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Learning and practising Leadership breakthrough breakdown.

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1 Learning and practising Leadership breakthrough breakdown

2 Popular myths about leadership 1.Leadership is the superior position 2.Leaders are charismatic, they possess some special gift 3. Leaders can separate emotion from work; they ought to be cool, aloof, and analytical 4. Leadership is reserved for only a very few of us 5. The leader is a renegade who magnetises a band of followers with courageous acts

3 Popular myths about leadership 6. Leaders are visionaries with Merlin-like power 7. The job of leadership is primarily one of control; the control of resources, including time, money, materials or people 8. The job of leaders is to detach themselves from mundane, day-to-day work and invent a grand strategic plan 9. Companies should hire outside CEOs to stimulate fundamental change 10. It’s lonely at the top

4 The leadership challenge: “Just about every popular notion about leadership is a myth. Our first leadership challenge is to rid ourselves of these traditions and myths. They foster a model of leadership antithetical to the way real-life leaders operate.” Kouzes and Posner, The Leadership Challenge

5 The law of balance between continuity and change What never changes What always changes. Our purpose Our values Our vision People Structures Projects

6 Learning does not equal knowing What I know I don’t know What I know I know What I don’t even know I don’t know Not safe safe

7 The power in our stories: + POWERFUL + - LIMITING - Interpretation Explanation Conclusion SOMETHING HAPPENS SEE BE DO RESULT: VISION FOR 2020 STORYSTORY

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