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2  Example – Preston Girls SC  There are four servers. “PGSC02” is a file server, storing and managing files. “ALPHA” is a print server, managing printers and print jobs. “PGSC03” is a network server, managing the internet.  The computers in M9 are clients. The laptops and all teacher computers are clients.

3  A network topology is physical arrangement, of the devices in a communications network (also called a configuration).  Three types of network. 1. Bus network 2. Ring network 3. Star network

4  A single central cable, to which all computers and other devices are connected.  Advantages: (1) Cheap and easy to install. (2) Can attach and detach devices without disturbing the network. (3) If a device breaks down, network still works. This central red cable is the bus. Data, instructions and information can be transmitted in both directions

5  Cable forms a closed ring. Data goes through each device  Disadvantages: (1) If one device fails, the network can’t communicate. (2) Harder to set up.

6  All devices connect to a central hub  Similar advantages to a bus network. hub If the hub fails, so does the network. Usually a spare hub is kept available.

7  Operates like a miniature internet. Can use web browsers to view information.  Only accessible inside an organisation (eg. school).  Private company information can be sent without the possibility of internet hacking.  Faster than internet because graphics do not have to pass through a modem.

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