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ProjectWise Integration Server What’s New in V8i Mark Hattersley Bentley Systems, Inc.

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1 ProjectWise Integration Server What’s New in V8i Mark Hattersley Bentley Systems, Inc.

2 Agenda Overview of “Athens” Changes Demonstration Futures Questions

3 Major Themes for PW “Athens” Distributed Projects –Delta File Transfer –Data Compression –Read/write Web Parts –New Web View Server product Geo-coordination –Spatial navigation and searching Also addressed a number of usability and user requested enhancements

4 Delta File Transfer Improve Check in and Check out file transfer performance in distributed office environments Work with ANY type of file Leverage/strengthen existing PW technologies Uses well-known techniques for calculating differences between two copies of a file.

5 Delta File Transfer Exton to Eastern Europe check-in times –(146ms latency) –File types tested - DGNV8, PPTX, DWG2006 FileFile Size Time Without DFT (seconds) Time with DFT (seconds) Performance Increase with DFT File A8MB ~10x File B4.5MB ~7.5x File C1MB ~1.5x

6 Data Compression Compression of the “database” information sent to/from ProjectWise Explorer/Admin Significantly reduces the size of the data sent, improving performance on low bandwidth/high latency connections Examples: –Display all documents in a large folder(100/1000s of documents). – initial login, Search results, etc

7 Web Parts Goals Provide a replacement for existing ProjectWise Web Explorer Lite –Web Explorer Lite(WEL) will not be delivered with ProjectWise “Athens” Support either SharePoint 2007 or stand-alone IIS environments Provide a platform for customization

8 Web Parts Capabilities Check out/in Document/Folder creation/deletion Multi-document operations Export/Send to Folder Component Display/Navigation Short-cuts to documents/folders(URLs) Design Compare Spatial Navigation



11 PW “Web View Server” The "ProjectWise Web View Server" will extend any ProjectWise deployment by providing individuals with web browser access to view ProjectWise managed content. This will make it easy for any number of connected users to access and view work in a read-only mode using Internet Explorer. And as the access is likely to be infrequent, and will always be to consume rather than collaborate on ProjectWise managed content, there will be no requirement for a user to possess a ProjectWise Passport.

12 PW “Web View Server” Leverages the same PW Web Parts in a read- only mode Able to support both read-only and read/write sites on same physical server Requires a server Right to Run license Requires PW Publishing Server for viewing of DGN/DWG data


14 Spatial Integration - Goals Provide ability for users to associate spatial locations to documents/folders/projects Provide ability to visualize those locations on key maps Provide search mechanism to find documents/folders/projects based on their location.

15 Spatial Integration - Overview Integrating subset of existing PW Geospatial Extension to core PW Automatically delivered in PW Admin and Explorer Advanced Geospatial features will be available as an add-on product Only two change to feature sets integrated into PW IS: –Vector background maps can be created without PW Publishing Server –Allow user to select background map used for search

16 ProjectWise Explorer Usability and User Requests Quick Search Bar Photo Preview Back/Forward Folder buttons in PW Explorer File Sizes displayed in KB in Content List Launch PW Network Config from tools menu Multi-folder Drag-n-Drop New Progress Bar

17 ProjectWise Administrator Usability and User Requests Datasource Statistics Select Users by Group in PW Admin User Login/out Audit Trail Log-out command in PW Admin Environment Format fields (date; date,day; date,sec) –Date and Date,day only show date info –Date,sec also includes time Increased upper file size limit –was 2^32 bytes (~4 GB) –now 2^64 bytes (too big for me to think about)

18 Overall Integration Improvements Auto-login(SSO) for Integrated Applications –Launch from desktop Icon without login dialog Local XML file used to track reference file changes(attach/detach) during checkout

19 AutoCAD Integration Improvements AutoCAD 2008/2009 Integration and new features: –Datalinks –DGN reference –DWF underlays Sheet Set Manager Integration Session File Manager Installer support for AutoCAD Vertical apps

20 MicroStation Integration Improvements Managed Workspaces –Conditionals(If, then, else) support –UI improvements –Project Macros(relative pathing from PW project root) MicroStation Athens support –In-place Reference Activation –Dynamic View –etc

21 ProjectWise IS Athens Compatibility Databases: Oracle 9i Oracle 10g Oracle 11g SQL Server 2000 SQL Server 2005 Server Operating Sys: Windows 2000 Server Windows 2003 Server(32 and 64- bit).NET 3.5 Client Operating Sys: Windows 2000 Professional Windows XP Professional Windows Vista (32 and 64-bit) Applications: MicroStation 8.11, 8.9.x, V8.5.x, V7.1.x PowerDraft 8.11, 8.9.4, V8.5.x, V8.1, V7.1.x ProjectWise Navigator AutoCAD 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2002, 2000 Microsoft Office 2007, 2003, XP, 2000 Project 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000 Visio 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000

22 Upgrade Path Must upgrade both clients and servers –Previous clients will not work with “Athens” Server –Previous servers will not work with “Athens” clients Side-by-side PW Explorer and Admin installations supported with: – ProjectWise V8 XM Edition –ProjectWise V Edition –ProjectWise V8.1 –Requires use of versionswitch.vbs

23 Performance Improvements Scan Refs Login Setting file and document security Search Synchronize users with Active Directory Integrated MicroStation actions (save, open, model create, model delete, close, change view) Reference file activities (attach, re-browse, detach) GeoPAK section creations

24 GeoPAK Performance Improvements Operation of cutting 32 plan and profile sheets PW MS GEOPAK files took 4 hr 9 min PW MS GEOPAK files took 61 minutes

25 Futures Transmittal\Submittal workflow support Workflow Application Integration ……..

26 Questions?

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