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Papadopoulos Andreas. Presentation Outline Definition of Cloud Computing Cloud Computing Stack Open Source Cloud Computing Software Platforms Nephelae’s.

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1 Papadopoulos Andreas

2 Presentation Outline Definition of Cloud Computing Cloud Computing Stack Open Source Cloud Computing Software Platforms Nephelae’s Configuration Eucalyptus How to use Nephelae’s infrastructure Demostration

3 Definition of Cloud Computing “Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices on-demand, like electricity” (Wikipedia) “Cloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction.” (NIST)

4 Cloud Computing Stack

5 Software As A Service - SAAS A complete application is offered to the customer, as a service on demand A single instance of the service runs on the cloud and multiple end users are serviced Customers' side: no need for upfront investment in servers or software licenses Providers' side: the costs are lowered, since only a single application needs to be hosted and maintained SaaS offered by Google, Salesforce, Microsoft, Zoho, etc.

6 Platform As A Service - PAAS A layer of software, or development environment is encapsulated and offered as a service The customer has the freedom to build his own applications, which run on the provider's infrastructure PaaS providers offer a predefined combination of OS and application servers, such as LAMP platform, restricted J2EE, Ruby etc. PaaS example: Google's App Engine, etc.

7 Infrastructure As A Service - IAAS IaaS provides basic storage and computing capabilities as standardized services over the network Servers, storage systems, networking equipment, datacenter space etc. are pooled and made available to handle workloads The customer would typically deploy his own software on the infrastructure. IaaS examples: Amazon, GoGrid, 3 Tera etc.

8 Anything As A Service - *AAS

9 Impact of Cloud Computing – IT organization governance

10 Virtualization Virtualization is the creation of a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, such as a hardware platform, operating system, a storage device or network resources. Abstraction layer that decouples computation from physical resource Motivations Resource sharing with security and isolation Similar to multi-user/multi-programming Ease of management Virtual machines (bits) vs. physical resources (hardware) E.g.: start/stop, clone, migrate, suspend an entire virtual machine

11 "Classic" VMs defined “A virtual machine is taken to be an efficient, isolated, duplicate copy of the real machine” “A statistically dominant subset of the virtual processor’s instructions is executed directly by the real processor" “…transforms the single machine interface into the illusion of many” “Any program run under the VM has an effect identical with that demonstrated if the program had been run in the original machine directly” Bottom line: near-native performance for many applications; time/space sharing with strong isolation; runs unmodified O/Ss and applications “Survey of Virtual Machine Research”, R. Goldberg, IEEE Computer, June 1974

12 Open Source Cloud Computing Software Platforms Eucalyptus (also commercial version available) OpenNebula Nimbus CloudStack OpenStack OpenQRM …

13 Nephelae’s Configuration Nephelae runs Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud Ubuntu Server 11.10 Open source eucalyptus 2.0.2 KVM

14 Started as a research project in the Computer Science Department at the University of California, Santa Barbara Based on open-source software components that are used without modification Compatible with Amazon's EC2, S3, and EBS interfaces Hypervisors supported: KVM, Xen and VMware (only enterprise edition)

15 Eucalyptus Architecture

16 Nephelae Architecture

17 Eucalyptus Architecture Cloud Controller (CLC) ClC is a collection of three web services Resource Services Manipulation and monitoring of the system component and virtual machines and network Data Services Managing of the persistent user and system data Interface Services Authentication protocol translation User-visible interfaces Cluster Controller (CC) Schedule incoming instance run requests to specific NCs, FCFS depending on VM-type Control the instance virtual network overlay Report information about NCs Node Controller (NC) NC is executed on every node that is designed for hosting VM It discovers the characteristics of the physical resource It replies to describeResource, describeInstances, runInstance, terminateInstance requests

18 Walrus Storage controller Eucalyptus users can stream data into/out of the cloud Storage service for VM compress encrypt split cache Implements REST (via HTTP) SOAP style of software architecture for distributed hypermedia systems such as the World Wide Web.

