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Getting Started Media Concepts The Spill Home Page The Spill Resource Page.

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1 Getting Started Media Concepts The Spill Home Page The Spill Resource Page

2 Equipment Basics Power Switch – turns camera off and on. Record Switch – starts and stops the camera recording. Zoom Control – controls the zoom of the camera. White Balance – controls the overall quality of light which you are shooting. The Spill Resource Page

3 Automatic Camera Controls Autofocus Control – keeps the picture sharp and clear (even at different distances). Autoexposure Control – regulates the amount of light admitted through the camcorder lens. The Spill Resource Page

4 Videotape Videotape – is the medium in which the camcorder records video and sound. Loading the tape – Mini DV Preparing the tape – record 30 seconds of blank footage for a new tape. If the tape has footage – find the end and record an additional few seconds of blank video with the lens cover on. The Spill Resource Page

5 Batteries and Tripods Check the battery before you shoot. When possible use the AC power supply when shooting footage. Tripods – to avoid shaky pictures use a tripod. Know how to adjust the tripod, attach the foot, and how to secure the camcorder. The Spill Resource Page

6 Camera Operations Checking the viewfinder. Checking Camera settings. Using the tripod. Hand-holding the camera. Avoiding Camera Problems. The Spill Resource Page

7 Quality Video and Audio Good Quality Video –Head Room – positioning the subject at a pleasing distance from the top of the picture. –Look Room – shifting the subject away from the direction of the look. –Lead Room – is look room when the subject is moving. –The Rule of Thirds – dividing the picture in thirds to create a more interesting composition. The Spill Resource Page

8 Quality Video and Audio Good Quality Audio –Stay close to the subject –Minimize background noise –Direct silently The Spill Resource Page

9 The Shooting Session Directing the Shoot –Record in order or use editing program to finish product. –Continuous shots – try to leave the screen between shots. –Try to make each shot look different than the preceding one. The Spill Resource Page

10 The Shooting Session Managing the Shooting Session –Designate one person to be in charge of the camcorder at all times. –If you are hand holding the camcorder, never set it down on anything except its tripod. –Detach the camcorder from the tripod when transporting them. –Always protect the camcorder from the weather. –Do not ask people to perform feats that they would not normally attempt. –Do not put the crew at risk. –Assist the videographer during moving shots. –Never film anyone without permission. The Spill Resource Page

11 Vocabulary Chapter Review and Vocabulary is on page 32. Complete each section. The Spill Resource Page

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