPhone 以至使用微軟 WM 平台的智能 手機等,都存在重大保安漏洞,令黑客能用含有惡意程式密 碼的手機短訊,操控用戶的手機,偷取用戶的身分以至重要 個人資料,只要黑客知道閣下的電話號碼,理論上就能下手。

79 Reflections Luxurious? Necessity ?What are we consuming? -the functions or the sign value? -value = usefulness? Phone no longer only perform the function of a “phone”?  really need these functions?  ”functions” are created, not naturally incurred Helping you or making troubles to you? -bring along with a portable charger -Out of 3G/WIFI signals = can’t survive?

80 Reflections When smart devices become necessity, what about those who can’t afford buying one? Ipad as textbook? What about poor families? 小學要全級學生買 iPad 捱轟 書價 3 倍 拒買可租每年 2000 元 明報 – 2012 年 6 月 25 日 石硤尾聖方濟各英文小學在沒有諮詢下, 9 月起於小三中、英 文科全面推行電子教學,並要求所有學生購買 iPad 平板電腦作 電子書,費用是購買課本至少 3 倍。校方指不會強迫學生買電 腦,家長可以每年 2000 元向校方租用,連租用 3 年電腦即歸學 生擁有,但總費用高達 6000 元,比一筆過購買貴 28% 。

81 Conclusion Very commonly used Affecting our lives very much on both sides Very helpful to us V.S. too dependent on it Strike a balance!

82 Foreseeing… Unpredictable new features or apps will be developed Increasing users People becomes more dependent Some devices or tools will be eliminated

83 Recommendations For… Individual: -Strike a balance -Use the gadgets for communication only when necessary -Try to get rid of addiction -Take a break when feeling tired

84 Recommendations For… Gadgets developer: -Make it more user-friendly e.g. larger words, simpler control  Benefits the elderly may help to ease generation gap

85 Exercise Time!


87 Reference d_Smart.5.aspx

88 Reference,2817,2398991,00.asp ogy/Services/Forrester+Research when-separated-from-cellphones/ alhealth/story/2011/07/Smartphone-dependency-a-growing-obsession- to-gadgets/49661286/1 usage-ofcom-report

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