19 Block Storage (BS) Compatible with Elastic Block Store, BS allows volumes Creation (from snapshot) Monitoring Attaching Detaching Deletion

20 Eucalyptus Virtual Network Overlay Eucalyptus provides four network configurations SYSTEM: VMs request IP address trough DHCP requests STATIC: MAC ↔ IP address tuple MANAGED: VM attached to a specific network (private or public) Isolation MANAGED NO-VLAN: Same as MANAGED without vlan support Nephelae is configured in SYSTEM mode

21 How to use Nephelae’s Infrastructure - Outline Create an account Download and install credentials Install euca2ools Start-up instances Attach volumes Use Walrus storage Shutting-down instances

22 Create an account Use the Eucalyptus Web Interfaces at / On the Login page click on Apply for account. On the next page that pops up fill out ALL the Mandatory AND optional fields of the form. Once complete click on signup and the Eucalyptus administrator will be notified of the account request. You will get an email once the account has been approved. Click on the link provided in the email to confirm and complete the account creation process.

23 Download credentials Download your credentials as a zip file from the web interface for use with euca2ools

24 Use credentials Save this credential file euca2-{username}- x509 and extract it for local use Source the eucarc file using the command source eucarc mkdir ~/.euca cd ~/.euca unzip euca2-{username} chmod 0700 ~/.euca chmod 0600 ~/.euca/* source./eucarc

25 Install euca2ools Euca2ools are the command line clients used to interact with Eucalyptus. Download euca2ools from Instructions for various Linux platforms are available on the download page.

26 Create your Keypair Create a keypair and add the public key to eucalyptus. $ euca-add-keypair mykey | tee mykey.private $ chomd 0600 mykey.private List your existing keypairs $ euca-describe-keypairs

27 Start-up instances Testing your setup Use euca-describe-availability-zones to test the setup. List existing images $ euca-describe-availability-zones AVAILABILITYZONE NephelaeCC1 NephelaeCC $ euca-describe-images IMAGE emi-E240106D debian/debian.5-0.x86-64.img.manifest.xml admin available public x86_64 machine eki-4A8E123C eri-83C01326 IMAGE emi-C9A8102E centos/centos.5-3.x86.img.manifest.xml admin available public i386 machine eki-36321225 eri-6DF012FE instance-store IMAGE emi-485F121D ubuntu-9.04/ubuntu.9-04.x86-64.img.manifest.xml admin available public x86_64 machine eki-8F121374 eri-CB0D1458 instance-store IMAGE emi-C9CD1067 ubuntu11/ubuntu_11__.img.manifest.xml admin available public x86_64 machine eki-559B1299 eri-8EE4137F instance-store ………

28 Start-up instances Select image and run $ euca-run-instances -k mykey -n 1 emi-C9CD1067 -t c1.medium View status of your instances $ euca-describe-instances Availability Zones VMTypeMaxCPU (#cores) Ram (MB) Disk (GB) m1.small8812562 c1.medium8815125 m1.large442102410 m1.xlarge442204820

29 Connect to your instances View the ip address of your instance using $ euca-describe-instances Connect as root with ssh $ ssh –i mykey.private root@10.16.3.xx Install your programs Changes will be lost on shutdown (halt) or terminate

30 Use BS - Attach volumes Persistent Storage Create volume using: $ euca-create-volume –-size 5G –-zone NephelaeCC1 Attach Volume to instance $ euca-attach-volume –i instanceId –d vda volumeID Use fdisk to create primary partition vm$ fdisk /dev/vda Create filesystem with mkfs vm$ mkfs.ext3 /dev/vda Mount locally with mount vm$ mkdir /ebs ; mount /dev/vda1 /ebs Unmount and detach when done vm$ umount /ebs $ euca-detach-volume volumeID

31 Use Walrus storage Download s3cmd Get patch from eucalyptus site Create your config file to include your SECRET and ACCESS key (from eucarc) and Nephelae host Use s3cmd to create/delete/upload/download to/from walrus $ s3cmd -c s3cfg.walrus mb s3://BUCKET $ s3cmd -c s3cfg.walrus put FILE [FILE...] s3://BUCKET[/PREFIX] S3cmd can also be installed on a vm

32 Shutting-down instances Unmount and detach any volumes Log out from the vm $ euca-terminate-instance instanceId

33 User Limits 1 bucket maximum size 30Gb 1 block storage maximum size 30Gb No instances limit

34 Demo

35 Papadopoulos Andreas

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